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The most shameful episode in the history of the sons of Adam was the murder of Abel by Cain as recorded in Genesis 4.1-15 when Cain killed (murdered) his brother Abel because Abel made a sacrifice that God looked upon with favour. Since then sibling jealously has always plagued the history of men. We see this in the life story of Joseph and the fate he was condemned to by his brothers because Jacob showed favour to Joseph and presented him with a coat of many colours. It was played out again in the lives of David’s sons later… and indeed also in the life of our King and His half brother James.

When the Lord said to Cain, “Where is your brother Abel?” after Cain had killed Abel, Cain made his infamous reply, asking God, “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

The answer to that question for anyone who has been brought up in the Christian religion and traditions is a glib “Yes.” However, the history of the religion shows that it is less practised than it is confessed, and you need look no further than the wars and hostilities between the Romish and the Protestant denominations. Truly, for those who are not born into the Christian religion and traditions, they would be right in saying that they were more their brother’s killers than keepers.

And see the reply of Cain to God, “My punishment is more than I can bear. Today You are driving me from the land, and I will be hidden from Your presence; I will be a restless wanderer on the Earth, and whoever finds me will kill me. The ‘my,’ ‘I’ and ‘me’ fill his reply seven times. It is amazing that God did not kill Cain but allowed him to live… yet there was no repentance and no appreciation of God’s mercy, nor a word of regret about taking Abel’s life. Even though the physical line of Cain has been wiped out by the flood, unfortunately the spiritual line of Cain thrives. And to this day men are more than willing to kill those whom God favours more than they, without regret, remorse or repentance but only an accursed complaint of the weight of the just punishment due to them.

As part of your training and education for your place as one of the kings of Jesus when He returns, it will do you well to recognise the spirit of Cain that thrives in men today… men and women who know that their actions and inactions are responsible for the death of their fellow men and yet ask, “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

Those in whom the Spirit of Sonship has matured them to the place where the born again spirit that He has fathered in them begins to cry for the enthronement of Jesus in spirit and in the flesh so that this spirit of kingship I am writing to you about will want to go beyond a quick, glib and convenient “Yes” to this infamous question of Cain. And you will and you should face the harder question and define for yourself what being your brother’s keeper means. In the natural, this can take the form of clothing, feeding, caring and protecting your brother. However, what does it mean to be your Brother’s keeper when your Brother is the King?

Prince John, brother of Richard the Lionheart of England, serves for us a convenient historical portrayal of what we are not to be. When Richard left for his crusade to the Holy Land, history records John became the pretender to the throne of England and plotted to have Richard killed so that John could take the throne.

The false prophet is very much like John, for he will use his gifting to raise himself up to the point that he would be able to seize the crown from Jesus and fight Jesus on His arrival as to kill Him. He is, if you like, or rather he fancies himself to be, the pretender to the throne. A role that James the Younger strayed very close to had Jesus Himself not appeared to him again as Paul recorded for us. For in his judgment, James quoted a Scripture that speaks of God’s promise to restore David’s fallen tent, meaning God’s promise to restore the royal line of David to the throne of Israel. He made no mention to the assembled apostles that he acknowledged his Half Brother Jesus Christ had already fulfilled that promise. There was no mention, no acknowledgment, that his Brother (for James is more a brother to Jesus in the flesh than all of us added together, as he also was born of Mary the mother) is the King promised to Israel. Rather, he directed the church back to the Law of Moses as if perhaps he was entertaining an ambition to have his royal lineage recognised through a Jewish ‘sect’ that had been raised by God through his Half Brother. After all, James is the physical descendant of David through his father Joseph. If Jesus is the spiritual King of Israel through David, then James was also the physical king of Israel through David’s line. It is obvious our Lord and King saved James from making such a mistake, but the spirit – the spirit of the pretender – was released through his judgment, and that spirit is alive and well. The spirit that would have the church itself as the ruler, the queen if you like, that will give birth to the greatest of all pretenders – the false prophet himself.

However, today you have men and women who would love to assume this role to reign in the place of Jesus as if Jesus is never coming back. These pretenders betray themselves in the ruthlessness with which they seek to maintain their authority, using powers that are common to the world without a single atom of the miraculous. Their edicts on behalf of God and their christ are enforced with fear, condemnation and judgment, causing all who oppose them to lose life and livelihood, if they could. It is only in recent history that this spirit of the pretender has been curtailed as nations and peoples rebelled against its harsh rule and nations had the separation of state and church.

The pretender pretends to be his brother’s keeper. Cain at least was honest, making no efforts to even try to be his brother’s keeper by murdering him. How then is the pretender doing this and how do you know? Just like prince John who always lusted after the throne but ruled on Richard’s behalf because Richard was still alive, the pretender does the same. Giving the appearance of administering the kingdom on behalf of his Brother in His absence whilst plotting His murder, and this is the key point, elect, doing everything possible to discredit the King in His absence.

For, what did Jesus leave for us, elect? What did Jesus the Man have left of His life… for He was without a home, worldly goods, reputation and forsaken even by God in the last hour of His life? Jesus had left His word. Jesus gave His word to His Father – His promise, His bond – and when He was hanging on that roman cross stripped of everything, even His communion with God, Jesus had only one thing left – the word He had given.

