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Satan’s Helpers

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The Lord Jesus has been raised from the dead by the power of the Holy Spirit, declaring Him to be the Son of God.  Triumphantly, the angel rolls back the stone and the Lord walks out in the flesh.  All creation see, except man.  The one creature God made in His Image did not see that indescribable moment of triumphant glory and honour.  For His disciples were not at the tomb, and the guards posted by Pilate had been thrown on the ground by the earthquake and were too frightened by the presence of the angel to look up.  The women were still on the way.  The moment of the Son of Man’s greatest achievement was not witnessed by those whom He called His own family.  Trees and creatures, demons and angels all bore witness… but not men.

Leaving the message with the angels to give to the women, He leaves for Galilee for His appointment with His Father.  So, why did He not wait for the women to give them the message personally?  Because His Father was waiting, and to meet with Him was of more importance and urgency.  After all, were not the eleven His disciples whom He had revealed Himself to over these last two years?  Should not a message be sufficient to bring them running to Galilee?  For even the centurions of Capernaum could say to Him that if they tell their men to go, they go.  Then should not the disciples go when they received the message from the women?  If Caesar’s centurions can have such obedience from those under them, then should not the Son of God expect even more from His disciples?  But they did not believe and they did not go, but went home instead.  And even when He humbled Himself and returned to the tomb, there to personally show Mary and the other women that He is alive, the eleven still did not believe the testimony of the women.

The disbelief of the testimony about Jesus Christ did not begin with the pagans.  It began with His own disciples.  How Satan must have laughed that morning.  In an instant, the disciples had handed him a lifeline.  Cast out and exposed for what he truly is, Satan must have thought his time was truly short.  What with the defeat of his one ally (Death) at the hands of Jesus, and the loss of his favourite utensil (the law) to device temptations to lure men into sin… Satan was looking at a three strike knockout, thanks to Jesus.  However, the moment the eleven disbelieved the women and disobeyed the command, Satan was back in the game.  There would be no forty days on top of the mount in Galilee, and there would be no launch of the Kingdom of God in power from Galilee.  As long as the Kingdom of God did not come, Satan knew his days were not over.

And as the eleven piled on one mishap onto another, Satan’s chances increased.  And finally in Acts 15, the Jerusalem elders handed him the final gift.  They created a holy spirit to whom it seemed good to disregard the teachings of Jesus, and who taught that the avoidance of sin was more advisable than the practice of the words of Jesus.

Satan’s little helpers – we, the disciples of Jesus – had given him the tools he needed to delay the return of Jesus.  And as long as the return of Jesus is delayed, then the day of Satan’s destruction was delayed.  He may have been judged and sentenced, but the days of the execution of that sentence can now be delayed… perhaps even indefinitely, as long as the disciples of Jesus never returned to listening to Jesus.  Satan would do everything possible to help the disciples of Jesus to delay the return of Jesus.  As long as they were focused on going to Heaven, there to be rewarded, and never listen to the Spirit of truth who is here to prepare the Earth for Jesus’ return, Satan knew he would be safe.

And so the greatest religion of all times was born with the help and blessing of Satan and his little helpers… men who do not have in mind the things of God but of men.

For two millenniums, no one had been allowed to see what had been clearly written and live to say it.  Perhaps, there had been men far better than ourselves who were given this revelation, but never lived to tell the truth of what they had found because they were executed for heresy.  However, our purpose is not to accuse.  Rather, our purpose is to restore… to restore the glory and the honour that is due to our King the Son of Man and His Father.  And we would not be alive to write this, to teach this and to testify if it were not for the Spirit of truth who has raised us, set us apart and protected us from all manners of devices to harm and kill us.

As such, if you have thought your election cheap, think again.

Truly, this is the end of days… end of the days of falsehood.  End of the days for the masquerading spirit that had us think that it is good to ignore and oppose the teachings of Jesus.  And it will be strange days indeed, when the prophets of the Spirit of truth will be shutting up the skies so that it will not rain and striking the cities of the Earth with curses, while the prophets of the spirit of falsehood will be prophesying rain, peace and prosperity.  It will be strange days when the apostles of the spirit of falsehood will stride the stages of the world, mapping out the dominions they should take hold of, dividing the rule of the Earth among themselves before their Christ appears, while the true apostles will keep themselves hidden until the arrival is imminent.  It will be strange days indeed, when a man will declare himself to be the Christ returned in the flesh, by rising from the dead, even as a prophet breathes on him, when we all know the true Christ is already risen and He will declare Himself to the world from clouds of glory and great power on His day.  When the preachers of falsehood are men of great morality, and the preachers of the truth seem to be men of immorality.

Why this reversal of roles?  Because Satan’s little helpers were the very ones who were supposed to finish his sentence, not help him.

So let us judge ourselves and ensure we too do not become Satan’s little helpers by saying and doing the things that God never had in mind.

Hr. Ed Kwan


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