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Spirit of Kingship V

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Anyone who has heard these words of Jesus – “Follow Me” – and taken them seriously, cannot fail to grow and change from a believer to a disciple, a disciple to a servant, a servant to a friend, and finally to a brother.

The journey Jesus takes everyone who hears His words and believes in Him on goes from repentance that leads all the way to the throne of God, His Father, to beholding Jesus sitting at His right hand waiting for the day He is sent back to Earth to reign for a 1000 years in His own kingdom. What Paul called the Kingdom of Christ and the Kingdom of the Son is a kingdom that is Jesus’, not of God or of David but of His own. A kingdom where He sits on the throne as the Son of Man in Heavenly glory on this Earth. For He said in His letter to the church of Laodicea, “To him who overcomes, I will give the right to sit with Me on My throne, just as I overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne.”

Jesus is coming to the place where He sits on His own throne in His own kingdom, which is why Paul wrote about the Kingdom of Christ and the Kingdom of the Son, and overcomers of Laodicea – that is, those who overcome the deception of the church that says, “I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing,” and see that such a church is wretched, poor and naked because it has failed to fulfil its purpose – will join Him on the throne, His throne. Those who understand the deceptiveness of what the church of Laodicea calls ‘wealth’ will see that the church Jesus awaits is a church that is truly wealthy (rich) because of the gold they have been able to buy from Jesus and not the gold from the world. A church that is dressed in finery not of this world, but clothed with white clothes, which stands for the transfigurative power of His glory, and eyes that can see as He sees. It is those who raise up such a church for Him – a church rich in His gold, a church that has been on the Mount of Transfiguration as He has where His clothes became as white and dazzling as lightning, and a church whose eyes are open to see the only Person… and the only thing worth seeing… the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

He leads us from the shores of the Jordan where He was baptising believers to the shores of Galilee where He began to call disciples… and disciples began to learn when He began to send them on errands to do His will. And from there He led us to be His friends, saying, “You are My friends if you do what I command, as He gave the new command, “Love each other.” Then finally on resurrection morning, He led us to Galilee again as His brothers, saying to the women, “Go and tell My brothers to go to Galilee…” where if we had gone, He would have led us to where we would see Him enthroned at the right hand of God so that we might understand K/kingship is the destination that God always had in mind for Himself and for us in this incredible journey spanning millenniums. A journey that began for God the moment He said, “Let there be light.” A journey He invited us to join with Him as He fashioned us from the dust of the Earth and breathed into us the breath of life so that as it is written: …the man became a living being.

Understanding the walk that God has invited man on with Him from the beginning and the purpose and destination of that walk is what will birth not only the spirit of kingship in you, but form the fulfilment of destiny in all who can hear the invitation. For dominion and therefore kingship have always been in the mind of God for man from the beginning, for when He first made man He said, “Let Us make man in Our image, in Our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the Earth, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.” So in order to give man the practice of ruling over other creatures, God made the fish, the birds, the livestock, and the animals… the animal kingdom, as many call it, was given to us to practise the art and science as well as the etiquette of being a ruler, a king, so that we might be made ready and prepared for even more.

Although the journey was disrupted by Satan’s deception of Eve and Adam’s sin, it was not stopped; the schedule may have changed, but the destination has not. And despite the best efforts of Satan and his cohorts, that destination will be arrived at by God and all who walk with Him. Since Adam failed, God sent Jesus – the Man from Heaven, the Last Adam – to pick up where Adam left off and continue not only the journey, but take it to a height that is even greater than what was originally planned. Just as Israel turned down God as their King so that Israel, Kingdom of God, never came to be, so now the Kingdom of God will come into existence without any association with the name or existence of Israel, a kingdom not limited to Hebrews, but made up of both Jews and gentiles from every nation so that the Kingdom of God is truly represented by man in all men.

However, that walk which Jesus invited all who would listen to Him has experienced more disruptions and diversions than God’s walk with Adam. In the same way as God could no longer walk with Adam in the cool of the day because God had to expel Adam from the garden, so, many have chosen to walk with the Lord Jesus thus far and no further, so that Jesus had to walk on alone without them if He was to complete His own pilgrimage from a manger to a throne on the Earth.

As surely as the Jews who had believed in Him picked up stones to stone Him, so, many are the believers who have changed their confession of Jesus and their faith of not only in Him but of who He is, and stopped being believers of Him, but became believers of a Jesus whom they never knew. The diversions now on that road are such that believers are sidetracked from the real Jesus to Jesus’ made up by men’s fantasies and enshrined with traditions and enforced by oppression, even death. Of the believers who continued onto discipleship, the majority left and no longer followed Him the moment His teaching became hard and went against what they believed and what their traditions held.

