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Resurrection II

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The message you were given you have faithfully delivered… “Go instead to My brothers and tell them, ‘I am returning to My Father and your Father, to My God and your God,’ “ and the others have also delivered their message… Go and tell My brothers to go to Galilee; there they will see Me,” but instead of shouts of jubilation and rejoicing, you are greeted with disbelief and looks on the men’s faces as if you are mad.  Forget you, they did not believe the mother either… these men, these brothers… as you watch them remain seated leaning against the walls, heads bowed as if in prayer, but really just covered in doubt, unbelief and fear.  What should you do?  What could you do?  A cry from your heart screams out, “I have seen the Lord!  Don’t you understand?  Not in visions, not in dreams, not in a hallucination, but in the flesh I have held Him and He has held me… me!”  Silence… they do not believe and they are not going to go.  Peter has gone home.  Where is John?  James, do something, say something.  Andrew, Bartholomew, Judas, Thomas… He is waiting.

Could Mary have gone instead even though the men did not?  Yes, except for these words of Jesus’… Go and tell My brothers to go to Galilee; there they will see Me,” did not include her or the other women.  They could have gone without the men, but that was not the command or the invitation.  Watching them all unmoved by the news and the morning passing, there would be no greeting in Galilee and whatever else had been prepared by the Father in Galilee.  Didn’t they hear… I am returning to My Father and your Father, to My God and your God.  …go to Galilee; there they will see Me”?  Didn’t they realise that perhaps… just perhaps they would see more than Jesus?  That this morning, resurrection morning, they would all see their God and their Father just as Adam did?  This is not just about the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but the resurrection of God’s relationship with Adam and the sons of Adam.  This one opportunity to see God the Father as Moses saw Him on that mountain of fire.  You look at the men… nothing, they are not going to go, and with every passing moment, you feel the opportunity slip away and the heaviness of the ages come upon you

And so we hear nothing more of Magdalene or of the mother in the book of Acts or the letters except for the one mention by Paul.  Paul… the one who was not there that resurrection morning, the one, the only one who might have believed had he been there.

The rest is history as it is now recorded… the two on the road to Emmaus, Jesus appearing in their midst, watching Him have the broiled fish… history, just read all about it.  And everything Paul warned about would come to pass… wolves coming in drawing disciples after themselves, new theories made up about Jesus… the Nicolaitans, the Balaamites and the Jezebelians… not even the personal intervention by Jesus through His seven letters would change what men had decided to do with the church of Jesus Christ.

But what if, just what if the eleven did believe, did rejoice and came boldly out of their hiding places to go to Galilee, and there in Galilee she would see her Beloved again and not only her Beloved, but perhaps, just perhaps her God and her Father as Moses did.  Women in the place of the Holy of Holies…  surely the old has passed away and the new has come.

For 2000 years we have blindly celebrated the remembrance of His death and resurrection and not realised just how changed God’s covenant with men really had become.  Jesus, the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world, was not slain on the night of the Passover as the Mosaic Law delivered, but was slain the next day… the day after Passover.  The new had come, so new that even the times are changed.  No wonder an earthquake split the curtain in the temple, for it was no longer needed.  Yet the disciples went back to the temple to pray instead of going out to Calvary to pray, for that was where the blood of the Lamb was shed, that was the new Mercy Seat, that was the new Holy of Holies exposed for all to see, unlike the old Holy of Holies hidden behind a thick curtain accessed only once a year by one man.  Now, on this new altar, the Holy of Holies was open for all to see… just as it was when Israel first came out of Egypt, God came down on Mount Sinai and set it ablaze, a light on a mountaintop that could not be hidden.  All Israel saw Him and did not want Him to be in their midst so openly.  So God gave them the Levitical Laws, rules for them to live by and rules which separated them from Him.  The Holy of Holies would no longer be a blazing mountain on fire seen by all with a voice that was heard by all.  Instead, it would be a small space behind a thick curtain that only the high priest saw and only the high priest would hear the voice of God speak from between the cherubims above the Mercy Seat.

Now this New Covenant that is in His blood would be established on a new altar in a temple without walls on stones not quarried, under a roof made by God.  From that altar they would journey to yet another mountain in Galilee where once more as it was in the days of Moses, so God would set another mountaintop on fire and speak out of a cloud of glory to men and this time, women also.  A blazing fire, a light on a hill that cannot be hidden just like Jesus said… but instead, no one went, but hid in their rooms, and the light of the transfiguration that Peter, James and John beheld would not be seen by anyone else.

But what if Mary not only beheld and held Jesus that morning, but was able to go to Galilee following the men and to behold the glory of the Father as Peter, James and John did… so that women would then also come to see and know who their Father is?  Women no longer the bones and blood of Adam, but daughters of God Most High, sisters of Jesus, royal princesses, all who have seen the glory of the Father in the presence of the glory of the Son as the Spirit of Glory came forth and came upon them, transfiguring each and every one of them so that their faces shone like the sun and their clothes were like lightning.  To watch this happening not only to yourself, but also to your sisters and to know the men are watching as well.  Now in the presence of men, God would declare all women equal to men and remove that possessive yoke of Adam’s.

Had that been able to happen, how different history would have been.  However, it is not our work to change the past.  God did not rewind the clock so that Adam did not eat of the fruit after he had eaten of the fruit, but allowed the course that Adam had chosen for his children to run its course, even as God prepared a safety net that would ensure all would be given an opportunity to repent and call upon the Name of the Lord, even after the world had been destroyed by the fire of His jealous anger.  Just as Cornelius and his household were baptised with the Holy Spirit whilst Peter was still speaking so that Peter could not withhold water baptism from them… so the transfiguration of the woman (women) would have removed all arguments from the eleven, and the church of Jesus Christ would have come down that mountain of glory with their faces shining like the sun and their clothes gleaming like lightning.

