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“I am the Resurrection and the Life.  He who believes in Me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in Me will never die.  Do you believe this?”

If they had gone to Galilee that morning because they believed the message given them by the women, they would have witnessed the Resurrection Himself standing there in the glory of the Father – the glory the Father had given Him before the creation of the world because the Father loved Jesus.  It would have been the beginning for the eleven of being where Jesus is, as Jesus had prayed, “Father, I want those You have given Me to be with Me where I am, and to see My glory, the glory You have given Me because You loved Me before the creation of the world.”

However, those who were invited to be there, His brothers, (for the invitation was, “Go and tell My brothers…” not, “Go and tell My friends, servants, disciples or believers,” but, “brothers”) were not there, and no one has ever beheld the glory that Jesus had with the Father.  This glory is not the ‘glory’ that you will hear reported in various places, for to see the glory of John 17.24 you have to be a brother first, for the invitation that morning was for His brothers only.  The preexistent glory that Jesus received from the Father is for believers and disciples who become His brothers.  The glory that makes believers one is the glory He wanted His brothers to see so that they might understand and know that which God has in mind.

For three years now He had spoken to them and done His work before them – the words and works that the Father had given Him and the work the Father is doing – so that they, the eleven, might come to know the Father in His words and works.  However, He had never revealed to them the thoughts of the Father… not when they were merely believers and disciples.  But now on the Mount of Transfiguration on resurrection morning, He wanted them to come to join with Him and the Father to see the glory that the Father had already given Him because the Father loved Him from before the creation of the world.  For when you see the glory the Father had given Jesus already (before the world was created), the glory given to the Lamb that was slain before the creation of the world, then and only then will you begin to see the thoughts of God for Jesus and therefore for Himself and for His Image – man.

Jesus had made the Father known to them as He said, “I have made You known to them…” but He then promised His Father, “…and will continue to make You known in order that the love You have for Me may be in them and that I myself may be in them.”  As the Lord went from there and crossed the Kidron Valley to where there was an olive grove, He continued the revelation of His Father who so loved the world that He gave His only Son to save it.  He would show to His disciples, His enemies and all creation by His crucifixion and death the Father’s love for this world that is filled with His glory.  So well did Jesus reveal the Father that even the Centurion confessed of His righteousness.  However, the Father’s thoughts He would reserve for the eleven for after the resurrection when they would join Him where He will be in the presence of His Father on the Mount of Transfiguration, and see the glory that the Father had given Him from before the creation of the world.  And when they saw it, had they seen it, then not only would He have revealed the Father’s words and works to them, but the beginning of the Father’s thoughts.  And for 40 days and nights, the revelation to them of the Father’s thoughts would continue.  Just as for three years or so they heard and saw the words and works of the Father, so now for 40 days, they would hear and see the thoughts of the Father so that those who would come down from that mountain would truly be His brothers and sisters, each and everyone who have not only seen the works of the Father, but have also heard the words, and now as sons and daughters who know the thoughts of their Father and His Father, their God and His God.

So that the Lord would not have to say to them, “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways,” but rather, they would begin the work of the preaching of the Gospel of the kingdom and the making of disciples of the nations as men and women who, like Him, know the words, that is, the promises, the commands, the decrees and the regulations of the Father as well as the work that the Father is doing, as well as what the Father is thinking about even as He is speaking and working.  They would be sons and daughters who, like Him, are able to make themselves one with the Father as Jesus is One with the Father, for they would all speak as the Father speaks, work as the Father works and even think as the Father thinks.

They would have been His brothers and sisters who would speak on behalf of the Father the exact decrees and words of the Father and do exactly what the Father is showing them as well, all the while knowing exactly what the Father is thinking.  Like the Father, they would even come to the place where they would have mercy on whom the Father has mercy and compassion on whom the Father has compassion.

If the Holy Spirit worked with those who did not go and did not see the glory that the Father had given to Jesus and yet still confirmed their message with signs and wonders so that by Acts 5.16… Crowds gathered also from the towns around Jerusalem, bringing their sick and those tormented by evil spirits, and all of them were healed… then how much more He would have done with those who did go and did see the glory the Lord had?  How much more would the Holy Spirit do with one and ones who not only know the words and works of the Father, but His thoughts as well?  How much more would the Holy Spirit do through one and ones who speak as the Father would speak, work as the Father would work and think as the Father thinks?

