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Hyline Mwendo suffered from Lupus (a genetic auto-immune disease where the body’s immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks normal healthy tissues), which killed two of her family members two years ago.  Her body had inflammation, swellings, damaged joints and damaged skin.  After two months of laying of hands on her, last Sunday she witnessed how she is now strong and healthy.  Her doctor confirmed that there is no more inflammation, swelling, etc. which were present before.

Anne, 23 years old, developed post-traumatic stress disorder after seeing a gang of men kill her mother and father.  She had been having sleepless nights and disturbed moments as she recalled the events of her parents’ death.  My wife laid hands on her four weeks ago after doctors’ treatments and counselling failed.  Today she came in, and before she spoke of her healing, everyone confirmed it by the way she was socialising happily.  She said that she no longer needed any medication, for she feels strong, sleeps without recalling the bad events and has no more fear for four weeks since she received the prayers.

Enosh had a very severe earache.  The pain was head splitting and tormented him day and night without responding to any painkiller or medication.  Traditional and modern medicine failed to heal him.  He came to the workshop last Friday, and as I laid hands on his aching ear, it was instantly healed.  He confirmed today that he has no more earache.


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