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The Son of God has come and has given us understanding so that we may know Him who is true.

And we are in Him who is true – even in His Son Jesus Christ. He is the true God and eternal life.

For God so gave His Word in pledge that His Word was made flesh –

But as a pledge fulfilled brings honour and glory, so a pledge broken brings dishonour and disgrace.

But the Father is a Person of His word – Jesus a Man of His word – so honour must come before praise and glory… and for God to honour His W/word, keep His W/word, and fulfil His pledge… Jesus must return as promised.

For He is the manifested form of our salvation, our eternal life, our eternity.

Jesus is the manifestation of all God has promised, and as Jesus is God’s Word to us, so He is the fulfilment of what has been promised… and so only through Jesus can men say to God… “You have kept Your W/word.”

For only the words given Him by the Father, did Jesus speak, for Jesus said… “I do not speak of My own accord but the Father who sent Me commanded Me what to say and how to say it. I know that His command, leads to eternal life.”

“Listen to Jesus”… is the command that leads to eternal life. The command which allows you to come to know the one true God and even Jesus Christ whom He sent, the command by which we come to hear Jesus declare, “whoever lives and believes in Me will never die”…

For when we believe those words given Him by the Father and live them, it gives Jesus a legitimate reason to give the devil as to why He can now come back… for now there will be those who will not be dying and going to Heaven but living and remaining on Earth.

Jesus has the keys to Heaven and Earth and death and Hades, but the devil says Jesus does not have to come back to Earth for every man will die, go to Heaven, and then have their judgement… so there is no reason for Him to come to us for we were all going to Him, and if that is so, then there is no way for Jesus to fulfil His omega promise to us – but now, there are ones who are not going to Him to have their judgment, so Jesus has to come to them.

For if Jesus has ones who believe in all His words and so ones who will live and never die, He must come to them for He cannot have them living in eternity without their Lord.

And as kings do not borrow weapons from the enemy, but count the cost and use what they have… so there will be not one, not the devil or anyone of the world who will be able to say it was anything they did which brought Jesus back to Earth.

For our King is coming to get what is HIS, not what is borrowed, but coming to get what has always been HIS.

For no rebellion can stand when you work for the glory and the honour of He who sent you.

For Jesus is the Great Amen and He has said… “YES! I AM coming soon”… and that omega promise He made to us is to be a treasure of our heart, one to hold above the sum total of every good promise that anyone else can ever make to you –

For by that one promise, Jesus receives justice, praise, glory and honour, and the whole complete will of God has been made true – because the coming of our Lord Jesus allows that which Adam lost to be revealed as if it was never lost, and then to be drawn to its inevitable conclusion when men will show their true ingratitude.

Ingratiates… when God alone, is the only One who does not want to harm us, but only has plans to prosper us, plans to give us a hope and a future.

For even if Satan had waited and not stepped in until he was sent, then he too would not have shared in the condemnation of the Lake of Sulphur, for he would have been sent to test the metal of men, being then a spirit of truth… and so never become Satan, but remained the anointed cherub. Anointed as guardian cherub to guard the tree of the knowledge of good and evil so Adam and Eve would not eat of what was set aside for God alone to partake of.

But Satan did not wait to be sent, for he had set his sights on placing his throne above the Throne of God, for he thought that God lived for praises that came from His creation, and so he traded his wisdom and knowledge for the estates of the angelics – for by them handing over their positions and authority in exchange for his wisdom and knowledge, he had them praise him… for he thought if he had more angels than God to praise him he could ascend above God… but he did not know God does not live for praises, or on praises from men or from anyone else. For even the glory God seeks does not sustain Him, for it is His zeal to be true that always sustains Him… for glory to God can be as trifling as the beauty of the lilies of the field, for without God’s zeal to always be true, even beauty and perfection would have no truth, and if there is no truth then how can there be true beauty or true perfection – so without truth, everything is meaningless –

But God is true, and everything has its true meaning in Him, for He is the Truth of all things… and the true beauty of His perfection, and true perfection of His beauty is about to come into this world once more and be seen by all who live on the face of the Earth – but this time, the whole world which was made through Him, for Him and by Him will recognise Him, for when He comes to that which is His Own, those who are His Own will receive Him in honour, as all creation sees the glory of the One and Only who came from the Father, the first time full of grace and truth, the second time full of judgement and truth –

For with justice His Kingdom will be established forever, because the four legs of His glorious Throne are built on justice, praise, glory and honour, upon which His immeasurable power will sit.

