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In the day that God created man, He created him in His Image and after His Likeness ~

God patterned them after Himself… male and female He created them and called them ‘man’.

And when Adam lived 130 years, he fathered a son who was in his own likeness and after his own image and he named him Seth.

We were created to live and not die, but we were now mortal ~ Created without sin in God’s Image and after His Likeness, but now formed in the womb in the likeness of man and in man’s image.

Being now in nature and in image that which was in accordance to that of our earthly father and not in the Image and nature that was in accordance with our Heavenly Father…

And when God acts who can reverse it?

But only God Himself, the Creator, not man alone who is only but a part of His creation –

But in all of this, we must not forget where we came from and who we came from – the Source we originated from – and the principles of life we were meant to live and manifest so as to bear the fullness of God’s Image and be of the depth of His nature –

For the Son of God came to bring us an understanding so we may know He who is the True One… the One who is True… for only He is the True God and Eternal Life.

And Jesus came so we may know the way to eternal life and may have that eternal life, which is held in Him and given by Him. And through His word and in His prayer to the Father, Jesus set in place and defined what was eternal life, and what was the way to that eternal life, which is held for us only in Christ Jesus –

Establishing and defining – ‘That this is the way to eternal life and this is eternal life – that they may know the only true God and Jesus Christ whom He sent’ –

For we were no more representing God who is eternal but man who was mortal ~

No more a visual impression and a righteous expression of the Holy One, but now a visual impression and true expression of man who had rebelled and was now in separation from God – and His Image and His Likeness –

For it took God in the form of Jesus Christ to come in the likeness of men but the Image of God, being the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of His Being; sustaining all things by His powerful word –

Jesus Christ, who came in the likeness of man, was in his likeness in appearance only –

For He was the Image and the nature of the King Eternal – Immortal – Invisible – the Image and nature of the only wise God –

For what was impossible with men was now being made possible with God ~

Jesus first and us to come after Him – and to follow Him can only be when we take up the Principles of the Divine Life by denying self and taking up our cross as Jesus has always done –

For He was not giving us an option, but a condition of following Him –

For even though He shared our grief and our sorrows – carried our iniquities and experienced all what it was to be human without the fall into sin – His Stature of character and revelation was that of His Father – for He was not born to live by the principles set down by the world, but born to live the Principles that were set and bound into the universe by God –

Principles lived by God from eternity past – long before Calvary became a necessity… but even as Calvary loomed before Him, it would be at this place that God, that Jesus, would demonstrate how deep and how wide and how high are what already has been set into place within the Heavens –

The cross a demonstration of the mighty depth of the Divine Life of the Eternal One in operation… the Principles, which are bound within the universe, were seen at the deepest, rawest revelation of their existence… the core power of their workings… for there is no limit to them – There is no life that can exist which is the opposite of them, for they are the living of the understanding as well as the knowledge and the wisdom of the only wise and True God –

God in demonstration of what life is founded on – what our salvation came forth from – creating, giving, serving, loving – never based on one self –

For God is Three just as the Lord is One – a prime number which cannot be divided by any other whole number but itself… and never divided are They – never against each other are They – and never to lord it over Each Other do They… for They live agape love, not love sacrificed nor love lost, but love made known and magnified so as to come into its eternal increase.

And to bear the very Image of God, we are to have knowledge of Him – and to be wise to have the wisdom of Him… and to give all to have the understanding of Him to even be able to live the Principles of the way the Lord lives life with the Lord and the Lord –

For at the very centre of the heart of the Trinity is the desire to serve – the very axis of His nature… the well of Their unity… the mastery of Their relationship – to be three Individuals but so One that They never cease to give increase to Each Other… for what is given to the Other returns into Their lap – as the universe sees God… sees Love in its eternal form and in its divine form and knows why we must give all to get understanding of the Eternal One who is divine in form and thought and word and action – and love.

But man, Adam, never took up the knowledge of God so as to understand the glory of living as one who was created in the very Image of God’s perfect Being, because he never took up the position of one who serves… never took up the position of one who worships the Lord nor one who called on His Name… never took up the position of a serious listener… never sacrificed unto himself so it may be given back to God as glory… never walked with the Lord every minute of every day… and even though it was long before the cross at Calvary, never denied self and took up all of the Principles of which were inherent in the Lord’s nature long before the cross was seen on Earth – copying Him – imitating Him – following Him – for the Lamb was already crucified – the cross already taken its place in the history of the Heavens.

