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When an elderly man came in, he could hardly walk and was in severe pain.  After the laying on of hands, all pain left his knees and legs and he was able to walk freely.  He also has had a pacemaker inserted for some time and received easing in his breathing after the laying on of hands.  He was then baptised with the Holy Spirit, but before teaching him to speak in the language of the Kingdom of God, the Holy Spirit wanted him to experience a miracle.  He had said that he didn’t read much because he had dyslexia and as such, had never read a Bible though he is in his late 60s, and so was hesitant to take a copy of The Testimony, but after laying on of hands, he was able to read The Testimony fluently without stumbling.  Then, immediately after his dyslexia was healed, he spoke the heavenly language for the first time fluently in a beautiful tongue.

A teenage young man who has on a few occasions been ministered to for Diabetes, came in with a very swollen ankle that was hit by a cricket ball whilst playing a game of cricket in the afternoon.  His mum brought him in for healing and he left completely healed.

An elderly lady’s face was experiencing tics, which are muscular spasms, but received no relief with the laying on of hands until her carer began to read The Testimony to her by which she was healed of the spasms.


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