Justice for Jesus must come first, because until you bring justice to Jesus His Throne cannot be established on Earth. For His Throne is established in justice, then honour, praise, and glory upon which then sits the power.

But until then, Jesus sits on His Throne at the Father’s right hand still without justice – still waiting for justice. For His Throne must be established in justice for all His judgments will be just – not just righteous but just.

For you can be unjust even though you are righteous, for what makes righteousness just – is mercy, for without mercy righteousness can also be unjust.

And so to seek the entirety of the Kingdom of God you must be working to bring justice, praise, glory and honour to Jesus, in His Name – The Name His Father gave Him –

And until we learn to honour the One who sent us, we are not ready to work for the glory of the One who sent us, much less the praise – for even though honour is greater than glory, the lesser cannot be accomplished unless the greater is first achieved.

For praise and glory without honour is prostitution – for a prostitute is praised, and for a while it seems glorious, but there is no honour in a prostitute.

For when the praise and glory is prostituted it has no meaning – it has no eternity, like the praises and glory of the Kingdoms of the Earth.

Yet honour is the most illusive substance, for it is the easiest to be destroyed… for if you think you have honour you have lost it… just as once you say you have humility it disappears.

And yet even though you do not need to love someone to honour them, when love and honour fuse it is the greatest of all miracles …for that is when honour is avenged, and when all things are made new.

But honour must remain unspoken – as silent as the Lamb to the slaughter, as silent as the Sacrifice of God.

For you live it… even die for it – for you work for the honour of the One who sent you until the work you were sent to do is finished, even if it cost you everything you have… even if it costs you your life – for only are you fit to work for the glory of the One who sent you, when you can say… IT IS FINISHED!

Through honour is forgiveness, for Jesus worked for the honour of the Father who sent Him and honoured Him by finishing the work He was sent to do, and so bringing into existence the Covenant for the forgiveness of sins… and so saying to the Father… “Forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing”…

Do not know He was already willing to die for them… that He already had become sin …that He already had in His mind for Pilate to crucify an innocent Man …they did not know for they had not listened, for if they had they would have never murdered an innocent Man, never crucified the Lord of Glory, but saw what it is to work for the honour of the One who sent you. They would have seen The Man of Truth… they would have seen what it means to have nothing false about you… they would have seen that the honour of a humble Man, is the honour of a King.

They would have seen that honour and glory and even praise and justice does not come by way of self exaltation, self honour, or self-centred revenge – but even yet, what they could only see would have been to them foolishness, a stumbling block – for the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing. For what they would have seen would have been a Man going in silence to His death upon a roman cross, in weakness and in defeat – alone and reviled even by those who followed Him and professed to love Him unto death.

They would have only seen the shame of the cross, its dishonour and disgrace, and not its honour and His grace.

But that is why the finished work of Jesus has such power to save, for He did exactly what He saw the Father doing and spoke only what the Father told Him, for even though He was the fullness of all God’s Word He only spoke the words given Him …and in doing that, the world would have witnessed His closest disciples betraying Him, deserting Him, denying Him… even ashamed of Him… ashamed, because He did not retaliate or stand up for Himself. Why do you think Peter denied he knew Jesus and then wept so bitterly… because Jesus would do nothing to free Himself …He would do nothing that would leave the work He was sent to do unfinished, and so would not turn His power against those who restrained Him and reviled Him, nor reveal the majesty of His Kingdom… not even to gain the respect of he who was ashamed of Him, nor the loyalty lost to Him –

He did nothing, except what He was shown and told by the One who sent Him, because the shame of the cross was the power of God to save – it was victorious salvation! …for by the shame of the cross He was disarming the powers and authorities, making a public spectacle of them by triumphing over them by the cross He lived on …for the cross did not take His life, He lay it down… death did not triumph over Him, He triumphed over death.

But the world would not have seen or recognised let alone understood the truth of The Man of Truth or the honour of being true …let alone the power that comes from having nothing false about you.