Man never reached for the Lord’s standard, nor His measure, let alone followed to listen to Him to come to know the self that we are, when we are one with God… to know the oneness produced from the selfless giving of ourselves to the One who became a Servant to all.

We never took up the Principles by which God always interacted and existed with God – with life – and there is no other except Him, or beyond Him, or before Him, or after Him who can teach us and show us these things which are bound ever so securely within the holy confines of the New Heavens and New Earth –

For we could no longer do justice to His Image – we could not reach such a standard… hold such a measure… fulfil such a role… increase in such grandness of stature –

For we could only come to the measure of man – the standard of man – the stature of man – the power of man – who was now in separation from God… separated from Him until the Man, Jesus, came and reconciled us back to the Father in fullness of Image and Likeness and thought and word and desire and action and even love.

For it is not to only love the idea of following Jesus, but to love the reality of what it is to follow Him and be just like Him… of what it means… of what it demands and asks and requires – not to have a fantasy of good works, but to live the truth of coming after Him, for it will require all of what Jesus said… if you want to follow Me, if you want to come after Me, then you must deny self and take up your cross – take up all the Principles of the cross of Christ… all of which the cross set the standard and measure for… and live the life and teachings of the Lord as He has lived it with the Father and the Holy Spirit from eternity past, with the hope that all will come to know Him… even understand Him…

Jesus on the cross is not the Divine Life… but the cross of Christ a demonstration of the Principles by which He lives, seen in operation, and which He will not separate Himself from, whether in Heaven or on Earth… for what looked like defeat was victory through the workings of the principles which are not of this world. What we see as weakness is His mighty power to save, for what we saw we never understood because it was all of which the ever increasing universes were created and sustained by. God was in His element… not the atrocity of the cross being where He should be, but it was the outcome of all of what He stays true to. It is not what He should have had to go through, but it was God who is Love in operation – it was God’s love in operation living to the outer edge of even Himself, the Divine Principles of Divine Life of the Eternal One.

That is why it is Jesus first; and if we fulfil the conditions by which we may come after Him, then nothing will be able to wedge itself between Him and us… for as long as He is always first, and as long as we always are following Him with our cross and with self laid down, taking up the position of a servant, taking up the position of one who comes last – knowing and living the understanding of the Principles by which God lives with God lives with God, and lives with His creation… for They are so foreign to us – so the opposite to the way we live and think and act… but are Ones by which He lived in Heaven and on Earth, and They are what gave manifested release to our salvation… even our resurrection –

For what other god lives by abiding in such principles that they can be taken into all situations and bring forth the true victory by their mighty workings – we see them as foolishness – we see them as weakness – we see being last, being a servant, as failure, as humiliation, as not to be desired or sought after.

But they are the structure on which all creation came into being – the unbroken code of life when it is lived to manifest the truth of God, who would and did stretch out His arms and die for us – dying for His enemies through Jesus Christ… doing unto others what He would have done unto Himself –

The selfless giving of self holds the understanding of the majesty of the position of one who serves – with a realisation of the weight of such magnificent nobility and grace – the authority which comes out of such humility and truth – to carry, represent, and present with noble integrity and dignity so as to do justice to the gracious and generous self giving nature which makes Him God of all the living… to be of the Likeness of what was inherent in His nature long before Calvary took its place in history… to not only be able to live with His integrity the principle of the Divine way of Life of our God, but to understand that the Image was reversed when our way of life became reversed… having not on our mind the things of God, but the things that man wanted, there was no love in our heart for God, for there was no room in our life for God – living now to be served… to be rewarded… to come first… and to raise ourselves higher than our Lord… even to be raised up as ones against eternal life, following not what led to life but what took us to death –

And the reverse is losing our life for the sake of Jesus… dying with Christ so we may live in Him and with Him and for Him – being a servant to all as we are led by Him to eternal life from where we may see the Divine Life of the Eternal One…

For we love Him for what He did, but hate that He had to do it.

