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“…who have tasted of the goodness of the word of God…”[1]

Indeed, who has tasted of the goodness of the word of God?  They are anyone who knows God, for many believe in God but have never tasted of the goodness of the word of God.  You cannot taste something until you eat of it, and in a figurative sense, as comparing food that we eat and taste and therefore live by, a person does not and cannot taste of the word of God until he lives on it…  No, not lives by it… lives on it!

You can live by the word of God, and many do follow and observe its rules.  However, living by something is different from living on something.  It is only when the word of God becomes the sole spiritual sustainer of your life that you have tasted of it.  Indeed, that is how Jesus replied to Satan when Jesus quoted Moses’ words:  “It is written: ‘Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’”[2]

In this world, everyone lives by words, be they words of law, words of promise, words of morality or words of religion.  Words by which men live by can sustain a form of life as long as the national system is maintained, and as long as the order of man’s society does not break down.  However, these words, no matter how wise or pious they sound, cannot be lived on.  Therein lays the crucial difference between the words and rules of men, even if they are words for worshipping God, and the words of God.  The words that come from the mouth of God are words you can live on, like food.  Another analogy is like money and food.  You can live by having money to buy food, but you can’t live on money because it is not food, but food is food whether you have to buy it, grow it or receive it for free, you can live on it.  Unless you live on the word of God, you have not tasted the goodness of the word of God.

Until the word of God sustains your life as food sustains your body… remember life is more than just having a body… you have not tasted of the goodness of the word of God, and when you have tasted of the word of God, you will know its goodness in the same way as a person who has eaten an exotic dish compared to a person who has only read about the dish.

Many Christians have read of the miracles of God, but few live on the miracles of God.  The logical and prudent have often said, “You cannot live on the miracles of God alone,” but they fail to realise there can be no life in the first place without God’s miracle of Creation.  The miracles of God only become a source of constant sustenance for those who eat the word of God as their food, for miracles are merely manifestations of the confirmation of God’s word.  Thus, those who read God’s word and even believe His word rarely taste the goodness of the word.  The word of God becomes food upon which you live on when you are prepared to practise it as He said and commanded it.

The New Testament does not yield its secrets to those who repent and believe, yet do not listen to Jesus.  Those who listen to Jesus will not come to the place where they will do what Jesus has been doing, unless they put into practice the word they have heard.  However, until you are prepared to practise the words of Jesus with the urgency and desperation of the farmer who sows his seeds because he needs the harvest to live on, you will not come to the place of tasting of the word of God as the Son of God did, so that you can declare as He did, “Sanctify them by the truth; Your word is truth.”[3] 

It is when the word of God becomes the food that you live on that it reveals itself as the truth that it is, so that only the mustard seed of faith is ever needed, for truth needs no faith for it to work and faith does not change or annul the truth, but truth will always prevail over faith.  It is just that when one puts his faith in the truth, life is worth living.  Is it not evident to you now that lives of people are destroyed because they put their faith in that which is not the truth?

As I have said before to you, the goodness of the word of God is that it is the truth.  The question is, have you tasted of its goodness or have you only looked at it while you keep tasting other things?  For instance, God said, “I have made you…”[4]  If you live on that word, you will experience the truth of that word and experience the design, the plans, the dreams and the hopes that God had predestined for you.  If you refuse to believe in that word, but live on other words, like those expressing the theory of evolution, the delusion of God will help you not to come near the truth, so that you will believe the lie.

In the same way, a Christian may say they believe in healing from God, but unless they are prepared to practise receiving the healing, they will never experience it and so never taste the goodness of the word that says, “And by His wounds [His stripes] we are healed.”[5]

You who seek and are permitted to enter maturity, must learn to live on the word of God, knowing that it is your only source of eternal sustenance and nurture.  It is the only food that will give you and maintain for you a healthy eternal life.

It is appropriate to remind you at this stage, that although every word in the Bible is a true record of what was said and done, not every word is THE TRUTH, nor was every action approved of by God.  Immature believers or lazy and casual believers like to generalize that the Bible is the word of God and leave it at that, as if every word written in there came from the mouth of God and every action in there was done by God.

