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I have never seen so much power being released in recent meetings and conferences except in Ghana and Liberia. The first day of the conference was used to restore the command to the African leaders, and the second day was used to demonstrate how much power can be released when we listen to Jesus.

We started with three women and soon the hall was filled and people were prophesying. We asked those who had not been baptized in the Holy Spirit to come out and we had a crowd of African leaders. Within ten minutes we were trying to stop them so that the conference would not turn into a Pentecost day experience! There was a young lady amongst them named Joy who was not able to speak in the Heavenly language whilst the others were all speaking in tongues. She started crying and asking the Lord why. At the end of the day, I told her to go to bed and not cry as the Lord has already poured His Spirit on all flesh. The next morning she ran to me and told me that she woke up speaking in tongues. We both wept as she spoke in tongues. Her face was glowing wonderfully to the amazement of all present.

The third day was a bit stormy amongst the men. They could not understand how women can minister to them. But as the main theme of the conference was ‘the promise, delay and implication of Jesus not coming back,’ with the high point being, after watching the DVD of the Philippines conference in April, I stretched out my hand towards the glass pulpit and it shattered to pieces. The people who witnessed it were so afraid, but they cried out asking me to show them how to activate such power. I also demonstrated the power on sister Comfort Izuagie and the power caused her body to be twisted beyond human comprehension to the point that the people were begging me not to break her bones. However, when I redirected my hand away from sister Comfort, she was delivered from her affliction and recovered as though nothing happened to her.

On the fourth day, ministers were rushing to be baptized by water immersion. We went to a river nearby for water baptism as many were convicted to be baptised. There were also general overseers who rededicated their lives to Christ.

During the baptisms, a pastor, a general overseer, who was watching suddenly burst out crying as he approached Rev. Nelson Odudu, asking him what he must do to be saved. He ended up being baptized and joined us. It was like Philip and the eunuch from Ethiopia.

A lady called Princess was struck with a terrible sickness during the conference. I went near her and I said the sickness was a lie and that was the end of the sickness. There were many other healing, signs and miracles.

A man came to the lodge and heard me preach, but he could not explain what carried him into the conference from the second to the fourth day of the conference. He confessed openly that he did not come for the conference but somehow ended up with us.

Since the conference ended, I have been receiving at least two testimonies a day via my phone.


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