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Spirit of truth VII

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Since the one and only true Witness for Jesus is the Holy Spirit, then His credibility must be challenged, and if possible, He must be made out to be anything but the Spirit of truth.  For if a man of truth is one who works for the glory and honour of the one who sent him, then the Spirit of truth is the Spirit who likewise works for the glory and honour of the One who sent Him.

As such, the entirety of the work of the Holy Spirit who has come in the Name of the Father is directed at honouring and glorifying Jesus.  He, the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth, will therefore teach us all things for the glory and honour of Jesus only.  He will remind us of everything that Jesus has said for Jesus’ honour and glory only.  He will guide us into all truth for Jesus’ glory and honour only.  He will tell us what He has heard for Jesus’ glory and honour only.  He will tell us what is yet to come for Jesus’ glory and honour only.  He will make known to us what belongs to Jesus only for Jesus’ honour and glory only.  He will convict Satan of his judgement, unbelievers in regards to sin, and believers with regards to righteousness for Jesus’ glory and honour only.  He will testify for Jesus’ glory and honour only.  He will give us power to testify for Jesus, only if we are doing it for the glory and honour of Jesus.  The Spirit of truth is all about glorifying and testifying for Jesus… not glorifying the church.

When Peter did not wait in Jerusalem for the Holy Spirit as commanded by Jesus, but went back to Galilee instead (to go fishing), Peter was already showing an attitude of disrespect to the One whom the Lord would send in His Name.  Whether it was a conscious or subconscious act, Peter revealed his weakness.  When he recommended that they select Judas’ replacement, knowing that the Holy Spirit had not been poured out, that was another manifestation of this trait.  And finally when he was present as James the Younger made his recommendations and approved the letter to be sent to the gentiles, Peter showed complete lack of understanding to the true work of the Holy Spirit.  For Peter was present when whoever drafted up the letter that said, “It seems good to the Holy Spirit and to us…” [Acts 15.28] as they placed the four recommendations of James into a written prescription for the behaviour of gentile believers.  Peter had approved that the Holy Spirit is one who would recommend teachings and practices that go against Jesus’, thus giving rise to doubts as to the credibility of the Holy Spirit as the Spirit of truth.

From that moment on, all manners of slanderous teachings have been presented about the Holy Spirit… like the one that says that He left with the death of the last apostle and that His gifts are no longer needed.  The slandering continues in the way His gifts are ignored and cast aside, or are presented as some weird phenomenon.

And when the time came, when people had forgotten about the scriptures and tradition took over, when few recognise the voice of the Holy Spirit, there appeared a counterfeit that the church calls the Holy Spirit as well.  There is no better way to destroy the credibility of anyone or anything than to have a counterfeit.

Yes, there is a counterfeit Holy Spirit, and he may be addressed as the Holy Spirit in the Name of Jesus, but it is not the Spirit of truth whom Jesus sent.  It is a spirit that affects virtually every single Christian… every single one.  It is a spirit that does not seek to glorify and honour Jesus.  It is a spirit that is ashamed of the truths of Jesus before men.  It is a spirit that practises religious rules that go against the teachings of Christ, especially in the church… from the killing and torturing of those who would not accept Jesus, to calling men ‘father’, to the oppression and subjugation of women as dictated by the Law of Moses.  It is a spirit that happily compromises the real purpose of the Spirit of truth and seeks to encourage believers and disciples alike to look forward to Heaven while delaying the return of Jesus.  It kills those who seek to have the gospel preached for the end to come, and prospers those who sit on their hands waiting to die to go to Heaven.  It can cause gifts to be displayed, not for the purpose of bringing Jesus back, but to delay His arrival.  It encourages the believers of Christ to practise avoiding sin and to observe of the Law of Moses, rather than live free from the law and practise the words of Jesus until they are mastered.  It raises up preachers who share the faith, not witnesses who have a testimony… and so on and so on.  It is the spirit of the antichrist.  For it can only be the spirit of the antichrist that would say that it seems good for us to abstain from the eating of blood, strangled meat and food sacrificed to idols… going directly against the teachings of Jesus Christ who commanded us to eat His flesh and drink His blood, and who declared all food to be clean.

The only proof, the only testimony, that silences all challenges to Christ’s authenticity on Earth is His arrival in the flesh on clouds of glory.  The Spirit of truth, the real Holy Spirit, has this and only this in mind – to bring Jesus back.

The spirit of the antichrist will do everything else but bring Jesus back by delaying Jesus’ return, using the faith of believers, encouraging them to build up great ministries over time, to live long as moral Christians, and to look forward to their rewards in Heaven where they will be greeted by Jesus.  The Spirit of truth will want us to remain here to greet Jesus, the sooner the better.

And when the end approaches, this antichrist spirit, being the counterfeiter it is, will change its tune and will also speak of the return of Jesus.  It will change its message so that the faith of those deceived will also begin to believe for Jesus’ arrival.

So, in the end, how will you know the truth from the false?  The Spirit of truth wants to bring Jesus back to have Him reign on the Earth.  The spirit of the antichrist, once it realises that it cannot delay Jesus’ return any longer, will want to bring Jesus back in the hope of killing Jesus again, or at least break scripture by destroying the Mount of Olives.  When that happens, being able to know what a man is thinking in his heart like Jesus did will be essential to tell who has the Spirit of truth and who has the spirit of the antichrist.

So, as to eliminate confusion, if you accept this, it is best to refer to the Spirit sent by the Father, the Holy Spirit, as the Spirit of truth from hereon, just as Jesus called Him.

The Lord has indeed begun to testify… who can stand before Him?  Repent and have ears to hear what the Spirit of truth is saying.

Hr. Edmond Kwan

Copyright Information:  NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION [NIV]  All scripture quotations, unless otherwise indicated, are taken from the Holy Bible, New International Version®,
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