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“Let there be light,”[1]  Love said, and there was light.  And as the light went forth before Him, Love began to see by the light that He had released by His word and all that His Word was now creating and forming, revealing the creation in the Light of Love, who is God.  And whenever God, who is Love said, “Let there be…” there was, and as He beheld the created in the perfect light of perfect Love, He saw that it was good.  So for six days, God worked, letting His Word create that which He had spoken and the Spirit manifest that which He had in mind and heart, and at the end of each day, God looked with the light of perfect Love and declared all things that He had made good.  When all that He planned and decreed to be created by His spoken word was complete, He put His hands to the dirt and formed man in His image and likeness, the image and likeness of His Word, and man rose from the dirt, filled with the breath of God, the living image of Life.

God saw all that He had made, and it was very good.[2]  God saw by the light that manifested from His W/word, a light that would have been lost to us forever had Jesus not come to restore it.  It was in that same light that Adam would open his eyes and behold creation, which had been made before him.  It was in that same light that he would see himself and the helper who would come from his bone, the one he would call, “woman”.  And for a short, almost enchanted time, Adam and Eve looked at themselves and creation as God looked at them and creation in the light of perfect Love, and said it was very good.  As they lived and fellowshipped with God in perfect obedience to His command, there was no fear, no fear of retribution, punishment or inadequacy, for the Light of Love held no fear, for God has no fear. 

Though they were naked, they never saw their nakedness until they disobeyed the command and the fear and guilt filled their entire being, and their eyes began to look at creation and themselves with a lesser light, a darker light that now was in them… the light of fear.  Fear of retribution, of punishment, of rebuke, of correction, fear of being exposed for their disobedience and in the light of fear, they realised their nakedness and tried to use creation, which had not shared in their sin, to hide their nakedness.

So when God came in the cool of the day to fellowship with them, He called out to them, “Where are you?”[3], for they were no longer there to greet Him.  With the Light of Love now contaminated with the darkness of fear, they could no longer meet with God openly and look on God with their nakedness, and so they hid and Adam answered, “I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid.”  And God asked him, “Who told you that you were naked?”[4]  The truth is no one told Adam that he was naked, but as the devil had said in his deception, “For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”[5]  Unfortunately, he did not say what their eyes would be opened to… opened to see no longer with the light of perfect Love, but eyes that now also see with the light of fear.  In that latter light, the world no longer was very good; creation was threatening and they were naked, vulnerable, exposed, as it were, to the creatures and creation all around.  Shame began to illuminate them, not love, shame of the knowledge of one who had disobeyed God, and so they hid.

From that moment on, all their children would see with the light of fear, and their minds, imaginations and hearts would be ruled by that fear; fear of lack, fear of death, fear of the unknown, and the more men sinned against God, the more the light that they used to see the world God had given them darkened with the darkness of the light of fear. 

Darkness enveloped creation, and men began to thicken that darkness with sin to the point that God had to drown the earth with the waters of the flood and even the eight whom He saved were locked into an ark that only had a small aperture, a small opening and slit of 45cm [18”] from the roof to let in a glimmer of light.  However, by then the eyes of men were so accustomed to seeing by the darkness of the light of fear that even when God came to visit His friend Abram, God had to come in a thick and dreadful darkness, and appear to him with a smoking fire pot and a blazing torch.  The eyes of men were so accustomed to seeing things out of the light of fear that even Abram would lie about his wife being his sister for fear of losing her to Pharaoh.  With his eyes that saw Pharaoh in the light of fear, he could only see the threat of loss.  And when he, Abraham, saw his advanced age, he only saw the threat of the loss of his line, and in the light of fear, slept with Haggai and begot Ishmael.  If the light of fear would darken the eyes of Abraham, the father of faith, who left his home at the Lord’s calling, then the light of fear is that which we, who all are born of faith first see by, until the promise of God is manifest in the flesh for us.

Abraham changed when the promise of God for him through Isaac manifested in the flesh, and at the ripe old age of 100 years Sarah bore him the child Isaac.[6]  The manifestation of the promise of God in the flesh changed Abraham, and he began to see with eyes that were filled with faith, a light that was brighter than the light of fear, and when asked by Isaac, “Where is the lamb for the burn offering?”  Abraham answered, “God Himself will provide the lamb for the burnt offering, my son.”[7]

And God Himself has provided and did provide, for from Abraham would come Israel and from Israel came Jesus, the Son promised to Eve who would crush Satan’s head for his deception.  Jesus was the offspring of Eve who would take vengeance for Eve, and remove the curse of an angry God.

