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Dear man of God…

I want to thank the Lord for the insight He gave to this adjunct of the church called the Holy Spirit’s Workshop. I have really fallen in love with her, and through her I have learnt a lot about what the desire of Jesus is now and until He returns to avenge Himself of His enemies. I can share that I used to practise that the Holy Spirit consumes my enemies, but now I have not only learnt to forgive but also to repent continuously. That is great, as throughout my years in ministry I never knew this.

Nevertheless, I was not happy when Pastor Amos did not sound optimistic in the possibility of our usual annual gathering of the Holy Spirit’s Workshop in Nigeria this year. In my last email to you, I apologised for not being able to reply to all your emails, as my place is very far from an internet café. It was the Holy Spirit’s Workshop that brought me awareness of such technology. I only get to enjoy all this when I come out of what you would call a jungle, which is rare, like this week. There are so many others like me and if we do not occasionally gather to share like we did last November, how can we sharpen one another’s countenance? I am praying that we all make a contribution towards this gathering of people from all over Nigeria. During last year’s conference, people came from all the way up to Gombe. If you remember, I am ready to make a sacrifice myself. I have land that I will dispose of even though it may not be much. It may be up to $1000. I am ready to sell it and present it to the Lord as my contribution towards the conference. Amos, you will have to contribute too, as well as the Holy Spirit’s Workshop. All those who attended the conference last year from this area are asking when will this year’s Holy Spirit’s Workshop conference be. Please let me know what your final decision is so that I can put the land up for sale. I am sure the total budget will not be more than $3000. I will also inspire all the others who love the work of Holy Spirit’s Workshop to make contributions. This is an appeal, Amos. Do not close the conference. I am also appealing to the Holy Spirit’s Workshop. Give us an opportunity to know what is happening among one another. I apologise for not writing constantly as I am still learning to use the computer and the internet. I am so far from an internet café, but I do come to the city to read the teachings and other postings on the Holy Spirit’s Workshop’s website. I would like your reply before I return to check my emails this weekend.


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