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Many people came from the village for the dedication meeting of a baby of one of our staff, a pastor in Agbarho whose wife had been barren for more than 19 years, but delivered last month. An orator who does voodoo was hired by the family came to the dedication Being the rainy season, it was raining very heavily and we could not start even at 1.35pm. The juju man wanted the celebrant to give him an offering to appease the gods to stop the rain, but I got annoyed and told the people to watch that in five minutes, the sun will shine so strongly that they will ask for the sun and heat to be reduced. The juju man started to threaten me and told me I will see, but I reasoned that dead men don’t see. Within three minutes, the sun was shining strongly and the people were not able to remember that it was raining a few minutes before. As the family hired him, they paid him and he left. The people glorified God and by the end of the meeting, the sun was still shining.