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Pastor Job Matunog, who is 75 years old and my father in-law, had suffered paralysis due to a stroke two years ago. We brought him to Mr. Kwan’s conference in Bulacan last week though he still could not walk, but only so slowly with someone holding his hands or body. He could not walk longer than 20 steps before needing to stop for a while so as to catch his breath. When he was prayed for by Mr. Kwan on the first night of the conference, miraculously he was able to run more than 20 steps back and forth without someone assisting him. Since then he is able to walk by himself alone, even in a straight line. After the conference we took him to his doctor for a laboratory test of his sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, uric acid and other things, and to our amazement everything is now normal. Now he is walking alone even to a distance of 500 meters without the aid of someone. He can now move his body more strongly and he is doing gardening in our yard as a normal old man. Praise the Lord for His miracle to an old pastor.