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  1. Josephene is an old lady who suffered from diabetes and had an amputated toe because of gangrene. When our workshop team visited her, she was suffering from a severe gangrenous infection in her foot after an accident where she stepped on a nail that pierced the sole of her foot. Her doctor planned to amputate her foot a few days later. Our group prayed for her healing, and after re-examining her, her doctor said, “It’s a miracle! Your foot is healing. You do not need an operation.” She is now well even though she is still not able to travel to our Sunday service.
  2. Mrs Janet Moranga had marital problems over the last six years because of an illness she had that cost her husband a lot of money and time. Since the husband was poor, she almost lost him to another woman. She did not get any help from the doctors. She came to our church, but hid her problems from us. The Lord ministered to my wife and told her that the lady who always sat on the back bench was not at peace and told her to pray over this lady as she needed deliverance and healing. Mrs Moranga was like dry soil waiting for water. Two months later, she is now no longer in pain. The doctors said that they cannot see a big pool of fluid in her stomach anymore. She had endured month after month of having operations to remove the fluid and yet it kept coming back each time. That was her life before. The fluid caused her pain and x-ray reports could not reveal the problem. But now the doctors have said that there is no more fluid in her stomach. Due to her healing, her husband has confessed before the workshop that the devil used him to almost deny his wife for another woman because of the sickness. Thank you Holy Spirit for the revelation and healing.
  3. Recently, we had seven people, three women and four men, convicted of their sins. All of them were drunkards, but one of the women was saved yesterday (22.07.2009). She had been a dangerous criminal who was used in killing innocent people all over Kenya. She had been a harlot who was used by men to put snares on other men in order to kill or rob them of money and property. She cried out for spiritual help and was filled from accepting Jesus.