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This week has been a successful week for the centre at 90 George Street. On Thursday, two men were healed of long standing sciatic pain, with a profound effect on their relationship with the risen Lord. On Saturday morning, a woman reported healing of her pancreatic pain when she heard about the healing of the second man of Thursday.

On Saturday evening, four individuals testified to being healed. The first was a lady in her seventies with severe kyphoscoliosus of her spine, which has shortened her to less than 1.3 metres. She experienced release from all pain and restoration of full range of movement to her shoulders, allowing her to walk and go up and down a step without pain or assistance.  With tears in her eyes, she went home praising Jesus.

The second was a weightlifter in his fifties with prolapsed discs in his spine, deviated nasal septum, migraine headache and depression, who testified to freedom from all his pain, relief from his depression, and improved airflow through his left nostril. He was able to move without any of the signs of sciatic nerve irritation. This caused him to make a recommitment to Jesus.

The third was a man from Fiji with abdominal pain as well as a painful nodule in his right groin, presumed to be diverticula disease by his doctor. He testified to release from all pain and the loss of pain from the nodule.

The third was a young woman who was a customer in a furniture store where a member of the centre was working. She had been suffering from severe pain in her right buttock area for 8 years, and MRI scans three years earlier had revealed nothing, according to her. She came at the invitation of the member, from the store to 90 George Street, where she experienced release from all her pain shortly after hands were laid on her.

One of the men from Thursday also attended, testifying and demonstrating his wellness, bending over to touch the ground without pain.

All who came were made well.


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