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I went to our branch in Agbarho last Sunday to preach.  Agbarho is a glorified village or province as you in the developed world call it.  They have power lines and transformers, and their houses are all wired but they are unable to see or use light.  I was teaching on how to practice and I told them I was going to practise Genesis 1.3 where the Lord said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.  I told them that that evening they would have light, and I left my phone number with them.  It was one of the greatest risks I have ever taken in my entire practice.  They naturally knew that it was impossible, but they wrote down my phone number.  I told them they must call me to report of my failure or success.  I was ready to apologise to them on Wednesday when I would return for Bible study.  I left at 11.45am.  Later that day at 6.40pm when I was resting with my wife, a man called Ajiro called me on the phone and with a loud voice announced that light had been restored to the village of Agbarho.  I really don’t know how it was done, but that was the report.

At last year’s conference, I told Barister Godwin Ebizugbe that his wife will deliver a baby boy.  A few days ago, my phone rang from Benin city and I was informed that his wife has delivered a bouncing baby boy!

This and many more is how the Lord has been confirming my unlearned and uncultured messages these past few months.


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