But know that there is no darkness that can overcome the Light which is revealed when the Lord displays the glory that makes Them One – the understanding which is revealed when we see why He seeks glory when we see the Oneness it produces.

It is a divinely powerful principle by which all creation is to abide in – with God being the only One who can lead us into it –

For Jesus could have come off the cross – He could have answered back against the accusations – He could have flogged those who were flogging Him – He could have walked off the Earth for He had so much life in Him… He could have uprooted Himself from every Principle that He lived from eternity past by, and which His Father taught Him to live on Earth as the Son of Man by – But He was the Living Principles of God in operation on this Earth and not the dead principles of good works of man at work on this Earth – For He also could have demanded to be served… He could have taken from the scarcity of the Earth and kept His abundance to Himself – the giving of Himself exchanged for the taking for Himself…

He could have worshipped His power and His abilities and lorded over men, for He was in truth God as well as a Man.

But God was not in rebellion against God – it was man who was not now His Image or His Likeness who was in rebellion against Him –

And it took God in the form of Jesus to live the truth of God and to reveal the truth of men.

For only He has the teachings, the knowledge, the wisdom and the understanding from eternity past, taken by necessity to their most graphic form of revelation so God may be seen in all and known by all, and maybe even understood by all, as He gave Himself for His creation – gave Himself to His creation as Jesus came to serve man He created as He would serve God who is the Creator – doing unto His enemies what He would have done unto God Himself in the extremes of selflessness but to the maximum of glory, revealing the crucial core elements of the ways of God – a fundamental but vital revealing of what will only allow us to bear His Image and His Likeness as we live oneness with the Lord, desiring again the nature of the Divine One and to be of the Image of the Eternal One….

How can anything about Him be of the superficial? He is never superficial, but in His grace, He accepts that the superficial sometimes is all that we want –

But what is superficial about what it means to deny self and take up our cross and follow the Lord, filled to overflowing with a childlike purity that is stunning in its nobility as we follow He who walks with a nobility and grace far, far beyond mere human elegance? The nobility of grace and truth given to man when they were first made in the Image of God who is True and created in His nature which is the revelation of grace ~

That purity, which is stunning in its nobility and grace is the Image we were created in –

And His image He protected ~

The majesty of it kept in Sanctuary ~

The nobility of it sealed by the blood of the Lamb crucified ~

The grace of it held captive to the resurrection of Jesus ~

For the bearing of its pure nobility and grace could come only again to us through the life in the flesh and death in the flesh and the resurrection in the flesh of our Lord Jesus Christ who fills everything everywhere with His Presence and His word –

Jesus who came in the likeness in appearance of a man, but who was the exact representation of God, God’s complete Image… stunning in His nobility and gracious in His majesty and divine in His humility, as He lived to serve and died to save and resurrected to bring in the New Creation…

For being made in the Image and Likeness of God is not a gift but a way of life.

Not a reward but a responsibility… to rule as God rules – to serve as God serves – to give as God gives – to love as God loves – to forgive as God forgives – to have mercy as God has mercy – to have compassion as God has compassion – and to be perfect as God is perfect.

For the extra mile does not ever come to an end – that extra mile has no limit when we choose the high road and the narrow path of which Jesus walks… and if we follow Him so we may understand this life of selfless giving, the way of the life of a servant, so we may see its true majesty as we learn it from Jesus and live it with Jesus –

Denying self and taking up our cross and following Jesus so we may be with Him where He is, is pure God – for we can only come so far in the likeness and image of man… and then the next step has to be pure God… for we never grew in His Image and Stature and Likeness, but only of that of man – we never came anywhere near maturity to increase through life and not to decrease through death – for we were always hearing but never understanding, always seeing but never perceiving, because our hearts had become calloused and we could hardly hear and had closed our eyes and could not come into the measure of giving as God gives – the standard of serving as God serves… never knowing so as to understand His standard, His measure, and the line which is never crossed so we can reach for the horizon which is never reached, for it never ends, for it is the eternal horizon of God who never ends but only lives to have glorious increase –

And it is why His Life will always have power over death… His Light always have dominion over darkness… His Love always prevail over evil… His Jesus always be victorious over defeat… for He is the only way to Eternal Life… for He is that Eternal Life.

