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Glory be to God!

We have just experienced a very successful small group workshop retreat. 11 people received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Some received just like the baby talk of one or two syllables only. All who attended were greatly blessed and many gave their testimonies of victory.

Sis. Marevic de Manuel said, “I have been from many born again churches but this is the first time that I saw a powerful church whose teaching and doctrines are very clear. They are really practising the words of Jesus and not listening only. My mother also told me that she had notice that this HSW church is not just a church but a family of true believers who always put into practice the words and power of the Holy Spirit.”

Sis. Grace de Manuel said, “I was born a Christian and had been in many churches but this is the first time I understood the real practice of God’s power. I feel that now my heart is so clean and I don’t feel any rejection and frustration. My heart is delivered and I want to increase more in my service to God by practising daily the gift of tongue that I have started to speak.”

Sis. Vilma testified, “While Sis. Juvy was teaching about the new power, new purpose, I saw a vision as I was sitting and listening to her. Inside this building I saw a lot of plants of different trees and in the midst of it I saw running water like a river flowing without ceasing. I am really so blessed in this two days workshop. My spirit is empowered and our bonding was also developed. Thank God for the vision. I will embrace its reality from now on.”

Sis. Kenith Lanceta said, “Before I attended the two days workshop, I thought that I had nothing wrong in my heart, but when Pastor Eugene taught us about the healing of the heart, I begun to see all the tiny evils inside my heart which I did not consider before. Our hearts will become cleaner when we allow the Holy Spirit to search us and are willing to submit into His diagnoses. Glory to God for a cleaner heart to serve Him.”

Sis. Angelica Iso said, “Power, power power. This is what I got in this workshop. My heart is so hot to extend what I learned from here. Now I’m emboldened to be used by God and to practise His power by sharing this to others without shame and hesitation. Even to face death I am not afraid now.”

Sis. Michelle Pobre said, “I thought that I love my family so much. The reason why I am crying now is that I found out that I only love them in my feelings because I miss sharing with them the teaching and the power that I have received from God through this church. I have seen that I still have a lot of short-comings as far as the doing of the word is concern. Thanks for the topic on the healing of the heart. Now I see myself clearly and that I need to increase my service to God. I have seen God face to face like Jacob said in the book of Genesis. Thanks be to God.”


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