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For those who watch (the news) and pray, we have been treated to two spectacles overnight – the mourning of the people of North Korea for their ‘messiah’ and the clergy of our messiah.

The people of North Korea are pouring out their grieve as one, and even if you cynically say that it is all orchestrated, at least they are doing what they have been told to do.  Compare that with the orthodox priests fighting each other with broom sticks in the church of nativity.  Is that what Jesus commanded us to do????

Shame, shame, shame… we have no right to point the finger at the ‘godless’ people of North Korea when the clergy who profess to be the servants of Jesus attack each other in the church of His birthplace.  Watch the two videos side by side and weep, no, wail for our Lord, for we who bear His Name bring such disgrace to Him.

Let us resolve to bring Jesus back so that the household can be judged and cleansed once for all.

Hr Ed, manager of the Holy Spirit’s Workshop