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One of Solomon’s more profound statements is found in Ecclesiastes 3.1:  There is a time for everything… And the importance of saying and doing all things in the appropriate and correct time determines success or failure more than any other single factor in life.  And again in Ecclesiastes 3.17 he wrote:  …for there will be a time for every activity…

And just as Solomon listed the things that are determined by time in Ecclesiastes 3.2-8, so likewise, in the plans of God for the Kingdom of Heaven and of God there is a time for everything, and when that time is not observed, things and plans go amiss.

There was a time for the disciples to go immediately to Bethsaida and to Galilee, and there was a time for them to wait in Jerusalem.  There was a time to stay and a time for them to flee Jerusalem.  There was a time for them to uphold the Law and there was a time for them to have nothing to do with the Law; a time to preach the gospel and let people make believers of themselves, and a time to choose some from the believers and make disciples of them.  There is a time for signs and wonders of miraculous healings and deliverance, and a time for signs and wonders of disasters when the skies are shut so there is no rain and cities are struck by plagues as often as they wished.

As such, learning to know what time it is remains the key to success in the practice of the words of Jesus and in their execution.

There is a time to listen, a time to practise what you have heard, and a time to display what you have mastered from your practice.  There is a time to repent and a time when it is too late to repent, a time to forgive and a time to not forgive, a time to heal and a time to kill, a time to bless and a time to curse, a time to multiply and a time to reduce.

The greatest challenge therefore for all who are called by God is to master the timing of the Lord so that you say and do what should be said and done at the appropriate time.

The time for the eleven to go to Galilee was resurrection morning, not days or weeks later.  The time for the eleven to leave Jerusalem was when persecution broke out, not later.  The time for the eleven to stay in Jerusalem was while Jesus was still with them, and not when the persecution broke out.  The time for them to choose a replacement for Judas Iscariot was when the Holy Spirit had come upon them on Pentecost Day, not beforehand.

And so when you have learnt to listen and have put what you have heard to practice to the point that you now know what to do, the final stage is when to do it.

To learn about God’s way of timing… see.

Likewise, in the ways of God there was a time for Israel to be set free from Egypt – when the sins of the Amorites had reached their full measure.  See that it was not when Israel had suffered enough and when Moses was available.  There was a time for Israel to be punished utterly and exiled – when Nebuchadnezzar became available, not when their sins had reached the full measure.  There was a time for Israel to be restored from exile – when Cyrus became king, not when Israel had repented enough.  There was a time for Jesus to come into the world in the flesh – when Elizabeth, Zechariah, Mary and Joseph were available, not when Israel had been humiliated enough by the Romans.

So likewise, from the days of Noah until now, the timing of the Lord when it comes to major events that changes the history of the Earth depends on the availability of the persons, and not the circumstances of the times.  Sin, suffering, wickedness and rebellion do not determine God’s times when it comes to His interaction with this world as much as the availability of the persons… even when it comes to a single individual.  The interaction of God into the life and times of any individual does not occur until the person is available.

There is no forgiveness given until the repentant person is available.  There is no healing or miracles until the sick person is available.  There is no good news preached until those who are thirsty for the news are available.  There is no teaching or discipleship until the student is available.  And there is no work released until the servant is available.  And certainly there is no inheritance dispensed until the son is available.  And no kingdom raised until the person who is to be king, who can be king, is available.

Everything else is done in preparation for the availability of the person.  The prayers, the fasting and the intercessions of Simeon and Anna in the temple were in preparation for the Person Jesus Christ.  All teaching and preaching, all the build-up, all the waiting and the patient endurance are for the availability of the person, for until the person is available, the will of God cannot be enacted.  For it is through man, a man, that God enacts the will of His plans.  Famines, earthquakes, plagues, wars and rumours of wars are used to raise up the necessary prayer and fasting – intercessions – that gather the people and make them ready for the man or woman to appear, or even a group of people to appear, and those persons appear not because of situations or circumstances, but because their availability makes it the time.

So when you learn to appreciate the importance of time and time in action, that is, timing, then you will learn to see the need for the preparation.  For without the preparation, the time can come and go… the person can appear, but the people will not respond.

Israel responded to Moses not because they lived as well loved and well-treated servants of the Egyptians, but because of the cruel yoke of slavery.  Had they been living well, they would not have followed Moses out of Egypt into the desert.  See that it was those who had the sick and the demon-possessed who called out to Jesus, who ran ahead and went to Him with their sick people… not the healthy or the wealthy.  No rich ruler whose son or daughter was not dying came to Jesus.  No centurion whose servants were well and healthy came to Jesus.  No man who could see called out to Jesus, “…Son of David, have mercy on me!” [Mark 10.47; Luke 18.38] But when the person is available and the society is prepared, then the time of the Lord comes.

So likewise, the days of distress have been waiting for the availability of the people whom the Holy Spirit, the Lord, can choose as His elect. [Mark 13.20] For the recurring events of earthquakes, famine, pestilence, wars and rumours of wars have been happening for a few centuries, but the greatest days of distress that are unequalled from the beginning until now have not happened because the availability of the person(s) whom the Holy Spirit can choose as His elect was not available.

So understand about yourself, your availability permits the time of the Lord’s will to be manifested so that what He has purposed will happen.  From the simplest and most personal tasks to the greatest history making tasks, it is always your availability that brings to pass the things that God has in mind for that time.  Your repentance brings to pass the time of forgiveness that God had always destined.  Your faith brings to pass the time of God’s pleasure that God had always destined.  Your availability as a repentant, faithful, teachable, loyal person brings into existence at that instant in time that which God had prepared.  That is why whenever the Lord spoke of things to come to His prophets, He spoke in this way, “On that day…” “In that day…” without designating the exact day.  For the day has existed in God’s will called ‘that day’, but our availability makes that day a certain day called today.

And as a man or a woman proves his or her availability to God in all the personal, private and secret things of repentance, faith, prayer and learning, there comes a day when he or she becomes the person, that person, whom God has been waiting for so that the public great works of God can come to pass.  For though John the Baptist was born destined to be the prophet to precede Jesus, had he not made himself available, then it would not have come to pass that Jesus would have John the Baptist to baptise Him.

For the non-availability of the eleven on resurrection morning prevented the launch of the Kingdom of God in the way God had in mind on that day.  And the non-availability of the eleven in Jerusalem prevented the Holy Spirit from coming to them before the day of Pentecost, for it would have been more appropriate for the Holy Spirit to come upon them at the Feast of the Firstfruits, which occurs after the Passover and before the Feast of Weeks (Pentecost), for after all, were they not the firstfruits of Jesus’ ministry?

So then, elect, it hinges on your availability for the Holy Spirit to enact that this is the time for Him to choose His elect from amongst the elect of Jesus Christ.  And because there are one and ones like you available for the Lord to choose as His elect for whose sake the days of distress can begin, so then the time for the days of distress has also come.

As such, even though there is a time for everything in the natural world, as Solomon observed in Ecclesiastes 3.1, in the Kingdom of God the time for anything and everything that has been purposed by God comes to pass when He finds the man (or woman) He is looking for to stand in the gap.  When you are available for God, that is when the day God spoke of long ago becomes today… that day as it were.  So then the secret to knowing God’s timing depends on your availability, not God’s.

And it is now the time for the Holy Spirit to put His testimony about Jesus Christ into an orderly, timely fashion because you, His elect, are available.

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