From Isaac onwards, God would again increase the intensity of light by which men would see by, so that the darkness of the light of fear would be swept away gently and gradually, allowing men to adjust their eyes to the growing strength of His light, so that men would begin to see beyond the light of fear to the distant glimmer of the light of the furthest star to once more seeing by the Light of Love.  It was and is God’s plan to restore all things, and that means to restore the time when Adam walked with God and beheld the earth in the light of perfect Love, with the light of fear that came from the knowledge of good and evil and its fruit, which killed us.  The testimony was formed and declared, men began to walk with God again, from Enoch to Malachi and then to Jesus.  God in His kindness adjusted the intensity of His light to the strength and capability of men’s eyes and changed the way man would and could see Him.

Abraham could only see, by the light of a fire pot and a blazing torch, the God who called him.  Moses could only see by the light of a burning bush and Israel by the light of a mountain on fire.  Through each of these degrees of light, God began to display His love again, His love of a friend called Abraham, His love for a people and a nation, and His love of justice and freedom.  But each time as God tried to restore the full Light of Love, increasing the display of the manifold nature of that light, just like the rainbow would display the colours of natural light, men recoiled from it.  But God persevered, and He gave us the Light of His Glory, the Light of Life, the Light of the World, the Light of Israel, the Light of the Righteous, the Light of His Presence and the Light of the Face of God… all in Jesus Christ, His Son, who would display the greatest and that first Light again for men to see by as the thick darkness enveloped Him on the roman cross.  The Light of Love would once more shine forth and blaze back to the Father, to illuminate creation once more in the perfect Light of Love with all sin washed away once and for all.  So that through Jesus, the Lord God could once more look on creation, look on all creation and even on men with the Light of Love, the greatest and highest of all lights that would burn away all traces of sin and error, a light so bright that Saul the Pharisee would fall before it blinded so that he could receive his true sight to see by the Light of Love.

The Light of Love is displayed through Jesus Christ, who displayed the greater and the greatest of love, who laid down His life for His friends and His enemies on the cross.  If we can learn to see by His light, then the light of fear will be darkness to us.  How different things will look.  How different would the colours of this world look if we saw with the light of Love and not fear?

Abraham would have seen a righteous man in Pharaoh and not lied as he realized God would uphold his promise, and so he would not have produced Ishmael.  Eve would have seen that though the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil was good for food and pleasing to the eye and desirable for gaining wisdom, she would also have seen its danger as God did, and declined the devil’s invitation.

The Light of Love illuminates danger where fear does not see danger, but it also illuminates hope where fear sees no hope; beauty where fear sees no beauty; resurrection where fear sees condemnation; and holiness and righteousness where fear sees only vileness and uncleanness.  This is the reason we do not see as God sees, and why Jesus said of the Israelites who refused to obey the Lord, that they would be ever seeing but never perceiving.

When we refuse to listen to God, to obey His commands and carry out His decrees, we have refused to adjust our eyes to see by His light and have chosen to see by our sinful eyes tainted with the darkness of fear.

Israel, except for brief glimpses of brilliant obedience by individuals, refused to listen to Him, to obey Him and to carry out His decrees.  They always saw God in the light of fear as the God who is hard and the God who would punish them with plagues and famine.  They never saw Him in the Light of Love, the God who carried them out of Egypt on wings of eagles, and that the obedience to His laws and commands would show them how to see things with God’s light, and not theirs.  The Light of Israel was to have been a foretaste of God’s love for His creation, as God raised up a nation with such incredible miraculous power that it would end slavery of the other nations to idols and false gods, perpetrated by demons; a nation powerful enough to end all wars and end all famine, plagues and disasters; a nation through whom the light of God’s Love would shine, so that all men could see each other in a different light.

