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On Monday, the 8th February, my neighbour called my wife and my wife called me because my neighbour who was four months pregnant was shaking because of a high fever.  So my wife and I first led her in a prayer of repentance and acceptance of Jesus as her Saviour, then we declared healing and commanded the fever to get out and vanish.  After prayer, I told my wife to take our neighbour to the hospital on our motorcycle for a check up.  When they arrived she was completely well and needed no medicine at all.

The day before, my sister was taken to hospital in pain from a cyst for observation.  They told her an operation will cost 35,000 pesos, so I told her that I don’t have money, but what I have I give to her, and that is, Jesus.  So I led her in repentance and to ask forgiveness from Jesus and declared healing in Jesus’ Name.

After I prayed for my sister, another lady asked me to pray for her daughter, Angelica, who was also suffering the same thing, so I prayed for her too.

Today, the 9th February, when I went to visit my sister to see what had happened, Angelica’s mother met me and told me she was very thankful because Angelica is fine and did not need an operation.  But my sister was given the operation as they also found that she was pregnant outside her ovary.  I continue to pray for her.


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