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Life, love and family are three things that God – the Father, the Son and the Spirit – has given us that sums up all that He has done for us. From the Father we received life as He breathed into us the breath of life and we became a living being through Adam. Indeed, from God all creatures great and small have received life to live, to multiply and to be part of creation.

From the Son we received love as He gave His life for us on that roman cross, laying it down, demonstrating to us just what He meant when He said, “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” God may have so loved the world that He sent His Son to save the world, but the Son gave His life for His friends to show them the extent of His love for them.

And from the Spirit – the Holy Spirit – we received sonship so that together we became His family and gave reality to the words Jesus taught us when He showed us how we should pray, saying, “Our Father in Heaven…” The Holy Spirit, in allowing Himself to be poured on all flesh and to be baptised into those whom Jesus chooses, was not satisfied in just being the Spirit of God in us, but exceeded Himself to become the Spirit of Sonship, causing our spirits to cry out, “Abba, Father,” instead of, “My God, my God.” As yet another example of the exchange that Jesus effected for us by His death on the cross, He cried out, “My God, My God…” The Son became one with the created and the created became one with the Son as each spoke to the Creator as the other would.

All who breathe on this Earth enjoying the life that God has given them can choose how they relate to their Creator by that life… from being an atheist to a God worshipper in some religion. The life we live gives us the opportunity to receive the love of the Son so that by faith we may be saved and from that salvation, the very act of the new birth of our spirit by the Holy Spirit gives us the choice of acknowledging and relating to Him as our Father so that we enjoy the love and life as family members of God Almighty.

Cain, the bother of Abel, destroyed all these three things God had given him. For Cain came to life because of the Lord’s help as his mother Eve testified, “With the help of the Lord I have brought forth a man,” and later Abel was born. Life, a brother, a family and even love… but by murdering Abel, Cain destroyed life and his family, for Adam and Eve were left without either of them as sons and his murder of his brother is the complete opposite of what Jesus said about love. So likewise, those who are affected by the spirit of Cain will likewise want to destroy life, love and family as Cain did… and this is how you will know them, even if they come in the Name of Christ.

For those who are of the spiritual line of Cain – those who would murder others because they made a more righteous offering to God – always come with plans to kill, plunder and loot… to murder, to take away life in the Name of God rather than to give life and life abundantly. They are the ones who have served Babylon the Great so that “In her was found the blood of prophets and of the saints, and of all who have been killed on the Earth.”

Their destruction of life by murder – their taking of life as opposed to laying down their lives – is the result of their complete lack of love… and indeed, the religions these men create are devoid of love as God is Love and love as has been defined for us by Paul. Their religions have no patience and no kindness, are full of envy, boastful, proud, rude, self seeking, easily angered and keep records of all wrong doings, without forgiveness, delighting in evil while hiding the truth (denying the truth), they never protect, trust no one, offer no hope and have no perseverance.

Stretch out this plumbline against the religions of men, both those who use the Name ‘Messiah’ and those who do not, and you will see the spirit in them is not the Holy Spirit but the pretender – the usurper, the spirit of Cain, the murderer of his brother, loveless and the destroyer of families… especially God’s family.

Jesus may have said His disciples are to leave their families for the sake of Him and His Gospel, but those who do receive their families back many times as much, even a 100 fold, so that far from destroying families, Jesus gives back to all disciples who follow Him family, and more abundantly as well. Those who have the spirit of Cain then are murderers, loveless, destroyers of families and give rise to kings who are likewise.

For those of us who have enthroned Jesus as our King in our hearts will find ourselves contending with the kings of the world who will pledge their loyalty and their armies to the beast and the false prophet.

When a man is nothing but a murderous, loveless person who destroys his own family, he is no longer a man but a beast. And so the beast that comes out of the Abyss is the spirit of Cain, that murderous, loveless son who destroyed his father’s family when he murdered his brother. The false prophet too is called a beast because he is plotting to exchange his miraculous power for Satan’s authority so that he can destroy the saints on Earth using the armies of the world as well as to fight Jesus on His arrival in the vain hope of killing Jesus so that he might possess the Earth.

Learn to listen and learn to watch then and hear what they are saying… those who have received the breath of life from God will not preach about dying to go to Heaven, but to live and never die to await Jesus’ arrival out of love for Jesus, and will not shy away from laying down their lives for the word of their Friend and Brother… for His word will those who are true to Christ lay down their lives… but not for vain fortune and glory or a pompous title in a hierarchy like the soldiers of fortune, the mercenaries who were hired by the prostitute to satisfy her craving for blood.

And they will let no man (no fellow believer or disciple) call them ‘father’ because they have only one Father and He is in Heaven. A true family where its members know who their Father is and also know their Father, not a façade where a tradition allows any priest to be called ‘father’… an ignorant and bestial tradition that reduces all who are partakers of it to be children of prostitutes.

Those who are of the line of Cain are never their Brother’s keeper, not of their Brother’s life or love or family, and certainly never the keeper of their Brother’s word. Indeed, they will at best substitute their Brother’s word with theirs or someone greater than them like James the Younger with Moses’ teachings for Jesus’. At worst they will go out of their way to prove and to make their Brother out to be a liar.