When Israel failed, as God knew she would, Jesus came, the Son who is the exact representative of God’s Glory, the One who always saw things in the Light of God’s Love and not men’s fear so that He was able to say, “It is I.  Don’t be afraid.”[8]  To a woman unclean with a discharge of blood, He said, “Daughter, your faith has healed you!”[9]  And to a woman caught in adultery, “Neither do I condemn you.”[10]

It is written:  The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned.[11]  Clothed in flesh, so that His holy Love would not destroy us in our sinfulness, the Word who is the Light of the World came to show us and to teach us how to see again by God’s Light of Love and not our light of fear.  Walking amongst the sinners and the rejects of society, He healed all who came to Him and preached the good news of God’s Kingdom that would replace the Kingdom of Heaven, giving a clear and simple display of power that would fill those who entered with the joy, peace and righteousness that was held within it.  Demonstrating that it was also a Kingdom of eating, drinking and talking, He multiplied food, changed water to good wine and He taught with power.  In His light, cripples became strong and walked, the blind would see again, the rejected sinners would be made holy, and prostitutes became worthy to anoint Him.  In His light, no one who came to Him was rejected or condemned, and even to His enemies, those who did not believe Him and hated Him without reason, He showed them clearly how they looked in the light of God’s love.  To their face, He called them hypocrites, sons of the devil, and white-washed tombs full of dead men’s bones in the hope that they might see their wretchedness and repent and be saved… saved for the full power of God’s burning fire that gave forth the Light of Love… a light so intense, so pure that anything with sin is burned away and destroyed forever.  A light that would blind them at an instant, as it did Saul, unless they too believed and washed themselves in His blood, so that sin would not turn the warmth of God’s Light of Love to a blazing fire that will consume utterly.

Calling disciples to Himself, He established His church to which He entrusted His decrees, His laws, His commands and His word, which when put to practice diligently and carefully, would train our eyes to see by the Light of Love and remove once and for all the darkness of the light of fear.

He said, “The eye is the lamp of the body.  If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light.  But if your eyes are bad, your whole body will be full of darkness.  If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness!”[12]  The goodness of your eye is judged by the light with which it sees.  All who see by the Light of God, who alone is good, have good eyes, but all who refuse to see by the Light of God who is Love, have bad eyes and can only see by the light of fear, which is really no light but darkness.

When God saw Jesus on the cross dying for us at His command, God saw all His goodness being poured out for men as a sacrifice, so that men might see again.  What did men see when they saw this same Jesus on the cross?  Did they see just another man dying or worse still, a mad man, a blasphemer, a sinner, or a victim of their evil hearts, a man who deserved to die because He saw things differently by a different light? 

His disciples were supposed to be just like Him as He said, “I am the Light of the World.  Whoever follows Me will never walk in darkness, but will have the Light of Life.”[13]  He also said to them near the beginning of His ministry, “You are the light of the world.”[14]  …a light unlike any other light.

If our eyes are trained to see by God’s Light of Love, then our eyes would have filled our whole body with light, and that light would have given illumination to the world to begin to see all things in the Light of Love and not of fear.  But we chose to go back to the law and chose not to “listen to Him,”[15] not to obey His command to love our enemies[16] and to not carry out His decree to do as He had been doing.[17]  We chose to fill our eyes with the light of fear and saw lack, sin and condemnation and filled our hearts with greed and unbelief and used the gospel as an excuse to plunder, to pillage, to rape and to scatter so that now the Name of our Lord is used as a curse among the unbelievers.

Instead of a Kingdom of power with joy, righteousness and peace, we displayed a kingdom of eating, talking and drinking, whose power came out of swords and guns and political intrigue, all the while holding up the cross of His salvation as our excuse to extend our ambitions and make the darkness even darker for those who were trapped in it.

Can you not hear it now?  Can you not hear the voice of God saying, as He did to the angel, “Enough!”[18], and the Lord Himself, rousing Himself, gathering to Himself those who have consecrated themselves to Him by sacrifice, the sacrifice of greater love, and riding forth to destroy all those who made Him out to be a liar and caused the Name of His Son to become a byword and a curse word amongst the orphans and widows they created by their wars and greed.

It is time for you who have trained yourself diligently in listening, practising, obeying and carrying out His decrees to learn to see by the Light of Love, the Light of God, so that your eyes are good and you can be filled with light; the same light that came forth from His word when He first said, “Let there be light.”  That same light to shine out of you so that His words are fulfilled and you are the light of the world, a light of pure love that can blaze past the ranks of Satan’s evil power and fear back into the heavens like a beacon, the very signal that the Lord and His holy ones are waiting for, to come rushing in like a wave to drown all His enemies. 

The Light of Love that can fill you and by which you can learn to see with, will reveal Jesus in the fullness of His glory to all and sundry.  So it is up to you and me to be filled with the Light of Love and shine, so that all men may see Jesus arriving on the clouds of God’s glory above Jerusalem.  As He has said, “Come, and you will see.”[19]

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