You know better, for the Bible records truthfully the lies of the devil.  It also records the disapproved word of Eliphaz the Temanite and his two friends, as well as the words of Peter that earned him this reply from Jesus, “Get behind Me, Satan.  You do not have in mind the things of God but of men.”[6]  It does also record truthfully the words spoken by God Himself.  It is these words that Jesus said men are to live on.  The words of God are contained in the Law, the Prophets and the Psalms.  You should note that God did not speak directly in the Book of Ruth or Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs and Lamentations in the Old Testament and His words are concentrated in the four Gospels, Acts and Revelation in the New Testament.

As the elect of the Holy Spirit, you should also know by now the superiority of Jesus’ words over the words of God that were declared in the Law and the Prophets, for Jesus clearly has compared His words and those of the Law, which are the words of God’s own mouth as well, saying, “Heaven and Earth will pass away, but My words will never pass away.”[7]  “I tell you the truth, until Heaven and Earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished.”[8]  Moses said, “Hear now, O Israel, the decrees and laws I am about to teach you.  Follow them so that you may live and may go in and take possession of the land that the Lord, the God of your fathers, is giving you.”[9] 

The word of God is always that which His people are to live on.  For Israel, the commands and decrees of the Law would allow them to take the land of milk and honey as a possession that is not only would they enter it and take it, but they would possess and keep it.  All of which depended on them living on the word given to them.  In the same way, the word of God to the disciples of Jesus Christ – “This is My beloved Son, whom I love; with Him I am well pleased.  Listen to Him!”[10] is that which allows us to enter into and take possession of the eternal life that Jesus brought.  So to live on, to base your life on “Listen to Him” as if it were food will give you a spiritual and natural life that will allow you to experience what is held in the mind of God for all who listen to Jesus.

Many believe in Jesus, but they believe that eternal life starts after they have died and are in Heaven.  Sadly they have only half believed Jesus, for Jesus said, “Now, this is eternal life…”[11]  For those who believe that eternal life begins in Heaven, it will begin in Heaven and they will not experience it now on Earth.

However, for those who have learnt to live on the word that comes from the mouth of Jesus because they believe Him when He said He was not speaking on His own but only what the Father had told Him to say, will come to taste the goodness of that word, and will be able to say, “By Your word I am sanctified.”  Thus, sanctification, being set apart and made holy and prepared for God is accomplished by the word of God, and you will experience sanctification as Jesus did when you live on God’s word as your food.

Thus, in the Light of the Resurrection, the tasting of the goodness of the word of God is to not only know that it is the truth, but it is the truth that has defeated death, and needs neither Heaven nor Earth for it to remain true forever.  It gives you the ability to see beyond death, beyond Earth and Heaven, to see New Earth and New Jerusalem and the New Heavens, not as something that you hope is truth, but as something that is established and will inevitably manifest no matter what people say or believe.  The resurrected lost son does not believe that he can raise up a mighty fortune for his Father’s glory even though he is eating with the pigs; he knows that he will raise up a great fortune because his Father gave him his share in the first place, so that glorifying his Father becomes that which he lives on.

In the same way, when you have learnt to live on listening to Jesus as your spiritual food, then glorifying Jesus again with your physical life also becomes food for you, as it did for Jesus when He said, “My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me and to finish His work.”[12]

Complete confidence in the word of God as the food that will sustain your eternal life is the attitude you need now, and that will come and can only come once you taste of its goodness.  It is like having had the first lick of an ice-cream… you are compelled to consume more, because it tastes so good.  Likewise, if you have tasted of the goodness of His word, you will want to consume more, the more you consume, the more you reaffirm its goodness and the effect of that goodness will manifest in the health of your life in God.  That confidence can only come from experience and experience can only come from persistent, unrelenting practise of the words of Jesus.

If you practise the words of men and live on them, you will never taste the goodness of the words of God, but you will only taste that which is held in the words of men.  And remember, Paul prayed, “Let God be true, and everyman a liar.”[13]  Indeed, now, if you want to taste of the powers of the age to come,[14] you must live on a pure diet – a holy diet – a sacred diet – a fast from all other foods, except for the word of God that came from His mouth.

