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A man tracked me down to where I was giving a service in a village of Agbarho in Ughelli North Local Government. This man worked in an oil company on the creek, so I don’t see him often as he comes onshore once a month and receives discipleship training in listening to Jesus under the supervision of the Holy Spirit.

Something terrible happened while he was offshore. He said last Wednesday, after they had closed the rig where he worked, an argument broke out among the staff and some military men inside the rig. At this time a majority of them were ready to leave but the gate had been locked by the angry youth who were protesting. Suddenly he heard a voice sounding like mine telling him to run and leave the place immediately. He didn’t want to obey as that would portray him as a sell-out and saboteur, which he knew would not be good for his relationship with the union leaders. But he obeyed anyhow, and ran out as the action of the youth was becoming unruly. He said not even 30 seconds after he moved from the scene he heard continuous gun shots and he ran for cover. Unknown to the workers, the management had called for re-enforcements who came believing the demonstrators were militant. So many people were killed but the most agonising aspect of the incident was his own best friend, who was the breadwinner of his entire family, died along with a pastor working with them on the rig. Five other of his friends had serious bullet wounds and two of his cabin mates died also. He was among the very few who did not have any scratch as he escaped unhurt and was eventually evacuated from the rig when the situation was brought under control. He went home to inform the father of his friend who was the breadwinner of the family and the father went into another room and hanged himself. He believe it was a miracle he was saved, so when he came to our Warri church and was informed that I was at Agbarho, he asked evangelist Famous Idama to accompany him as he did not know the way and drove all that distance to narrate the incident to me and to learn more on how to listen to the Holy Spirit.

At the Agbarho church I spoke about the baptism of the Holy Spirit, just after telling a story called ‘The Promise of the Father’, and like wild-fire some of the people were just being filled while I was teaching, as if we arranged the service. We had a full house after the service. Smokers were coming to receive Jesus; drunkards and local prostitutes also. After the service a prayer group sprang up; we had six sisters start a choir group and the men went for evangelism till five in the evening, as if we were still in the service. I was like an instructor to those going and coming, telling them what to do. Also members from other churches were coming from their own churches to hang around.


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