So those descendants of Cain (in spirit) will have built up a religion that does away and hides the truth of Jesus’ words, filling their churches with believers and disciples who cannot heal the sick with the laying on of hands, who cannot drive out demons, who cannot speak in tongues, who cannot do what Jesus has been doing and who spend their lives waiting to die rather than spending their lives fulfilling each and every word of Christ with their lives until they can personally testify to its entire truth.

For who are the sons of the devil who have been sown into the field alongside the good seed – the sons of the Kingdom of Heaven that Jesus told us about – that have been permitted to grow up side by side until the end of the age? Are they not sons of the murderer? For as Christ has testified, “…the devil… He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him.” And who amongst men was the first murderer? Cain who did not hold to the truth… for when asked by God, “Where is your brother Abel?” he lied and said, “I don’t know. Am I my brother’s keeper?” when the truth should have been, “I do know, for I am my brother’s murderer.” So then, Cain was the first son of Satan, the devil, and his line likewise, first in the flesh and now in the spirit.

Since the Lord has commanded that we do not condemn the innocent, it is crucial then the very definition of the sons of Satan be made perfectly clear. From amongst men Satan gets his sons from the likes of Cain and those who are of one spirit with him… murderous, loveless destroyers of (their father’s) families. What power they have is only the power to take life, for they cannot raise those they killed as God can, for all who have been killed by God will be raised back to life again in the resurrection through Jesus Christ the Resurrection. So then, even the harvesters are unleashed to weed out the sons of Satan from this world. Observe and you will find the spirit of Cain hiding in them no matter how pious or outwardly clean they appear to be. Watch and pray that you yourself do not fall into temptation by this most accursed of spirits.

Indeed, from this spirit of Cain would come the counterfeit spirit of kingship – a person who has an attitude or a speech that speaks of Christ’s return. However, this counterfeit will speak only of Christ’s return so that he may make himself king. In his pride (for a loveless man is proud like his father, Satan) he will not be able to resist calling down fire from Heaven in the sight of men and will celebrate at the triumph of the beast over the witnesses of Revelation 11… and so he will show his delight for evil.

But what of those who are truly possessors of the Spirit of Kingship from the life they have received from the Father for the love they have for the Son and the adoption by the Spirit? They will seek to enthrone their Father, their Brother and the Spirit as King… Each upon Their own throne as it were… and take their family by their love through their lives to be truly a royal family of kings and lords under the imperial rule of Jesus Christ, truly making Him the King of kings and the Lord of lords.

Life, love and family are what we all receive from God – Father, Son and Spirit. Royalty is what we can give Them in return. True royalty where the crown is placed on Their head by sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, who love Them and who want to live with Them forever.

The more the Spirit of Kingship arises in each of you, the more then the life, love and family of God will reveal the royal family, not just the priesthood, but the royal bloodline of God as His dreams of empires become His reality. This then is just another step in the walk of the King towards His coronation and blessed are those who make straight the way for Him.

The Kingdom of God is already established in Heaven and there is no more work left to do there… so those who have no desire to continue to work but to rest are the sons of the Kingdom of Heaven… and after the harvesters are finished with the sons of Satan, they will then escort the sons of the Kingdom of Heaven like a farmer gathers his wheat into his barns.

However, the Kingdom of God is yet to come in fullness of its peace, joy, righteousness and power on the Earth, which is why Jesus taught us to pray, “Our Father which art in Heaven… Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in Earth, as it is in Heaven.” Those who are not afraid of work, who are truly sons of their Father who is at work to this very day, will remain alive to oppose the offspring of Cain until they are no more and the Son of Man is finally enthroned on Earth.

So, as God put a mark on Cain so that no one who found him would kill him, when the beast is caught he will be thrown alive into the fiery lake of burning sulphur, for Cain was not killed by man but by God. But since he has chosen to refuse the rest that death gives but climbs out of the Abyss to walk the Earth again, these words will find fulfilment this time without mercy. For the beast forsook the mercy of God that the psalmist wrote about: You sweep men away in the sleep of death… A sleep to await the hope of the resurrection, but the beast would have none of it and climbs out of the Abyss once more to take life and destroy the family of man with the hatred he has bottled up since Noah condemned him and his life by the flood all those millenniums ago.

Now it will be the knowers of God who will bring in their flood of God’s wrath and grace – fire and water mixed together – to destroy the line of Cain once more until the end of the millennium when the father of Cain will be released and once more sons of Satan will march across the Earth for the third and final time. Then and only then will all life, love and family be removed from Satan and his sons as they reunite in the lake of fire whilst the sons and daughters of God sojourn to New Jerusalem, there to receive the life, love and family fit for a king forever. Amen.

So those who have the Spirit of Kingship will keep not only their Brother’s word, but His life, His love and His family together until He returns. And to do that, elect, we must live and never die until He arrives, however long He may tarry or not.


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