The answer to that question begins in seeing what was withheld from the Acts (allowed) of the apostles.  For Luke’s account to us of the things the eleven and even Barnabas and Paul did… the five things that Jesus did are not recorded as having been done by the eleven.  You may assume they did them, but the Holy Spirit inspired Luke not to record them, or you may choose the better, narrower road and ask why were not these things recorded as being done by the eleven and even by Barnabas and Paul.  For after all, did Jesus not say, “I tell you the truth, (anyone who believes in Me) anyone who has faith in Me will do what I have been doing.  He will do even greater things than these…”?  Yes, they healed the sick, caused the lame to walk, drove out demons and even raised the dead… they preached as He preached and were persecuted as He was persecuted… but why was Luke not able to record for us that the first sign they did was to change water to good wine as Jesus did at Cana?  Neither is it recorded that they multiplied the food, stopped storms and controlled the winds so that drought and famine were avoided, and immediately arrived at their destinations as soon as they set out. 

These four great miracles – changing the nature of a substance, controlling the weather, multiplying the food and teleportation or translation – are not new or greater miracles.  Moses had changed water to blood at the Nile and the bitter water at Marah was made sweet.  Moses had controlled the weather by bringing the hailstones on Egypt and causing the Red Sea to be parted by a mighty wind.  Elijah was able to be picked up from here and go in an instant by the Holy Spirit, even physically outrunning Ahab’s horse.  Elisha had multiplied the food as well and was able to float an axe head, multiply the oil and his spirit was able to be where he wanted it to be… even observing what his servant was doing.

As such, even had the eleven and Barnabas and Paul done them, they were merely doing what Jesus did, and they were just an improvement on what Moses, Elijah and Elisha had done.  They were not new signs.  When they did speak in new languages, it was the first new sign, truly new sign, for no one in the Old Testament had ever done that.  However, speaking a new language is not the same as being able to control the weather, change water to wine or blood, multiply the food, and teleport or translate.  For to those who do not know or understand the language, you are merely babbling.  The first sign of the power of the Holy Spirit is when people who did not know the language heard what was spoken in their own language.

Since the eleven did not go and no one saw what God had in mind for the brothers and sisters of Jesus to say and do, the church of disciples and believers was launched in Jerusalem in Acts 2 on the day of Pentecost, 10 days after Jesus had left, and it was launched with the gift of tongues.  It was a launch that was a scaled down, watered down version of what it would have been like had there been brothers and sisters of Jesus who also knew what the Father’s thoughts are coming out of Galilee, instead of that little building in Jerusalem.  Those sons and daughters of God, brothers and sisters of Jesus this time, not angels, would come down speaking the language of the Kingdom of God so that the world that had been gathered, Jews and gentiles included, would know that there was a new race, a new creation, within their midst.  Firstly they would not speak the old language, but new languages they had never heard before, languages that needed interpretation.  Their words would be new, as the creation they belonged to was new.  Truly the new had come and the old is fading.

Then before the watching world, these members of God’s Family, these sons and daughters of God, would begin to do things that only the servants of God and their Brother had ever done previously.  They could do what Moses, Elijah, Elisha and Jesus could do, and to show them all that Jesus is truly the Truth, they would not only heal the sick, drive out demons, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, walk on water, part the seas and rivers, control the weather, even the insects, birds and animals, but also multiply the food, change water to wine or blood, as well as move great distances in an instant, they too would be able to transfigure so that their faces also shone like the sun and their clothes become like lightning… for after all did not Jesus say, “I tell you the truth, (anyone who believes in Me) anyone who has faith in Me will do what I have been doing”?

You see, the Acts (allowed) of the apostles never even got up to the level allowed of the prophets Moses, Elijah and Elisha because at least these three went when they were told to go and came when they were told to come.  At least Moses and Elijah knew to be where they were meant to be, but the eleven were in the middle of a lake when they should have been in Bethsaida, and they were behind locked doors when they should have been on the road to Galilee.  So if you have been living in a state of delusion that the apostles displayed more power than the prophets, wake up and see the truth and stop dreaming.

