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A man of aboriginal descent who had a worst-case childhood well known to DOCS (Department of Community Services) came into the workshop in need of help.   He had been in jail because he had injured another man who had abused his daughter.  While in jail, he was severely beaten at the hands of four men.  He was left in continuous pain from the broken bones throughout his body, which included three ribs, knees and his jaw.  This was later documented by medical personal as non self-inflicted injuries.  He said that he could only experience relief from the constant pain by walking twenty kilometers a day.

Despite his deep suffering, he acknowledged that he wanted to believe in God, and while in jail had read the Bible cover to cover but found that it appeared to be contradictory and so thought it just a storybook.

Initially no healing for his flesh seemed to manifest.  The breakthrough for him came when the Holy Spirit told the staff member ministering to him to give him the power.  At first the staff member was hesitant to do this because the man could not believe that Jesus was his personal Lord and Saviour due to his traumas and suffering and so to give him the power was not normal protocol.  But after not being able to succeed in healing the pain he felt all over his body, he was asked whether he could forgive those who had hurt him, but still there was no breakthrough in his healing.  He said that he could forgive everyone else, but could not forgive his mother and stepfather nor the man who had mistreated his daughter, leaving her scarred and unable to bear children.

So as the Holy Spirit again prompted, the power was given to him and the Holy Spirit showed him that He found him to be trustworthy with His power, for it manifested when he tested it on another person.  After being shown this display, he then willingly asked Jesus to baptise him with the Holy Spirit and with fire.

He wanted to take a rest to absorb all that he had been shown and received, and shortly after another member of the workshop ministered to him.  He received full healing in his body, which was tested as he fluidly flexed his body in many positions that he could not do before, proving that healing.

Three days later he testified to his doctor that he had not had any pain at all since he was healed at the workshop, and the doctor saw his x-rays, commenting that these are the bones of a twenty-year-old man.  This man is in his late thirties.


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