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This last Saturday workshop we had five new people come and all left healed.  Three kung fu students came in to witness the power of the Holy Spirit.  One man was healed in his left wrist, which was left weakened after an operation.  Another man had been unable to move some of his toes on his left foot for a few years, but after the laying on of hands he was able to move his toes, much to his delight.  His wife received healing of chronic pain and tingling in her feet that she said she had for as long as she could remember.  She had been brought up in an unbelieving household but gave her life to Jesus after witnessing the demonstration of power and some healings, was baptized with the Holy Spirit, herself demonstrated the power and began speaking in tongues.  The third man received healing in his right leg from his knee down to his ankle, which had been damaged from martial arts as well as experienced the power.  All three men demonstrated a significant increase in physical strength.

A Chinese lady was brought in off the street by another lady and she received healing in her feet, back and kidneys.

Another man who comes in to receive healing to take home to his wife who has cancer, received healing in his right shoulder, which had been put out due to having to lift her regularly and was in considerable pain.  He could no longer lift that arm above his chest region.  Whilst he wasn’t seeking healing for himself and though he has been testifying to much improvement in his wife, for she can now eat in one day what she was eating in five days previously, he was still amazed at the healing he received when the pain left and he was able to move his arm freely.

Another young woman who has been to the workshop once before was born with loss of macular vision in her right eye from toxoplasmosis at birth, with limited peripheral vision from the outer corner of that eye as well as being born deaf.  After the laying on of hands she was able to see and hear.  She also had a crooked pelvis, which made her left foot turn in, which was healed so that she could walk normally.


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