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In January 2012 at the The Testimony conference held in Cabanatuan in the Phillipines, the command of the Holy Spirit and the Father to listen to Jesus was restored to 114 workers, pastors and pastoras who attended. The attendees accepted that the disobedience against this command, and the lack of knowledge and practice of the words of Jesus are the cause of the problem of the lack of abundant miraculous power in the church to establish the Kingdom of God to prepare for Jesus’ return.

One young couple, both pastor and pastora and husband and wife, heading a church that grew from 50 to the hundreds within a short time, said that the Holy Spirit so convicted them with the restoration of the command, that on the first day, they were both sitting in their seats hiding their faces and crying with shame. Later they testified that they now see the light that they must listen to Jesus to finish the work to bring Jesus back, that it is not only about increasing the numbers of the congregation.

Some pastors commented that this was a new teaching and many said they were so blessed to receive the correction.

When the Holy Spirit gave the message of unforgiveness, a man testified that the conviction of the Holy Spirit weighed so heavy upon him that he realised his error in not putting this into practice and attributed his depression to his unforgivenenss.

That first night, the Holy Spirit moved with power during ministry.

A pastora saw the fire in the eyes of the Lord and fell on the floor crying and repenting uncontrollably.

Pastors and pastoras were delivered from unclean spirits and healed, showing that even shepherds, when they do not remain in Jesus and Jesus’ words do not remain in them, can harbour unclean spirits in them.

It was evident that unforgiveness remains in many of the attendances. The effects of the failure to obey Jesus in forgiving one another and loving our enemies are also evident.

A pastora testified that she experienced healing of a lung sickness and deliverance, when she began to bless and forgive a woman whom she believed had placed a curse on her because she had refused to lend money to the woman.

A pastor testified that he was convicted by the message of the command of Jesus to forgive. He had been unable to forgive a 50 year old man for abducting and harming his 15 year old daughter. He said he felt the freedom of forgiveness and light shone on his face.

The Holy Spirit also confirmed the words of Jesus with instant healing. Two were healed of shoulder pains whereby motion in the shoulders were completely restored.

On the second day when The Testimony was opened up and taught, their ignorance to the words and deeds of Jesus were exposed, beginning with the fact that Jesus was not born on 25 December, but in the northern spring.

The quality of the attendees as listeners to The Testimony were superior. Their hearts and ears were opened, so much that when the events of the resurrection morning was testified to by the end of that day, there was no query or voicing of objection that indeed, the 11 apostles failed to go to Galilee on the first morning as Jesus commanded, and as the holy angels and the women testified, and did not receive what the Father had planned for them, and from then, the church was launched off-course.

There were nods, groans and recognition among the audience at this point. That in truth, the current state of the church was not what it meant to be. That indeed, there is a problem, and if there is a problem, then God has already provided the solution, and that solution is in each of them.

On that second night, the Holy Spirit confirmed His Testimony as everyone laid hands on each other to freely give to one another what they have received from the Lord in obedience to HIs instructions to disciples, power flowed and it was like the people came alive with the fire of the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.

On the third day – the challenge and mandate “2012 – WE MUST BRING JESUS BACK” was accepted with more nods and rounds of “AMEN”. Everyone received a copy of The Testimony and was instructed to read and master it.

One pastor travelled 8 hours from his province to attend the conference.

And it was requested that the restoration of the command to listen to Jesus and the teaching from The Testimony be brought further north into the region as soon as possible.

As the conference was coming to an end, a pastora brought forth her son and her uncle. With desperation and faith, she was crying saying that her son cannot hear properly and her uncle cannot see clearly. The woman’s faith and desperation was like that of the Phoenician woman whose daughter was healed by Jesus of demon possession.

Her uncle also received healing in his sight and testified his vision was clearer. That he could see farther than before.

After laying on of hands, the young boy received healing in his hearing and shoulder injury. As her mother clicked her fingers in his ears, he smiled and nodded. And his hearing increased with each laying on of hands.

The conference ended after 2.5 days.


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