Men and women who have not only see the Lord Jesus risen, but were able to behold their God and the Father in all His majesty, would not only have their flesh and clothes transfigured, but also their very minds and hearts renewed.  No longer would it be who would sit at the right or left hand of Jesus, but rather, who would serve the Father as Jesus has served the Father.  It would not be as it was in Acts 2, the world beholding believers and disciples of Jesus coming out of a house, but the world, gathered there by the glory from the mountaintop, would behold brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ, sons and daughters of God, coming down from that mountain with the great commission to not only preach the Gospel and make disciples, but also to bring home the other children of God back to the Family, so that they too would see and come to know their Father who is God whom Jesus had revealed.  The Good News would be the good news of a will being read to unsuspecting beneficiaries, except the Bequeather of their will is alive, not dead, and the discipleship would be the training and teaching of the children into the Family way, not religious rules of dos and don’ts that enslave and keep everyone ignorant.

And the motive is not for personal gain or glory, but for the liberation and reunion of Family members, all of mankind, sons and daughters of men, would now be brought home to their true Father… the Lord God Almighty, the God and Father of Jesus Christ.

At their disposal would be the power of the Kingdom of God to overcome all who oppose them with love.  Enemy armies would be blinded so that they can be led to safety with swords changed to feathers even.  The blind seeing and the lame walking was just the beginning… and the food multiplying would be basic miracles.  That which would have been for mankind had Adam repented that day, instead of blaming God for giving him Eve, would be revealed as daughters of Eve came down that mountain like avenging angels and began to not only drive out demons, but with mercy and grace to rival even the Lord Jesus, began to minister to those poor sons of the devil… those displaced spirits… that it would put their fathers to shame for having married the daughters of men and left them to fend for themselves in a world so hostile to their type… that when driven out of any humans, everything is like an arid place and they must seek some shelter, somewhere, anywhere, even if it is in a herd of pigs.  The fear that had always been their companion since the day the flood came and killed them, leaving them defenceless at the mercy of Satan and his angels… so that enslaved they had to serve the prince of darkness, was now unbelievably removed by the love of God that overflowed from those all powerful daughters of Eve… no, daughters of God led by the one who herself had suffered horribly at the hands of seven of their kind until Jesus drove them out.

But now before the eyes of witnesses, the unbelievable, the unthinkable, the inconceivable is happening… but then that is the glory of God… that nature changing power of His love that made Him who was without sin to be sin that sinners might be the righteousness of God.  That same glory that changed water to good wine and dead flesh to living Lazarus… now would display the pinnacle of its ability and power to change enemies to friends, someone else’s children to heirs who are equal to your own Son.  For that is what the glory of God would have done to each and every one of them who went up that sacred mountain on resurrection morning as they stood transfigured in the glory of God… they were changed from enemies to friends, from servants to brothers and sisters, and from adopted orphans of another father to coheirs of the same Father, for that was His prayer, “Father, I want those You have given Me to be with Me where I am, and to see My glory, the glory You have given Me because You loved Me before the creation of the world.”  And so as He went to Galilee that morning, He left word for His brothers, the same ones who He said only a few days earlier were His friends, but He now called them brothers, for He knew what had been prepared for them by the Father in Galilee… enemies to servants, servants to friends, friends to brothers, because that is the glory of God.

And as He had commanded the men, Freely you have received, freely give,” so now this command would be practised by the women.  For who knows of the pain of childbirth except women, and who except women would have mercy and compassion for their offsprings, even if they were birthed by an unlawful intrusion whose violence and blasphemy shook the Heavens and condemned the world to a flood and every nation that harboured their descendants to annihilation?  Who but the women would manifest that first sign of a believer… “In My Name they will drive out demons…” with the mercy and compassion of mothers who would permit the glory of God to change even the sons of the devil to be sons of God?  But then that is the glory of God.

Glory that religious men who are more concerned about outward piety and wide phylacteries with cleverly made up stories and rules and words that made a man’s burden all the heavier… men who display a type of godliness, yet not only deny its power, but their denial of the power of God is merely their way to hide their own powerlessness.  Unable to do anything whether good or bad, such men would never believe the glory of God… for their motive is not for God’s glory, but theirs.  For their ambition is to ascend as high as possible to godliness without committing the trespasses of their father and share in his condemnation.  Their stomach is for their own pleasure and not for God’s.

So should we expect anyone to believe our message?  If they did not believe Mary’s and the other women’s message even after three years of personal discipleship with Jesus, then do not deceive yourself that anyone would believe.  If they considered Mary mad for her words, then they will consider you heretical for yours.  But this time sisters, it is permitted by your Father and your God the same clear and simple display of power… before their eyes you will do what Jesus has been doing and greater things than those will you do, because He is returning from the Father’s right hand for His coronation at Jerusalem.

As it once was a woman who brought the Good News to men who would not believe, now it is a man who brings the news to women whose hearts are on fire, whose eyes long to see, and whose souls faint yearning for the courts of the Lord.  Justice is done!

For now… the one desired by women will reveal himself so that the king spoken of in Daniel 11 can come, one who “…will show no regard for the gods of his fathers or for the one desired by women, nor will he regard any god, but will exalt himself above them all,” the one whom the Rider of the white horse whose Name is the Word of God will capture along with the false prophet, and the two of them were (will be) thrown alive into the fiery lake of burning sulphur.  Now John wrote ‘were‘ for what is about to take place is of such certainty that it might as well have already happened.

Daughters of God, you have the words of Jesus made certain and you do well to pay attention to them, and let the men follow if they dare.  Selah.


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