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I am happy to quickly advise you that the last three days have been of great service to the Lord by the Holy Spirit’s Workshop held here, where over 23 pastors and other church ministers attended.

It was much like the day of Pentecost, with many speaking in new tongues in our midst who have not done it before, by being together in prayer, highlighting the words of Jesus and listening to Him as the Holy Spirit ministered directly to every individual.

Our limited supply of meals multiplied as many witnessed eating plenty in the Lord with leftovers.

Four pastors who used to have daily headache were totally healed on the first day, and another pastor who had a sick child in hospital with fever and continuous flu was healed and released from hospital after the pastor shared the terrible condition with us, wanting to leave the meeting to nurse his son. After agreeing with him for the healing of his son, two hours later to his surprise, his wife called to tell him that a miracle had happened and his son was released from hospital and confirmed healed. He cried out, “Unity is power.” Amen Holy Spirit.

Pastor Mark Okenda


It was a time full of the favour of God during the three days with other men in the workshop. The world will never be the same because of the work you do. Our vision and dreams are going to explode and multiply. Thank you for not giving up even when others have until we meet our Brother, Jesus.

We want to thank God for you in the Holy Spirit’s Workshop Kenyan office for all the work and planning that went into this event. May the Lord bless you so much. It was the best time and challenging in the Holy Spirit. We witnessed one man go home and apologise to his wife on bended knees for unforgiveness of a long time. My life was changed, for I have never been hit by power like this before. I was healed of a bad neck and back.

I believe a spiritually charged time was had by all as I witnessed more than 20 men including myself being baptised in the Holy Spirit, thus speaking in new tongues.

Pastor Oigara Charles

Note by HSW Sydney:

This conference was run sovereignly by the HSW Kenya with their own resources, using their faith, belief, knowledge and understanding and the power they have practised to train their fellow workers in the Kingdom.


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