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A women had a stroke, and was brought to the hospital. Half of her body was not functioning and after confinement at the hospital, she was brought back to the house of her nephew on January 6, 2010. I visited her because she requested prayer for her affliction, and after that, she cried because she received the power in the mighty Name of Jesus. Today, her condition is very well and she is completely healed.

Another women was tormented by the devil during the past three months. She was taken to superstitious men for healing. Five men with the power of dark magic performed ‘healing’ for her, but she did not heal. Instead, she became critical because she then had the sense that she had a head yet could not feel it and she walked like a robot. One of her friends came to the church to seek me to go to the house of that lady. I shared the good news about God with her. She received Jesus Christ as her personal Saviour and then she prayed in the Name of Jesus. After that she walked like a normal woman as she received the power of her miracle immediately. Today, she and her husband came to the church with her family. This situation happened on December 5, 2009.

P.S. I again visited the first woman on 9th January, and she is greatly strengthened and walks very fast now.