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Stopping the Killing

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Jesus came not only to save the world, but also to stop the dying.  That is why He said, “I am the Resurrection and the Life.  …whoever lives and believes in Me will never die.” [John 11.25-26]

Unfortunately, due to the way preachers and theologians interpret this verse as applying to spiritual death only, the dying has continued in the world till today.  We have not been able to stop the dying.  Worse than that, instead of stopping the dying, the prostitution by the church has caused the killing to increase.  There is a difference between dying and killing.  We die because of sin ravaging our bodies and we have lived our time.  Moses died, Samuel died, etc.  However, to be killed is to have our life cut short by violence, illness or disaster.

If those who live and believe in Jesus are spared from dying, how much more then would God want the killing to stop?

Jesus died on the cross… but in truth, He was killed on the cross.  For it was a conspiracy to murder that sent Him to the cross, and when the Roman soldier ran the spear through the Lord, that was to ensure that He would not live, thus ‘killing’ Him.  Had He not given up His spirit, His legs would have been broken to kill Him.

Jesus died on the cross not only to make the atonement for sin, but to stop the dying that came through the sin and the killing that started in order to cover up the nakedness of man that sin exposed.  For when God had to make coverings of skin for Adam and Eve, the killing began.  Our sin forced God to kill a lamb for its skin to cover up our nakedness.  That is why Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away THE sin of the world.  Jesus came to stop the dying and also the killing, even the killing of animals, for when we can change water to good wine, we can change bread to meat so that the killing of animals for food can also stop.

As we read the news everyday, the killing has not stopped.  If anything, it is getting worse as men develop more and more effective and efficient ways to do so, and as evil men no longer restraint themselves from killing to retain their wealth and power.

Any of us who look forward to a long and blessed Christian life to die and go to Heaven to be greeted by Jesus, in truth, has no desire to stop the dying and worse still the killing.  No wonder the Lord holds the prostitute responsible for the blood of the saints and prophets, as well as all who have been killed on the Earth.

We were supposed to finish the work and bring Jesus back, and in the process use the power to reduce the dying and the killing.  We have not.  Since we are not interested in stopping the killing, so God in His righteous judgement holds the church responsible for the killing.  And in a reverse twist of “…do to others what you would have them do to you…” [Matthew 7.12] then as we do to others, so it is done to us.  Since we have shown no interest in stopping the killing of others, so likewise, the killing of those who have confessed Jesus will not stop.  In fact, I fear that it will accelerate so that it will be the ‘Christians’ who, at this point in time, make up approximately one third of the world population who will be killed in order to fulfil that which is written in Revelation 9.18:  A third of mankind was killed…

Shocking?  No, it would be the justice and the wisdom of the Lord.  For since those who were given the task to stop the killing by bringing Jesus back have not done so, then they should be the ones killed to fulfil the scriptures that do bring Him back.  Wisdom, because in letting the one third of mankind to be made up of mainly believers of Jesus in varying different doctrines, far fewer souls are lost to Hell and more are gained for Heaven, while the remaining two thirds who do not yet believe Jesus will be kept alive to see Jesus arrive and be governed by Him through His millennium.  In this way, Hell receives less souls and Heaven receives more souls.  I am sure those evangelists whose battle cry is to empty Hell and populate Heaven will not object.  Certainly all Christians who are looking forward to Heaven cannot object, for they are receiving the object of their faith, even those who believe they will be raptured before the ‘great tribulation.’

However, if your soul is crushed by the sight of fellow humans being killed everyday, then turn around and work, not to gain Heaven but to prepare the Earth for His arrival.  It is only when Jesus returns that the killing will stop, for then the murderer and his sons will all have been removed from the Earth.

So, let this be your daily cry as you join with the Spirit:  “Come, Lord Jesus, come.”

Hr. Ed, manager of the Holy Spirit’s Workshop

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