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People have started coming to the Brisbane Holy Spirit’s Workshop.  In the week ending 16 March, we have had four new people come.

On Tuesday night, a young lady came at the request of a friend.  She listened attentively to the teaching on the Kingdom of God.  Afterwards she requested prayer.  Taking her hands into mine, she began to manifest, contort and exhibit demonic characteristics.  For the next three (or more) hours, many demons came out of her.  Some of the things that came out had been in her from early childhood and even the womb.  This lady worked courageously through the experience confessing, repenting, asking for forgiveness and receiving healing.  I have very little experience in casting out demons.  It didn’t matter because the Holy Spirit was educating on what to do and providing pre-emptive ideas throughout the experience.  This was a true witness that Jesus’ words are true.  By the end, this lady was filled with peace and joy.  Amen Holy Spirit.

Another new visitor was a lady who works in the local area.  She has openly expressed anger and cynicism to God because she lost loved ones.  However, she came into the workshop for the first time on Saturday with anxiety and concern about an upcoming operation.  Complications from a hysterectomy meant she could lose part of her bowel and have to wear a sack to compensate.  She had also been suffering from heart palpitations.  I laid hands on her commanding healing and repair to the scarring and bowel areas along with complete repair of her heart.   Her son reported that there were no complications from her surgery on Tuesday and she is recovering well with no sack required.


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