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A lady by the name of Maureen Okioma came to us on Christmas day and said, “I would like you all to pray for my family to come to the Lord before it is too late.” With that passion, the Holy Spirit convicted five of her family members. Three of them came asking for prayers for salvation and they have been in our meetings for the past two weeks. The others are attending churches near where they live, which is something they have not done before. In other words, they have accepted Jesus as their Saviour.

A family came to us at the start of 2010 with a big request on behalf of their family member, Gesare, who is 32 years old and had been suffering from demon attacks for several years and needed healing from mental illness. We told them to visit out workshop, which they did. I laid hands on Gesare and asked for deliverance and healing and joy. As I write, for the last 13 days Gesare has her senses again without any sign of her previous problems.