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The first customer of the day, a homeless man suffering from pain from his arthritis, from sleeping on a park bench, was completely healed of all pain and stiffness instantly.  He left praising God.

A young overseas student from the Philippines who had torn his medial knee cartilage from a volleyball game had all pain and stiffness relieved instantly and all signs of the torn cartilage were gone.  He is a young Catholic.  He left praising Jesus.

An office girl brought in a colleague who had a stiff neck, which was instantly released with the laying on of hands.  She is a Methodist.  She left praising God.

A young man who had not been given the gift of tongues was able to speak in the Heavenly language as soon as he was shown how to praise the Lord.  He is a Pentecostal.  He left with tears of joy.

All have promised to attend the Saturday fellowship.