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A young member of our church called Monday was sick with a mysterious disease that could not be described by his family.  I was in the vicinity on Saturday morning when I was informed of this occurrence.  So I visited the family house and met with his mother who told me that he was diagnosed with lassa and thyroid fever.  His ear and hearing was affected by the sickness.  I said a very simple prayer and gave them a little financial help that I could afford, which was less than USD$4.  I was amazed that Monday, who could not eat, walk or rise from his sick bed for days, was in church before me on Sunday morning.  I did not notice him until church folks drew my attention to his presence.  It was a great time knowing Jesus can heal in less than 24 hours.

Evangelist Felicia Illeleji of God’s Command Fellowship at Uti Street, Effurun, Warri, and brother Greg who lives at Ovie Pance Road came to visit me at home at about 7.46 pm on Sunday evening as the members of my household and I were relaxing on the balcony of our house.  Suddenly there was pandemonium as all hell broke loose.  As the dust settled, I discovered that the evangelist’s car was snatched along with brother Greg.  Then we rushed to the police station with the evangelist to inform the police, and the waiting game began until about 10.30 am yesterday when the kidnappers contacted us with their demand.  We went into marathon prayers and agreed that Greg be released.  To the glory of God, Greg was able to miraculously escape from the den of the kidnappers at about 9 pm yesterday.  We have also agreed that the will of God be done regarding the stolen car.  Join us in rejoicing for helping Mr Greg escape miraculously.

Update:  The car has been found intact.  There has been no loss.  And there is jubilation all around us here.


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