So likewise now, those who call themselves disciples prefer to practise the teachings of other men even though they are not their disciples. You have men who call themselves disciples of Jesus practising the recommendations of James the Younger, which go contrary to the teachings of Jesus, failing to realise that is what the first group of disciples to drop out also preferred. To eat and drink the flesh and blood of Jesus was unacceptable, so James introduced the avoidance of the eating of blood and allowed disciples who were not prepared to practise the teachings of Jesus to remain within the confines of the college of discipleship of Jesus – a parasite outcrop that so incensed Paul that he wished they would go all the way and emasculate themselves.

However, of the disciples who survived and chose to continue the journey, the test of servanthood to do what one is told knocked all 12 out of contention when they went to Capernaum even though they were told to go immediately to Bethsaida. And though Jesus went after them and persevered with them so that by Matthew 26.18 they were at least doing and going where they were sent, the next phases of the journey of friendship and brotherhood were completely abandoned when no one went to Galilee as His brother, and friendship that comes out of obedience to His commands fell silent to the ground as many did not stay in the city until they were clothed with power, but went fishing in Galilee instead until Jesus went to get them and brought them back.

So then today you find the sheep scattered, many as believers feeding in pastures that Jesus would never lead them to, watched over by shepherds whose practice is not based on Jesus’ words, with fellow servants who act as if they are the owners of the house and the Master is never coming back, and few are the friends and brothers of Jesus who are minding His business and inheritance until He comes back, for they are too busy planning their own journey and their own future in the Heavenly realms to even consider that their Friend and Brother is waiting to come back to Earth.

This then, elect, is the journey of what should have been and what is, and it is your work to see it clearly and precisely so that you may make straight the highway of the Lord and prepare for His return – the final phase of His pilgrimage from manger to the throne on Earth as the Son of Man.

Even though few of us can say we are doing what He has been doing, nevertheless, the truth exists, and we who have faith in Him will and can do what He has been doing and even greater things than these will we do.

The practice of His words and the practice you have made to do the simple miracles as He has done – like changing water to good wine – is designed to prepare you to see what else He has done and so likewise be transfigured and press on with the fullness of His work, well supplied with the gold you have purchased from Him.

For the Lord was sent to the lost sheep of Israel as He said, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel.” So likewise, you are to go to the lost sheep of His kingdom – those believers who have been deceived and sidetracked to follow a Jesus who is not the One who is written of in the good news. As He was sent to reveal the Father and introduce and establish the Kingdom of God on Earth, so likewise, the revelation of the Father and the establishment of the Kingdom of God on Earth is what we also do, and all these backed by the increasing of your authority and power as you submit yourself more and more to Him personally until He is your Brother who is your King.

For only the Son has the right to reveal the Father, and so no one has the right or ability to reveal the Father Jesus knows until they themselves are His brothers and therefore sons as well. Now, how can anyone who does not go when invited to Galilee to see Jesus be His brother? For the invitation was clear,Go and tell My brothers to go to Galilee; there they will see Me.”

Believers cannot reveal the Father, only the Saviour. Disciples cannot reveal the Father, only the Teacher. Servants cannot reveal the Father, only the Lord. Friends cannot reveal the Father, only the Friend. But brothers and only brothers can reveal the Father they know also with equal right… not only the Father Jesus knows, but the Father they know, because they too are sons and daughters of the same Father.

However, who can reveal the Kingdom of God unless they belong to the Kingdom of God, and who is truly of the Kingdom of God unless they have God as their King? God as your Creator, Saviour, Teacher, Lord, Friend, even Father, does not allow you to reveal the Kingdom of God, for the Kingdom of God belongs to those who are not only in the Kingdom of God but those who acknowledge the Kingship of God. This is another reason why the joy, peace and righteousness in the Holy Spirit and the power of God are not evident in the lives of those who call themselves ‘Christians’ or rather are called ‘Christians’ by the world. For the nickname ‘Christian’ was first given to the believers and disciples in Antioch by those who were not of the church. Although many speak of the Kingdom of God and claim they are of the Kingdom of God, understand that though they may live in the Kingdom of God, they are not necessarily citizens of the kingdom, but sojourners or tourists on working visas hoping to migrate. For those who are of the Kingdom of God must have the power and the peace, joy and righteousness in the Holy Spirit that only a real citizen knows. For not only do those who are of the Kingdom of God have the power, but they have a power greater than that which was given to the disciples to bear witness.

