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Regarding the complete healing of my bladder cancer and ongoing healing of my entire body by our precious Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit at the Holy Spirit’s Workshop in Parramatta on 11 April, 2009. The following testimony is true and is verified by medical documents.

Since the 8 April, 2004 I experienced a bladder infection approximately every two months up until April, 2007. Because of the ongoing bladder infections, On 4 December that same year, I had a cystoscopy because I was told by a GP that I could have a fiscula on the bladder wall. The result showed that I had a very aggressive cancer on the bladder lining and a tumour was removed during the cystoscopy (cacinoma-in-situ and chronic follicular cystitis).

I also had a colonoscopy and a fiscular test and it was a mystery as to what caused the ongoing bladder infections. My first of six chemo sessions started in June 2008, but the follow-up cystoscopy in September showed that the cancer was still present and growing.

I was informed with a lot of stress and anxiety that I required six more weekly chemo treatments starting from the January 2009 until February 2009. I was given a very small chance that the treatment would work and was told that it would be necessary to undergo a major operation where my bladder and the prostate will be completely removed. Besides this major operation, it was not certain whether the cancer had spread to other body parts. The additional last six chemo sessions were very painful and caused my entire body to react strongly. Even after the chemo treatment, I remained in constant pain with my whole body feeling weak, so that I was aware the cancer was still present. I was scheduled for a follow-up cystoscopy in April, 2009.

Several times during my chemo treatment, I was invited by my next door neighbour, who is a member of the Holy Spirit’s Workshop, to the workshop. He noticed how sick I was and how my entire body deteriorated more and more. He asked me to attend the healing service in Parramatta on a Saturday afternoon where many people have received physical and mental healing by the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I am a strong believer in the Lord Jesus and the Holy Trinity and I wanted to step out in faith, so I first visited a Tuesday workshop session and then on 11 April, 2009 I attended the Holy Spirit’s Workshop.

On my 3rd or 4th visit I had strong bladder pain when I arrived there. I was weak and my body felt sick all over. As soon as I arrived there, a lady walked towards me as if she knew that my life was affected by a serious illness. Suddenly in the presence of the Holy Spirit, a strong feeling of peace and serenity took over my whole body and made me very humble before the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

I was asked by this lady to repent and pray for the complete forgiveness of all my sins and she helped me remove the barriers in my life, which existed between the Lord Jesus Christ and myself. She spoke in tongues and I knew that she is in close contact with the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit because as soon as all sins and barriers were forgiven, my whole body felt completely renewed and all my pain and sickness was completely removed. She told me that on repenting of all my sins and forgiving those who had sinned against me, even washing those I had sinned against and thus caused them to sin, I was cleansed and then she said, “Receive your healing.” At that moment, I felt a warm feeling over my entire body and I had never felt so much peace flowing through my body before in my life. Towards the end of the healing, she laid her hands on me and asked me to receive the Holy Spirit for Him to enter my heart, and from that moment on my whole life changed. I was fully aware that the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit had performed an instant miracle.

Since the miracle of healing happened, my whole life has completely changed. The Lord Jesus Christ comes first in everything in my life. He has also removed stress, anger and worries, and I have become a happy and content man. I promised the Lord Jesus to be His servant and to help other people in His Name.

Since the healing of the cancer, I had two more cystoscopy tests and I am medically verified to be cured. Besides this miracle of the healing of the cancer, the Lord Jesus is giving me ongoing healing. I had several blood tests done by my GP and was told on 26 September that even my diabetes has disappeared and is perfectly normal.

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ.


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