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Reverend Okotor from Machanic Village inside the Effurun barracks raised a child from the dead and he was given a house and a block of land containing a temporary church site.  He also started practising the message and insight he received at the recently concluded workshop conference, and during an evening session, the RSM, a high ranking officer, and his men surrendered to Christ and they gave him more than USD$400.

One Johnbull Ozua, who was diagnosed with a disease called ‘machavi bijanu’ and was paralysed from his waist down for more eight months, is now healed and walking after prayers with me.

Mr Elijah Oriakhi, my elder brother, who was diagnosed with pneumonia and asthma and had been surviving with the aid of a ventolin inhaler for many months, called me up at 2am a few days ago to inform me that his ventolin inhaler had failed because, unbeknown to him, it had expired.  At that time I was confused too as I did not know how to handle the situation, but I prayed and asked God to sustain him till later in the morning for us to get another inhaler.  Two days ago he rushed to me to testify that he had not had to use an inhaler since that night after his phone call to me.  The next day he went to collect his x-ray and lab test.  The doctor could not see any trace of the ailment.  He will resume work next Monday morning as he had not been working during the past three months.

Timi, one of the workshop conference participants, went home to practise on his uncle who was an alcoholic since young and was insane.  He prayed for his uncle over a few days, and yesterday he testified in church that his uncle is now sober and has regained his mind by about 80%.

One Pastor Brown who attended the conference has a daughter who delivered through caesarean operation before the conference but the cut had not healed.  I visited her and prayed over her.  A few days ago he called to say that his daughter has fully recovered and the wound has healed.

Mr Matthew Osifo testified yesterday of how the Lord rescued him from a fire.  As a panel-beater, he was working under a vehicle last week after the conference when the vehicle suddenly caught fire.  But he was rescued with less than 3% burns to his body compared to the damage to the car.  People there could not believe that he was under the car when it exploded, for a gas cylinder and other working tools around him caught fire yet very little harm came on him.


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