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  1. A man with a swollen parotid gland. The gland was restored to normal size and texture.
  2. A lady with an issue of blood and vertigo reported immediate cessation of bleeding and no further vertigo, even when spun around four to five times.
  3. Another woman with vertigo was likewise healed.
  4. A lady with bone metastasis from a breast cancer experienced relief from all pain from a site of her metastasis.
  5. A woman in Sri Lanka at end stage palliative care from her cancer was ministered via the telephone. After the ministry, the lady reported relief from all pain, easing of breathing with lose of her wheezing, reduction in swelling in her leg, and she was able to get up out of bed and walk on her own, and have a meal.
  6. A woman with disco-genic back pain was relieved of all her pain and was able to fully flex her back without any pain or stiffness.

As always, we await confirmation from the treating doctors.

Failure: a woman with plantar fasciitis was not healed of the pain in her foot despite the efforts of four team members.

The first six persons were referred in by another lady who three weeks ago experienced healing of her knee arthritis and the shrinking of a benign cyst behind her neck.