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“[If you have] faith in God, I tell you the truth, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him.  Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”[1]

Have you noticed that when Jesus said, “If you have faith in God…” He did not use an ordinary event to show what can be done, but rather used an extraordinary event… a miraculous event… a mountain being thrown into the sea event to show His disciples what faith in God can do for those who have it.

Jesus said, “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it will obey you.”[2]  Again, look at the event that a mustard seed of faith would produce; not an ordinary event but a miraculous event.

One of the things we have to repent of now is that we have used the faith that God has given us for ordinary events.  We have used mountains of faith to see our ordinary needs provided for and to go after the things that pagans run after… clothes, food, houses, possessions and even answered prayers and right standing before God as well as peace, joy and righteousness.  We fail to realise that pagans run after all these things, and that as we seek first the Kingdom and all its righteousness, they will be added unto us.[3] 

The Kingdom of Heaven runs on an economy of faith, a mustard seed, of which when combined with words spoken in prayer without doubt, unleashes the power of the Kingdom of God that produces miracles.  Thus the economies of Heaven and of God are based on a currency of faith and of miracles.  Faith unleashes the miracles, but knowledge, wisdom and understanding direct the miracles in a way that maximises the return in terms of glory and honour for the Lord.

Moses reminded the Israelites not to forget God who gave them power and ability to acquire, produce and create wealth.[4]  The ability God has given us is the ability to believe.  As I have said before, faith is in every human being; even atheists can believe, for they believe there is no God.  For them to do that, faith has to be there.  By God’s grace, He has directed and drawn our ability to believe in Jesus, so that our faith is in Him, and then He has given us the Holy Spirit at Jesus’ request, so that we have the power of the Holy Spirit to do miracles.  Thus, the ability and power to acquire, create and produce wealth comes from faith to believe, to create and to acquire the vision, and the power to produce the manifestation of the vision, which has been created in our imagination.  Because He has given us the power to produce what we imagined by our vision and faith, the imagination is not in vain or vain.

The wealth that matters in the Kingdoms of Heaven and of God is honour and glory.  Indeed, Jesus said He did not seek glory, but there was One who sought it… the Father.[5]

The knowledge and understanding that comes from wisdom, means that we are not destroyed or ruined in our pursuit of God’s economy.  Thus, the faith that is in God, the knowing faith, selected us knowing that we will use believing faith correctly if only we are shown how.  And as we see more and more miracles, signs and wonders as we practise the word of the Lord, we will come to know and understand how, when and where to do miracles, until what is written about the two witnesses is fulfilled in our lives.[6]

Once and for all, remember the purpose of the moral life that the Law of Moses gives is so that you may be found worthy of the miraculous life given by Jesus.  The law cannot be fulfilled by anyone else except Jesus, so that the Kingdom of God cannot be entered into except through Jesus, who is the Gate, and the power of the Kingdom of God is found only in Jesus Christ.  Thus even the False Prophet cannot do his signs and wonders without first having come into the Kingdom of God and then leave with the gifts He has received to prostitute himself to the Beast.

So, now, as elect of the Holy Spirit, not only are you to have faith in God, but your faith must be used according to the economy of God, and not the economy of man.  Whatever can be done by man does not need faith in God.  As such, whatever is in the economy of man needs no faith, the knowing faith of God; whether it is to build a large ministry, to sell a million albums, to buy a house, get a job or even find a parking space.  Whatever can be done by man needs no faith in God.  The type of faith you and I must turn our minds to must be towards things that cannot be done by men, which are miracles, signs and wonders such as…

Changing water to wine, and wood to gold,

Healing the sick by causing the lame to walk with a word and the blind to see,

To drive out demons,

To translate,

To calm a storm instantly with a word,

To loose an earthquake or stop one,

To raise the dead,

To feed 5000 by multiplying 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish,

To walk on water…

Faith that produces miracles is the fuel and currency of the Kingdom of God to acquire the wealth that matters… glory, honour, praise and thanksgiving.  Indeed, what is valued amongst men is not valued by God.  You may say man can produce glory, honour, praise and thanks.  Indeed we can, and that is why God created man in His Image so that man can produce the glory, honour, praise and thanks that God desires to receive… not to mention love.  However, when the faith and power are used to acquire this spiritual wealth so that it is prostituted to other gods or men, which is when you err on the wrong side of God just like the False Prophet, then you are in danger of the fires of the Lake of Sulphur.

Thus, we must begin to learn to apply ourselves to God’s economy or the economic system of the Kingdom of God, where all things are acquired and produced not by physical effort and monetary means, but by miraculous means.  Indeed, until we learn to have miracles in abundance, we have not really begun to learn how to love one another as Jesus loved us.  Jesus loved us and laboured hard, even to labouring on the cross until He died, with a dual economy of material and miraculous, but not monetary means.

Jesus bought – He bought us by His blood and death, not silver and gold.  And if He gave, He gave because people gave Him faith.  So if you were to ask, ‘Did Jesus ever sell?’ in a way He did, but not as we sell out of lack and of greed.  He gave, which was His way of selling out of abundance and generosity.  To put it in human terms, it would be like a butcher giving you a 100kg of beef and 100kg of lamb and 100kg of chicken when you paid for only 1kg of beef.  The currency that people used was faith in Him.

So likewise, we will not be able to fulfil the Lord’s command to love one another as He loved us until we have come into an economy of miracles.  When we use miracles to acquire, produce and create wealth of glory, honour, thanks and praise to God whilst our material needs, our lesser needs, the needs of the pagans, are automatically met.  Now, that is faith in God!  Faith in God, that all that the pagans run after is added to us as we seek first the Kingdom and all its righteousness, and we seek to prosper the Kingdom in increasing the Kingdom in everyway using miracles. 

Thus as faith and power are the currency and the fuel to produce miracles, signs and wonders, for the product by which glory, honour, praise and thanks are brought out of the mouths and hearts of men and women for God, we need to work on our faith and power, and see the increase of our production of miracles, signs and wonders for export in the same way as the kingdom of the world produces automobiles, clothes and food to trade for wealth.

Thus, there is a trading, but not as a Canaanite would trade, which is out of lack and greed, but as God would out of abundance and generosity, which is really no trade at all.  Imagine your sins for His life; His life for yours; and He paid for your sins so that you could live His life?  That is not trade.  That is a gift beyond worth.  It is the act of a generous God who would like a token of appreciation from you… a token of glory, honour, praise and thanks.

Thus, with what faith we have and what power we have, we must acquire, create and produce miracles, signs and wonders so that glory, honour, praise and thanks are given to God.  The more glory, honour, praise and thanks God receives, the more the Kingdom of God prospers.  As such, we have to learn afresh what faith in God really means in God’s economy.  AMEN

[1] Mark 11:22-24

[2] Luke 17:6

[3] Luke 12:30-31

[4] Deuteronomy 8:18

[5] John 8:50

[6] Revelation 11:3-6


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