So far we have spoken of the power given to those who are disciples so that they may be the witnesses of Jesus as He said in Acts 1.8 as if it is the power of the Kingdom of God. It is not, even though it comes from the Holy Spirit. It comes from the Holy Spirit as the Spirit of Truth who testifies about Jesus and is given to disciples and believers that they may be His witnesses too. However, see, know and understand if you can… at Acts 1.8 there were no brothers, for no one went to Galilee as invited and there were no citizens of the Kingdom of God, for those present asked Him, “Lord, are You at this time going to restore the kingdom to Israel?” There were believers and disciples who were interested only in restoring their own kingdom, not citizens who were interested in giving the Son His own Kingdom.

Thankfully and woefully, even the lesser power of being a witness was lost, for we were not interested in being the witnesses of His righteousness, but rather, we were more interested in using His Name and Person to be witnesses of our righteousness. So genealogies, traditions, church doctrines and rules made up by men became of such importance that our righteousness in His Name must be protected with the utmost prejudice against all who dared to question our motives and objectives, giving rise to the great mystery – Babylon the Great, the church drunk on the blood of the saints and prophets and all who are killed on the Earth. However, the removal of the Holy Spirit’s power did not stop us from quickly substituting it with financial, political, military and intellectual powers to legitimise our illegitimate claims on and of the Person of Jesus. With these four powers of the world safely in our hands, we had no need of the Holy Spirit’s power and other gifts. And arrogantly, those who held onto the gifts of the Holy Spirit’s power and tongues were persecuted as sons of Satan and imprisoned, killed and excommunicated.

You see, elect, even to this date, what power you have seen, experienced and exercised in the Name of Jesus from the Holy Spirit is merely the lesser power to bear witness to the truth about Jesus and His Gospel. The opening of blind eyes, the lame walking and the multiplication of food are merely the product of the power of the Kingdom of God given to those who are entrusted to be witnesses.

No one, except perhaps Paul when he was caught up to the third Heavens, has seen the power of the Kingdom of God given to those who are truly citizens of the kingdom because God is their King and who have in their hearts and minds to spend themselves in the enthronement of the Son into His own kingdom on Earth.

Those who are of the Kingdom of God for whom God is truly King know the peace, joy and righteousness in the Holy Spirit that Paul mentioned is not the peace that many seek to live quiet lives and escape this world without too much trauma into the sanctuary of Heaven. It is not even the peace with God where God is not your enemy. It is not even the peace to know that God knows your needs and is in control of your destiny. No, it is the peace of the peacemakers – those who are sons of God because they are brothers of Jesus – who have the Spirit of Sonship, the Spirit who would have gotten them to run to Galilee as soon as they heard the women repeat the message, Go and tell My brothers to go to Galilee; there they will see Me.” And see Him they and you would have and will if you have such a S/spirit, for you would have seen Him glorified in your presence with the glory He had with the Father before the creation of the world as you watch Him sit down at the right hand of the Father.

The joy of the Kingdom of God that is in the Holy Spirit is the joy of beholding the enthronement of Jesus at the right hand of the Father in the Heavenly realms… the joy that the Kingdom of God has an Heir who is ready to reign. And the righteousness of the Kingdom of God that is in the Holy Spirit is that which comes from the complete legality of Ownership that the Kingdom of God has over all that is created, both seen and unseen, and the knowledge that all things are fulfilled and finished for the execution of that right of Ownership. It is the righteousness of the Owner to do whatever pleases Him, however it pleases Him, beyond a shadow of a doubt. It is not the transient joy of those who are rootless or the righteousness of those who are concerned only of themselves and their position in God as they proclaim so boldly before an audience.

But now, because there are and will be citizens of the Kingdom of God on Earth who can be trusted because their loyalty has been proven to the point of death and yet they still live… the power of God not to bear witness for Jesus, but to enforce the will of the King over His entire realm, both seen and unseen, will be released. Power that will make anything that even Jesus has been doing seem a lesser thing. The greater things that such men and women will do will be of things not written, not yet, for they are still to be done.

The purpose of the release of this power is so that the Kingdom of God will bring forth and establish the Kingdom of the Son and fulfil Jesus’ words, “…I will… sit… on My throne…” The power released by the Holy Spirit will exceed even what He has done so far, for in the past He has released His power as the Spirit of Power, the Holy Spirit of God, but now, because those who have enthroned God as their King in their heart and mind and by their spirit permit the Holy Spirit to be the Spirit of Kingship in them, how great is such a level and degree of power? Even God – the Lord, the Lord and the Lord – have yet to know, for They are about to live and fulfil Their own prophecy: “I WILL BE WHAT I WILL BE.”

What eyes have seen, what ears have heard, what mind has conceived, what God will be when He is what He will be?

Come, my King, Your Majesty to display.


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