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A young lady who had been suffering from a cancer has been confirmed healed completely from the cancer by specialists.  She was originally told she had less than twelve months to live four years ago.  But she came to the workshop regularly over the last four years.  The healing was confirmed on scans done by her oncologists who were surprised at the result.  The original cancer was Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and was 16 by 15 by 14 centimetres.

Also, the man who was blind and was healed on 3rd March 2005 remains alive and well.  Not only was he healed of the blindness in both eyes, but his kidneys were also healed.  He was told in October 2004 by his specialists that he only had six months to live and the 120 tablets a week he was taking did not control his blood pressure.  The man was suffering from Conn’s syndrome.