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This is to testify of what the Lord did when I came back to my base in Lagos after last year’s Holy Spirit Workshop.  After that wonderful programme, I came back with a strong faith that God will cap what He did with a spectacular miracle, and He did.  My spiritual son had been in detention in Thailand for one year because some people had conspired against him.  We had been praying for his miraculous release, which happened about three days after I returned from last year’s Holy Spirit Workshop.  He had by this time spent more than a year in prison.  According to him, he was called up that day and was acquitted and discharged for lack of evidence against him.  He was also allowed to continue living in the Thailand instead of being deported if he had been found guilty.  Indeed his story showed that his release was by the finger of God.

Secondly, after engaging in a two weeks mission work by your invitation last February, ritualists picked up my wife five days after my return to my base in Lagos.  This happened on Sunday the 13th of February around 8pm.  She had gone to her shop to pick up some items after the church service.  After picking up those items, she boarded a commercial bus to return home to our house, which is about fifteen minutes drive away, but she lost consciousness the moment she stepped inside the bus.  Then she found herself in what was a compound inside the bus, as she was still half conscious.  Meanwhile, I tried calling her phone for over a hundred times between 8pm and 12 midnight.  I discovered the true situation around 12 midnight and quickly circulated prayer requests to my friends.

How did I know?  Against their standard practice, they allowed her to answer my call.  Initially her phone was hidden inside her big bag and continued to ring, but they could not locate its whereabouts.  When they upturned every bag available and discovered that it was hers, they requested to know who she was and why her phone had been disturbing them.  At this point she told them that she was a pastor and also a pastor’s wife.  She further requested that she be allowed to answer her husband on the phone as she told them that it was her husband who had been calling her.  The first person shunned her and left, telling her that she had yet to understand where she was, i.e. the lion’s den.  Later on, another woman who was supposed to be their boss came out and demanded to know who was the person whose phone had been disturbing their peace.  They pointed at my wife who then made the same request, telling the woman that she was an innocent child of God who did not deserve what she was receiving.  The woman demanded to know her identity, and my wife answered with the same words.  Surprisingly, the woman gave her the phone to answer my call.  As she picked the phone, all I heard was, “Daddy, I am in trouble,” before they snatched the phone from her.   Meanwhile, she thought that she was dreaming throughout her ordeal, but remembered at intervals that she had boarded a bus.  According to her, no other person was conscious except herself.  They were all stripped naked and lined up to be executed one after the other.  In fact, it was a horrible experience for her and for us.  Miraculously, however, the leader of the killer camp (i.e. the woman) eventually came out again and ordered for her immediate release.  It was around 3am the following day.  According to that woman, they did not need ‘these kind of people.’

My wife did not know how she came out, but she remembered that she put on her clothes along a narrow road.  Miraculously an angel of the Lord led her towards my office around 5:10am, since she was still semi-conscious and did not know how she got there.  When she was a few feet from my office, she suddenly fully recovered, and checked her bag and discovered that they had switched off her phone and put it back inside her bag.  So she switched on the phone, and at that moment I was ringing her.  She met me at my office exactly at 5:15am.




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