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It is undeniably recorded for anyone who has eyes to see that the eleven did not believe in the messages of the women.  Twice they did not believe and did not set out for Galilee on resurrection morning.  The verse in Matthew 28.16, which gives one the impression that they did go on resurrection morning – Then the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had told them to go – is placed there for believers who only need to believe to be saved, but is also to test those who are called to be disciples to see if they do listen and study and practise with due diligence to details, for the perfection of God lays in His details and the grace of God allows imperfection to be accepted through salvation.

As such, if you still hold to the delusion that the eleven did listen, believe and obey when Magdalene conveyed Jesus’ personal message to them, then remain a believer.  You are saved for eternal life but it eludes you for now.  It was to the eleven disciples that Jesus said, Now this is eternal life:  that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom You have sent,” as He looked up to Heaven and prayed.

Even though Jesus did not tell Mary or the other women where to send the brothers, He did not have to, for He had already told them, “In My Father’s house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you.  I am going there to prepare a place for you.  And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with Me that you also may be where I am.  You know the way to the place where I am going.” 

So, as one of the eleven and you are together on resurrection morning and the women come in to tell you that angels have told them Jesus is risen, He is alive, go to Galilee… what do you do?  Get up and rush off to Galilee as the message said, if you are irrationally motivated by love for Him that you would go immediately.  Or being one who is in command of his emotions, you might get up like Peter and John did and go to the tomb and verify that it was empty.  You see the tomb is empty, the bedclothes are folded up… and you go home.  Or you go back to where the others are and tell them what you have found.  If you read John 20.10… Then the disciples went back to their homes…  The tomb is empty!  Why go back to your homes?  Go find the others.

And even more amazingly now, Mary appears again at your home.  This time she is saying, “I have seen the Lord!” and the rest of the message.  Still you do not believe.  Neither do the others who are mourning and weeping.  They heard Mary, but still did not believe.

Why?  Why, if you are one of the eleven who spent three years with Him, watched Him, listened to Him and had been able to do miracles, heal the sick and drive out demons because of Him… why would you not go?  Why would you not believe Mary and more importantly Mary the mother and His sister?  You watched your hopes, dreams and plans all crumble in a day to nothing.  He was arrested and killed in 24 hours, executed on false testimony by a bloodthirsty crowd that He had taught, fed and healed.  Now you hear this unbelievable, incredible message – He is alive and wants you to go to Galilee to meet Him!  Why don’t you go?  What is here that you would not go?  You can still weep and mourn on the way.  Don’t you remember Lazarus?  Why don’t you go if you were there with the eleven or were one of the eleven?

Why?  Because He did not say where in Galilee?  He did say where in John 14.4.  He said, “You know the way to the place where I am going.”  They knew the road from Jerusalem to Galilee well because they had walked it with Him many times.  You see, Jesus was not talking about Heaven because He said, “…I will come back and take you to be with Me that you also may be where I am.”  And now here is the news according to the women – He is back and wants to meet in Galilee!  He has come back to show you the room in the Father’s house of many rooms that He has prepared for you.  And what is the purpose of His coming back to take you to be with Him?  “…that you also may be where I am.”  He just told you where He is through the angels and the women.  So what are you waiting for unless you do not really want to be where He is?  You may be mourning and weeping, but what sort of mourner are you if you do not go to follow up the news that the Dead you are mourning for is alive?  Alive!  The One whom you professed to die for is alive, why are you not going?  What is going through your heart and mind?  What do you fear?  And more importantly, what do you love?  Your life, your safety, your sanity, or Jesus whose company for the last three years has completely changed your perception of reality as you saw Him change water to good wine, heal the sick, drive out demons, raise the dead, calm storms, multiply food and walk on water?  Why are you not going?

You have chosen, you have decided, your reasons are logical, your decisions are sound, and you stay behind locked doors.  Perhaps it is a Roman trick to get you all into Galilee, there to kill you out of sight of Jerusalem so as not to offend the Jews.  Perhaps it is the Sanhedrin out to discredit you, His disciples, and ridicule you for your gullibility.  Whatever the reasons are, the truth is, it no longer matters.  The eleven did not go that morning and now in 2009 AD, we are where we are.  If that seems perfect to you, if this present state of the church and the world is what you believe to be exactly the way God wanted it, good for you.  Be blessed and go in peace wherever you are planning to go.

But what if, what if you are there?  You are with the eleven, even one of the eleven, and in the midst of your mourning for your beloved Master, you hear this news from the near hysterical women, and in between excited chatter and confusion, you make out the message.  He is risen, alive, and has gone ahead to Galilee.  He did not say where, but it does not matter.  He is alive, and in one moment, one swift moment, your mourning has turned to joy!  Joy… unspeakable, inexpressible…  You want to dance, you want to shout, you want to cry, above all else, you want to see.  Run, run to Galilee.  Three days journey?  You run and walk and run until you get there… in the hope, yes, the hope He is alive, risen and you will not have to grieve anymore.

And what if you did?  What if you had gone?  What would have happened?  No one really knows because no one went, and history as we know it, these last 2000 years, is the result of no one going, not the result of someone having gone.  But what would have happened if someone did go?  This is the certainty of what would have happened if someone did go:  The history of the last 2000 years or so would have been very, very different.

When you realise this, elect, then you would realise everything you are looking at or living amongst is what should not have happened, not what should have happened.  No matter how the church was started and what fine teachings and traditions came from the eleven, they taught as ones who did not go on resurrection morning, not as ones who went on resurrection morning.  They lived as one who did not go, not as ones who went.  They built a church as ones who did not go, not as ones who went.  So, what do you do?  For if you did go that morning, you are the one who would have set in motion a very different history for the world.

Now in 2009 AD, what can you do if you were the one who would have gone that morning?  Now that you know the truth, what does the truth set you free from?  It sets you free from what is not supposed to be to seeing what is supposed to be so that you can begin to live what was always meant to be.  And in order to do that, we begin with repentance, for as Jesus said in the beginning, “The time has come.  The Kingdom of God is near.  Repent and believe the good news!”  Yes, repent of our unbelief and believe the good news.  “…He has risen, just as He said.  …  ‘He has risen from the dead and is going ahead of you into Galilee.’ “  And repent of the consequences of our unbelief.

“Lord God, just as our forefathers did not listen, believe and obey, so we have not listened, believed and obeyed.  And creation groans, the world suffers, waiting for the revelation of the sons of God, and we are powerless.  Forgive us, Lord God, for all the wars we did not stop.  Forgive us, Lord God, for all the wars we started in Your Name.  Forgive us, Lord God, for all the famines we did not stop.  Forgive us, Lord God, for all the famines we caused.  Forgive us, Lord God, for all the sick we did not heal.  Forgive us for all the sicknesses we caused.  Forgive us for not going to Your Son in Galilee.  And stretch out Your mighty arm and cleanse the world of all the effects of our sin once and for all, so that the world may know that Your Son obeyed You and did everything exactly as You told Him, but it was us, His disciples, who did not listen, did not believe and did not obey.  Wipe away the shame and disgrace we have brought Your Name and cleanse the church with a spirit of fire and judgment so that the glory Jesus had with You from before the creation of this world may be displayed for all to see.”

O Lord, listen!  O Lord, forgive!  O Lord, hear and act!  For Your sake, O my God, do not delay, because… of Your Son and Your Spirit who bear Your Name.”



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