As it is written: Therefore, when Christ came into the world, He said: “Sacrifice and offering You did not desire, but a body You prepared for Me; with burnt offerings and sin offerings You were not pleased. Then I said, ‘Here I am—it is written about Me in the scroll—I have come to do Your will, O God.’ “ As He had promised God, He fulfilled that promise on the cross until He shouted out loud and clear, “It is finished.” Jesus Christ of Nazareth died and the only thing He was able to keep, the only thing that could not be taken away from Him by anybody, not even by God, was His word. This He kept up to His dying breath (shout).

So then, the Spirit of Kingship in an elect will cause him or her to be a person who is not only his or her brother’s keeper, but the keeper of our Brother who is King, and that which you will strive to keep for Him is His word. For Jesus has no need of you to defend His life; no one did when He walked this Earth and no one can now that He is at the right hand of God. Jesus has no need of you to defend His goods and treasures or kingdom, for He is the Lord God Almighty, who can take anything from Him? But there is one thing that He needs you to help Him keep… and that is His word.

You see, elect, that is what your salvation and your election is all about. Saved so that you might not perish, and through that salvation, receive the revelation of the Father through the only One who can give such a revelation – the Son. And as you grow, as you live on this Earth, power has been given to the disciples to be witnesses of Jesus so that He and His words are proved true. The proving of the truth of the words of Jesus with your life is the keeping of the word of Jesus on His behalf. We lay hands on the sick to see them healed so that the word of Jesus is proved true. We drive out demons so that His word is proved true. We give up families and fields and houses to manifest the 100 times as much in this age to prove the word of Jesus true. We seek to live and never die to prove His word true. That is the first step of keeping the word of Jesus. We keep His word by fulfilling it with our practice in our lives before men and women who say He is just a Man, a Prophet, a drunkard, a glutton or demon-possessed, so that Jesus is revealed for who He says He is.

Now for those who have gone from the growth of becoming a believer to a disciple, a disciple to a servant, a servant to a friend, a friend to a brother, so that you may become your Brother’s keeper… then those of you in whom the Spirit of Kingship is being formed will become ones who are the keepers of your Brother’s word, your Brother the King, until He returns.

What does that mean in real life? Taking the example of John and Richard, it means John should have ruled England as Richard promised… and do everything possible to help Richard fulfill his promise and commitment to his people. So instead of acting the cruel prince and opposing the people as he did, he should have ruled England with such wisdom and benevolence that the people would praise Richard for leaving him in charge, and at the same time do everything possible to ensure Richard had a successful campaign and safe return to his kingdom with a grateful nation waiting eagerly to greet him. Yet history tells us Richard had to sneak back into England like a thief and dispose of John.

So likewise, elect, you have to have the attitude, the spirit, now of learning to care for and to uphold the words of Jesus in such a way that the people would praise God for Jesus entrusting you to administer in His absence. As He has said, “You are the light of the world. … In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in Heaven.” What good can you do (on behalf of your Father and your Brother) that would cause people to praise your Father?

The first is to eradicate the shame of Cain who murdered Abel because Abel made the acceptable sacrifice. This you do when you uphold the sacrifice of Jesus and listen to Him in order to learn to live before God as He did, making yourself a living sacrifice as well. As Jesus made the acceptable sacrifice and became the acceptable sacrifice by laying down His life to death on a roman cross, you must likewise learn to be an acceptable sacrifice by laying down your death to live a life without death. Unlike Cain who ended Abel’s life, you must be the one who adds to Jesus’ life and live for Him as He would have lived… doing all that He has been doing and even the greater things.

The second is to expose, oppose and dispose of the pretenders, even the great pretender himself – the false prophet. First by revealing them and him for what they are (he is), and then opposing them (him) until they are (he is) hemmed in to the place earmarked for their destruction – Armageddon. All these princlings and kings of the Earth who have ruled by the witchcraft of that whore – Babylon the Great whose adulteries with the pretenders has given birth to sons who have not in mind the things of God but of men – must all be gathered together so that our King can deal with them as He pleases on His arrival.

And the third is to be the keepers of our Brother who is the King, and we become His keepers when we strive, live and sacrifice to ensure that His promises are kept to all He has given His word to. This you are to do on His behalf and in His absence until He returns. And the greatest promise, the greatest word, that you can help keep for Jesus right now is to see in the fulfilment of this prophetic promise: “Yes, I am coming soon.”

So the Spirit of Kingship in you will cause you to continue to cry out to the Father after you have declared, “Abba, Father… make Him my King,” your heart will shout, “And I am my Brother’s keeper.”

Elect, you know Christ came to bring God’s salvation to the world – this He has finished – and to give those of us whom God has drawn the revelation of the Father so that we are no longer orphans. But the resurrection of all that is in God still awaits its appointed time when we become our Brother’s keepers. We usher in the resurrection that God sent Jesus to give us to live in.

“So this creation was redeemed by His salvation to receive His revelation to live forever in His resurrection.” Doxology.

And we are the witnesses.


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