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…so that you may know the certainty of the things you have been taught, [Luke 1.4] so the apostle Luke declared to us the intention and purpose of his writing of his books – the gospel and the Acts of the apostles.  See that it is not to believe more firmly, but rather, to know the certainty of the things you have been taught.

As such, the gospel of Luke is not intended primarily to help us believe better or more, but to come to be certain of what we have believed by giving us knowledge.  For the Holy Spirit, by reminding the writers of the gospel, what Jesus said so that they could write it down, has done just that – made certain that which we have been taught.  For by writing it, it becomes firm and not ethereal.  No longer can memory change and warp the truth, but rather, that which is written is what is written.  That is why Jesus said, “It is written…” five times to Satan when He was being tempted.

Now it is time to take stock of that which you know the certainty of amongst all that you have believed of the Bible and of the Lord, the Lord, the Lord.  For in the days of distress that are here and are coming, it will not be what you believe that will see you through them, but that which you know.  Faith alone will not see you through that which is to come, no more than Noah’s faith in what God had told him saved him if he did not put to practice that which he was told and built an ark, and properly, so that it was ready to withstand waters that came sweeping down at almost 50 inches [127 centimetres (1.27 metres)] an hour if the tallest mountain in the days of Noah was only 4,000 feet.  Four inches [10.16 centimetres] of rain in an hour produced an ‘inland tsunami’ in Queensland only a few days ago, so imagine what 50 inches of rain an hour for 40 days and nights can do and has done.  It reshaped the world so that nothing we see of the world today resembles in any way the world of Noah before the flood.  Just like Noah, the present day knowers of God already realise that unless the work is done in the exact way that God has instructed, then that which is coming will overwhelm all the work.

Had Noah not built the ark just the way God told him, then his ark would not have survived the flood.  Likewise, unless our practice of the words of Jesus is just exactly the way He told us to do it, then we run the risk of succumbing to the days of distress and being ruptured out of the way.  For it will take one and ones with full power to survive and help others survive the time when this Earth will once more swallow the waters and replenish the springs of the deep and reinflate itself as it were to its former dimensions.  The earthquakes and tsunamis unleashed that day will cause distress and destruction that exceed even the distress and destruction of Noah’s flood.  Except we who have been told will go through them in our own ark, not built of gopher wood, but of the power of the Holy Spirit without limit.

Indeed, it will be a dreadful fulfilment of Jesus’ warnings when He said, “But everyone who hears these words of Mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand.  The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash,” [Matthew 7.26-27] when He was up the mountainside, and again later when He was standing on a level place He said, “But the one who hears My words and does not put them into practice is like a man who built a house on the ground without a foundation.  The moment the torrent struck that house, it collapsed and its destruction was complete.” [Luke 6.49]

For these days of distress are not here to test how much you have heard or how much you have believed, but rather, how much you have put what you have heard to practice.  And in the final analysis, because of the tremendous degree of destruction coming, it is how much you have mastered that matters.

The Lord is true to His words, and they will be fulfilled so that those who have put into practice what they have heard will experience the salvation, like the house owner whose house did not collapse but still lost much of his possessions as the water and mud ruined his furnishings.  As such, if you have not understood that the call to practise His words is to lead you to the earnest desire to master His words also, then you will be like such a house owner – the house may stand but the furnishings are damaged.  That is, many who have practised will still suffer some degree of trauma even though they will survive.  However, it is when you have practised the words unto mastery of them that you are like the wise man who not only built his house on the rock, but built also a protective wall around the house so that the torrent does not even touch the house but is diverted away.

The one who knows with certainty the things he has been taught is not the person who has believed what he has been taught, nor the person who has practised what he has been taught, but rather, the person who has mastered what he has been taught.  As such, the standard which Luke hoped to inspire you… indeed, not Luke but the Holy Spirit… is not just to believe, not just to practise and witness, but to master that which you have been taught so that you do not face these days of distress in fear hoping to be raptured before they come, nor to just survive these days, like the owner of a house that is still standing after the flood but all its furnishings are damaged.  But to overcome these days so that you are like the owner of a house who directed the flood and prevented it from even touching his house, much less his furnishings, so that when the flood subsides, you become the only one who has not lost his house or furnishings, but are now the only one with intact furnishings, and you become the provider to those who have lost houses or those whose houses still stand but are uninhabitable.

In the same way, because Noah so practised the art of ark building that he mastered it and created a vessel that could withstand the pounding of currents that were generated by a rainstorm of 50 inches an hour, so likewise now be inspired and do not settle for anything else less than the mastery of the words of the Lord you have heard through your practice, so that indeed you are one and ones who know the certainty of the things you have been taught.

And like Noah, when this is over, you will step out into a world completely unlike the one you have left behind, and be the inheritor of all.

Noah believed, Noah practised, and Noah mastered… and so all men on this Earth are his descendants and not a single one of his detractors have any descendants at all.  So it will be only those who have believed, practised and mastered the words of the Lord they have heard who will join with Him to reign on the Earth through the millennium where each day will be like a thousand years.


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