And if He has declared that eternal life is coming to know God and Jesus, then that is what it is. It cannot be changed by us – it cannot be changed from its depth of humility to being prideful – It cannot be changed from giving to taking – its glory cannot be exchanged for worthless idols…

If it is to lay down self then that is what it is… If it is to carry our cross as the Lord carried His, then that is what it is. We think that we can change it and life will still operate the same, but it will not, for salvation came by way of grace through faith in Jesus – salvation came by way of God only demonstrating how He has always lived life so it came into its abundance, its increase – so One could give life to the many ~

God’s love for God engulfed us as well and the world He so loved, for all came from the Divine Eternal Principle of serving, from the dynamics of giving and giving, and from the power of His love to change.

A Principle… a general across the board, across the universe, truth on which other truths flowed and depended –

For we exchanged immortality for mortality, so we had life but it would not last, and we had words that would not remain, and we had a strength that could not save us.

We had the measure of a man, the standard of a man and the strength of a man, but we did not have God –

And He is the Life that will last – He is the Word that will never perish – He is the Power which did save us – for He is the standard – He is the measure – He is the Eternal One –

And lives the Divine Life of the Eternal One that He is…

For at the very centre of the heart of God is the desire to serve. So how high, how great, how majestic is that position – so opposite to where we have placed it that only with the Spirit of Understanding will we ever be able to see the pure majesty of the position of a servant – of one who serves? We will never see it until we have the understanding of God who became a Servant to all… so that the position of One who serves is seen from the heart of the One who sits on the Throne in Heaven and yet came into the bowels of the Earth so all and everything was put back into its rightful order… if He had not lowered Himself , NOT the standard, but lowered Himself to come to us, we would not have ever known the height from which He came… never have known the majesty of the position of One who serves, of One who gives and gives – for it took the Lord God Almighty to show us that what the world values He does not. It took only Him to show us the difference between being in the Image of God as opposed to the likeness of man – the difference between being as the Likeness of God as opposed to being as the image of man… And for us to know and even understand that to bear the Image of our Creator again we must be of the creative, and it begins with giving self over to the Spirit of Life and His creative nature… the Divine nature of the Creator… becoming formless in structure of our mind and our heart and spirit and flexible in our state of complete surrender as we live the Principles of which the cross was a demonstration of, so when He desires to move and to create something new, He can move as the wind and flow as the Living Waters and create a new thing on Earth just as it is created in the Heavens…

So able to be moulded by His powerful hand and His word of power that He can do anything without hindrance as His earthen vessels are in submission to God the Creator, not out of force or compliance to any rule, but out of the understanding that the Lord IS creating a new thing as we are in complete submission to Jesus being formed in us, so we may be able to take up the shape and form and mind and Image and Likeness of God The Father, the Image and Likeness of Jesus the Son, and the Image and Likeness of God the Holy Spirit –

That we may take up and live the shape and form and mind and Image and Likeness of the Immortal One, the Eternal One, the Invisible One, by the power of the Holy Spirit, by the Will of the Father, and because of the faithful and obedient work of the Son, and rejoice and be glad at what the Lord the Holy Spirit is now creating –

Rejoice and be glad because the Spirit of God IS creating, not did create, but IS creating!

Rejoice with Him as He remembers as He first created man… that He patterned man after Himself and created Him in His Image and as His Likeness of nature –

Rejoice at what was first given unto man when he was first made in the gracious Image of God who is the True One… that again in Jesus we may overflow before our Lord with a childlike purity that is again stunning in its nobility before Him…

For that purity, which is stunning in its nobility and grace, is the Image and Likeness we were created in, and we must rejoice that He again may have man, male and female, who can bear His image of which He has protected – who can carry the majesty of which has been kept in the Sanctuary – and who can reveal with integrity the nobility of His grace –

That we may be able to bear the purity, the nobility, the grace, and the majesty of our Lord Jesus Christ who fills everything everywhere with His Presence because He is the exact representation of the all of the Image and Likeness of God – and if we are in Him and He is in us – and we are following Him so as to come after Him and to be where He is, be glad and rejoice forever because God the Holy Spirit IS creating a new thing on Earth just as it is created in the Heavens –

For just as it was created in the Heavens of God’s heart from eternity past, so it will be again… AMEN


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