However, that morning things began to go awry (astray) when the men did not believe the angel’s message through the women, and Peter and John (two of the three who were eyewitnesses of the transfiguration and custodians of the command) ran to the tomb instead of gathering the others and telling them what they had seen and were told in Matthew 17.5 as they hurried to Galilee.  The angels would report to the Father and Son that they are not convinced, and Jesus would personally go as He had said in the parable, “…perhaps they will respect him (the son).”  He speaks to Mary and the women, but again, no one believes.  The morning is fading and it is noon… the whole plan is in shambles, again.  They have not listened, they have not believed, they are not coming.  Selah.

50 days later, the new creation would be launched in Jerusalem with tongues of fire appearing and resting on them, and they would begin to praise God and speak in tongues as they pour out of the house.  The crowd brought by the whistle of God would think they were drunk and laugh at them. Some, however, made fun of them and said, “They have had too much wine.”

If by now you remain satisfied that the ‘church’ was launched as God had in mind on the day God had in mind in the way God had in mind, and its 2000 years of history is what God had in mind to bring glory to Himself and His Son, then come no further and remain where you are with your worship services, your songs, your religious festivals, your acts of charity, your doctrines and your heresies.  For this road can only be walked by those who can heal the sick, who can cause the blind to see, who can drive out demons and who can speak the language of the Kingdom of God, whose eyes are opened to see all that is is not what it was meant to be.

The Father had His prophets, the Son had His apostles and now the Holy Spirit will have His elect.  As God revealed to His prophets the Father that He is through the words and power He gave them, so Jesus revealed to His apostles the Father God is through His words and works… but both Israel and the church have never been able to fulfill their task.  So now only the Holy Spirit is left with His elect to reveal the Father’s love for the Son, and the Father that God is that His only begotten Son would obey Him to save the world through death on a roman cross… and the Son’s plans to glorify His Father in bringing forth more sons and daughters to Him through His sacrifice. 

Take a pause, elect, and look around as if you were there that morning on top of the mountain looking at that empty road from Jerusalem, and watch the Son now take His leave of the Father as He heads back to Jerusalem to where they are hiding.  Watch, elect, watch but do not pray.  Watch as the Holy Spirit watched and listened to the amended plans the Father and Son now agreed to – He would go back to Jerusalem to them, show them His wounds, convince them He is risen and have them wait in Jerusalem for the Holy Spirit.  He would go to them… and hopefully they will listen and not wander here and there.

Watch, elect, watch as they have to change the plans and times again because some have gone fishing and not everyone is in Jerusalem.  Watch, elect, and be silent, hold your tongue and watch and keep your eyes dry, for now is not the time to weep.  Watch as He goes to Galilee that morning down to the lake to find them, cook for them and then take them up the mountain to show them what might have been.

Watch, elect, watch and put a guard over your mouth and let not the cry come forth as He hides His feelings when all Peter could say to Him was, “…Lord, You know that I love (phileo) You,” and He hoped Peter would say, “Lord, You know that I love (agape) You.”  And watch when even on that mountain some doubted… and see Them, Father and Son, say to the Spirit, “It will be Pentecost day when You can come upon them with power.”

Watch, elect, and stay silent.  For as surely as the prophets were better men than the eleven, for some were sinners and tax collectors, so the eleven were better men than the elect.  It is for the glory of God that He works with vessels of lesser honour to bring Him greater glory.  Watch and know and understand the prophets and apostles were far better men and women than us, but like our forebear, he who was abnormally born, the first of the elect who remained true to his election, we are indeed the worst of sinners, led by an apostle who called himself the chief prince of sinners.  Watch, elect, and be humbled, for out of the worst of sinners comes the best of saints.

Watch and let the spirit of fire arise in you, for without fire there is no light and without light there is no transfiguration.  So watch, elect, and be the resurrection of the brotherhood of Christ who would walk this Earth to prepare it for their Brother’s coronation even as you continue to do the things He has been doing – driving out demons, learning to speak the new languages fluently of the new kingdom, healing the sick, practising to change water to wine, stopping the storms, multiplying the food and translating from here to there – until you too are transfigured just like He was transfigured.

Then having done all that He had been doing, you will be ready to do even greater things than these, for He is alive at the right hand of God our Father today and will arrive on clouds of glory soon on a day called Today.  As the Lord has said, “…for now I am keeping watch.”  So watch, elect, for this time it will not be by works or by words that God will reveal His will to men, but by His thoughts.  So watch and see what your God is thinking.  Watch, elect, watch. 



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