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Last Friday was a prayer day for the students who will be sitting for the end of year exams in our local school, Nyansakia Secondary.  I was invited along with other clergy from various denominations to dedicate them to the Lord.  Before the prayers started, the head teacher was concern about feeding 45 exam candidates, 20 guests and 12 teachers whilst leaving out 98 other students from forms one, two and three, as there was not enough food for everyone.  So he announced that only the teachers, guests and exam candidates were to have lunch, but not the other 98 students.

I was concerned and decided to practise what Jesus did when He fed the 5,000.  I spoke to the head teacher and asked him to allow me to feed everyone.  He agreed, thinking I was going to give him some money to buy more food.  But I surprised him by asking him to direct me to the kitchen.  I then explained to him that we would feed everyone, including the other 98 students, with what was already there.  He could not agree with me, and called over two other teachers and five pastors who also did not believe that this could happen on Earth by a mere human.  Since there was not enough food for the other 98 students, I promised to feed them and prayed for the food.

As the prayer meeting carried on, the kitchen workers reported to the teacher that there was a miracle happening as the cooking pots were getting filled with more and more rice, and the other food that was being cooked was also increasing, so they needed more pots to transfer some of the increasing food into.

Praise the Lord for He answered my prayers!  When the prayer meeting ended, the feeding started and everyone was fed, including the other 98 students, and we had leftovers that could feed another ten to fifteen people.  Amen Holy Spirit.


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