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We are so blessed to share that our brothers in the workshop are doing fine and practising always.  I am so blessed and happy that our King liveth at our workshops.  We have been having power failures and long droughts.  This drought was a crisis and a concern to us regarding our food, but as a matter of our practice at least most of our people are seriously practising multiplying food, which is miraculously working.  Others are yet to know and witness this as some have died due to lack of food and water in some northern parts of our nation.  We declare in Jesus’ Name that no more lives die from lack of food and water here.  We joined hands for Kenya and asked for rains from above and two days ago after four months of drought and hunger, God released the blessing of rain on our land.

Another blessing is a woman, Bisari Maiko, who was a diviner and sorcerer, that is, witchcraft of spirits, who came to test the power in the Holy Spirit’s Workshop by claiming to be sick and wanted prayers for healing.  But actually she was not happy with us delivering and healing the sick and not asking for money or any pay from them, which made her come to bewitch us so that customers (the sick and possessed) would instead go to her for help and pay her.  The Holy Spirit led me before we started our workshop service to baptise all in the Spirit, and after this she confessed of her mission and asked for forgiveness as she testified how she experienced a burning fire when I started speaking over her.  She declared that no one should ever again go to her for divination and that she has been free from the wickedness of idols.  This has caught the interest of the workshops here and increased our daily practice more than before.

Lastly, my own married sister Jane was taken to hospital to deliver a child.  But at the hospital no one cared as they said the baby was too big for her to pass out naturally.  They waited for the senior doctor to recommend a caesarean surgery, but she almost died as the hour for her delivery had already passed and she was very weak.  The friend who had taken her to hospital called me as requested by my sister.  I arrived at the hospital 30 mins later and went to her bed where she had been abandoned and laid my hand on her and made a simple prayer of deliverance and life and I commanded that the nurses need only nurse her without waiting for the senior doctor.  After this I talked to the nurse in charge at the nurses’ office and as she was slowly trying to respond, my sister had already given birth to a baby boy without anybody touching her or helping her.  All praise to Jesus, honour and glory to Him.  The nurse was surprised but I told her that all things are possible with God.  They accepted it called my sister a miracle delivery woman as they thought it could not happen without surgery.


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