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A lady came to Holy Spirit’s Workshop to seek for counselling.  She told me, “Man of God, you know that I always take your advice, and today I would like you to help me on what to do.  I have already made my decision, but it can change upon your instruction as a man of God who I respect.  As you know, I am on HIV/AIDS treatment.  I am taking ARV (anti-retroviral) which prolongs life for those living with HIV/AIDS.  I am tired of this life of taking pills every day, and I have made up my mind to stop taking ARV and just believe God for healing.  I would like you to help me on this issue and I have brought the drugs with me to leave them here.”

She pulled out three bottles and put them on the table.  Throughout the time she was sharing this, I was praying, asking the Holy Spirit for direction and wisdom.  He led me to a scripture, Isaiah 53.4: Surely He hath borne our grieves, and carried our sorrows…

I told the lady, “Thank you for your faith.  I also believe God for divine healing, but this time I would like us to believe God for healing in a way that I will pray for the ARV and give them back to you to continue taking them.  What will happen is that instead of prolonging life by managing the viruses in your blood, it will become poison that will kill all the viruses in your blood.  Do you agree with me?”

She said, “Yes, pastor, I agree with you as a man of God.”

I took the drugs in my hands and declared that beginning today, as she will drink the drugs, every virus that will come in contact with this drug will die in Jesus’ Name.  She left a very happy person believing God for a miracle.

Four months later, she came again to the Holy Spirit’s Workshop.  She looked very happy and was in better health than the time she first came.  She said, “I have come to share a testimony.”  She went to hospital for CD count.  The doctor was surprised that the lady’s health has improved greatly.  She was advised to do another test where they see the number of viruses in her blood, whether they are multiplying or decreasing.  After this test, it was reported that no virus was found in her blood, but doctor refused to declare her HIV negative.  Instead, she was given another date to repeat the test.

A week later, she went again for the second test, and the same results were found, no virus was spotted in her blood.  She then asked the doctor to declare her status.  The doctor said, “When there is battle in the bush between two armies, one group can kill their opponents in the bush and declare themselves winners, not knowing that some are still hiding in the bush.”

I told the lady that the devil is a liar and the battle has been won on the cross, and we are moving in that victory.  We give glory to God.

Copyright Information:  KING JAMES VERSION [KJV]  Scripture quotations marked “KJV™” are taken from the King James Version.


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