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Last week I experienced a major miracle in my life.  I was invited to minister at a healing and deliverance meeting.  I was travelling with Pastor Vincent (a friend and a pastor of the seventh day Adventist church) and another person in Pastor Vincent’s car.  They were going to drop me off at the conference and continue on their way.  After only five minutes from our small town of Ogembo, the car lost control and everybody panicked.  But I stretched out my hand and calmed the situation, which even still turned out to be a bad accident as the car rolled four times and was totally damaged.  The crowd of witnesses who saw the accident came screaming, saying that there must be several deaths.  However, when they came to the car and tried to get us out, they were surprised because all three of us came out without any pain or injury.  They said that that was not normal.  Praise our King Jesus and the Holy Spirit!

I continued on my way whilst Pastor Vincent was only worried about the damaged car and so remained with his vehicle and then spoke with the police who came to record the accident.  First they asked the crowd that was still there where the dead bodies were, as it was not normal for them to find anyone alive in such an accident.  After being told that all were alive they even doubted to hear that Vincent who was the owner of the car and was standing there praising the Lord was one of them!  They concluded that this deliverance must be of God!

I attended the workshop with more power and everyone who attended was baptised with the Holy Spirit and received His power.  Some spoke in new tongues, and some were healed.

Pastor Vincent came to me later after he was finished with the police statement and other requirements and asked me how come I was so brave even when things did not look ok.  He was concerned to know how I stretched out my hand and stopped death.  I was then able to share with him about how we can calm the storms and stop death.  It so spurred him on it was as if he received Jesus only today and was the opportunity needed for him to accept listening to Jesus and to practise His words instead of the mosaic laws that were always his message.

I am happy and I want to let you know it was a big miracle, and to teach the world about the God we serve.  Amen.


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