A Mosaic diet of food made up of words from man’s mouth and God’s mouth will not bring you to full spiritual health and power and life, but only a compromised one.  Now, let me remind you, I am not speaking of salvation, but of manifestation.  Living on a mixed diet does not cause a person to lose his salvation, for salvation is by grace and not by works.  But works that are based on the words of men cannot endure the fire of God, neither can works that are based on a mixture of the words of men and of God, but only those words that are based on God’s words can endure—and for those works to even endure the destruction of Heaven and Earth, then only the works based on the words of Jesus will meet the standard.

If each person will be judged according to what they have done,[15] then it would be handy to have works that endure the fire of God’s jealous anger.  It is God’s way of glorifying Jesus again above all other names, so that only His words will remain even after Heaven and Earth are destroyed, so that only those works that are based on Jesus’ words will endure.  Thereby, Jesus alone is exalted even though some have listened to Him and put His words into practice.  Godly men, who never heard a word of Jesus to put it into practice, will praise God for His wisdom in exalting Jesus in this manner.  Indeed, all who have not listened to Jesus or put His words to practice, will be judged by those who have never had an opportunity to hear them, so that the words of Jesus will be glorified above all other words.  Indeed, after Heaven and Earth disappear, only the words of Jesus are left and therefore only those works based on Jesus’ words are left.  Such is the exclusivity with which God will glorify the Name of His Son, again.

The exclusive glorification of the words of Jesus’ mouth and the works based on His word is the Glory of the Resurrection, and the Resurrection of the Glory has come when disciples of Jesus Christ are found once more on this Earth who are one as Jesus is One with the Father; of one mind and heart, of one language and purpose, who will listen only to Jesus and practise His words, to manifest the life that Jesus released by His word.

The eternal life that is now manifested in one and ones who, like Mary, listened intently to Jesus to be able to anticipate His next move, will glorify God’s Word and His words in the exclusivity of its holiness.  “Heaven and Earth will pass away, but My words will never pass away.”[16] 

The frogs in the lake of Burning Sulphur will experience this eternal torment entirely by the word of Jesus.

The dogs outside the gates of New Jerusalem will live forever without eternal life, entirely by the word of Jesus.

And the saints who enter New Jerusalem and those who live in New Jerusalem will live forever, entirely by the words of Jesus only, experiencing the eternal life that they will have each according to their faith and their works in the words of Jesus, and by the words of Jesus on which they lived and died.

A life based solely on living on the word of Jesus is a life that is lost for His sake.  Such a life is eligible for the First Resurrection.  That is the goodness of the word of God.  It will give you a taste of the Resurrection if you learn to see the word of God in the Light of the Resurrection.

When you can recognise that Jesus is the Resurrection, then it is His words and His words alone that can give you a taste of the Resurrection through resurrection of dead hopes and dreams in your life now, and a thousand years of reigning on this Earth with Him as an entrée to all that is yet held in Him who is the Word of God.

So, who has tasted of the goodness of the word of God?  Only those who have lived on the word of God as their eternal food, and only those who have eaten eternal food will experience the power held in that food, power sufficient even for the age to come because Heaven and Earth will disappear, but His words will never pass away.  Then, neither will the power that came by His word.

If then you have the power of the word that endures beyond Heaven and Earth’s passing, would that power not be sufficient for the days of distress that are to come?  And if the power of the word endures beyond Heaven and Earth’s passing, is that not the power of the age to come already?  And if you have eaten of the word, then is not the power already in you?

As the Lord has said, “In this world you will have trouble.  But take heart!  I have overcome the world.”[17]  For when this world and the present Heaven are rolled away, His words will remain, and all who remain and abide in His words will remain.

Come and eat the food of Jesus… His words and His works… and the Holy Spirit will make known to you what you have eaten and show the world what happens to a man or woman who lives on the words of Jesus.  So shall the Lord be glorified through His saints! 


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