For who can understand, even recognise the love that generates such honour for the One who sent you, that you would die for it… that you would lay down your life for it… or understand how such things produce so much glory for the One who sent you, that it gives rise to the sun not revealing its light and causes the Earth to quake in reverence – for it takes you to a roman cross to die the death of a sinner even though no sin is found in you. Who can fathom the honour of such love… love that generates such honour, that the love that comes from it is the love which lasts forever.

It can only be to, and for, the glory, praise and honour of the One who sent you, if the One who sent you, if the One who sent Jesus, is God Himself …if the One who sent Jesus is the Father He came to reveal.

For a new command I give you, Jesus said… “Love one another as I have loved you” –

A new command to go with the command of love already given …“love your enemies ‘’ –

For the church would love their disciples to lord it over those they serve but that is not the way of Jesus.

For the first command of love He gave was the command to “Love your enemies” …and is the command that elevates you – for the pagans do not do that, so it gives you the high ground. For in the correction to the Ephesian Church the Lord said, “You have forsaken your first love: remember the height from which you have fallen,” for the love of enemies gives us height …it makes us the CAPSTONE.

The second command of love… “love one another” was so we would bear in mind that our enemies come from our own household, and so does not give us height but brings us down to the feet of others to wash their feet… making us the CORNERSTONE.

And so when Jesus said: “He who works for the honour of the one who sent him is a man of truth,” the command of love which brings such honour to the one who sent you, is the command to love one another.

The command that reveals the honour of love… the command that reveals the honour of God.

And when Jesus said: “He who seeks the glory of the One who sent Him, He is true,” the command of love which brings such glory to the one who sent you, is the command to love your enemies.

The command that reveals the glory of love… the command that reveals the glory of God.

And to know the difference between the two commands is to know the difference between working for the honour of the one who sent you, and working for the glory of the one who sent you – and why you must do the greater thing so as to do the lesser thing – knowing that if you do the lesser thing first, you have prostituted the greater thing.

For the love of one another speaks of family honour – family unity, family harmony and family oneness.

The love of enemies speaks of victory – for the love of enemies is the conquest of the enemy, which is the victory of the Lord.

But the glory of the victory means nothing, if there is first no family honour… no honour within the family.

When you are working for the honour of the One who sent you, you do not speak on your own until the work is finished – for Jesus did not speak on His own until He could say to the One who sent Him, “IT IS FINISHED,” and then anything He spoke after that of His own accord would then bring glory to the One who had sent Him… glory to the Father who had sent Him.

And just as he who works for the honour of the one who sent him is a man of truth and there is nothing false about him… so the One who works for the glory of the One who sent Him …He is true; and there is no unrighteousness or falsehood or deception in Him.

Nothing false about a man of truth who works to bring honour and no unrighteousness or falsehood or deception in He who works to bring glory.

No unrighteousness for the One who is true shows His love of those who love the Lord by convicting them in regard to righteousness, for in Him there is no unrighteousness… and as He does not practise false motive nor bring that which is false, so in Him is no falsehood… and as He shows His love of enemies by convicting them in regard to their sin of unbelief, so there is no deception in Him.

For did not Jesus say: “The Holy Spirit will bring glory to Me by taking from what is Mine and making it known to you. All that belongs to the Father is Mine” …the Holy Spirit brings the glory, for love of enemies comes from the Father.

So the honour is to finish the first mile which is to finish the work you were sent to do, the glory is the second mile… that which comes from the finished work.

So how can you run the second mile before you finish the first mile?

For to honour the Master is to finish the work set out for the day, to glorify the Master is to serve at the table while He eats His meal.

But as only God be true and every man a liar: what of the man of truth… what of the one who has nothing false about him?

For God will be proved true and all men proved liars: for who knows who has enough courage to face the cross until they face it… who knows how much courage you need until you are there…

That is why the man who boasts he has courage will be proved a liar… and the man who trembles in fear proved a liar, because from him will come the true courage at that moment.

So tremble in the fear of the Lord, for how will you know if the honour you give will bring the glory He seeks or the praise He is worth, until the time comes when the power of having nothing false about you, brings to pass what you are thinking, saying, and doing – for only then will you know if you are a man or woman of truth with nothing false about you, and only then can you seek to work for the glory of the one who sent you… for only then are you are the finished work of Christ – and then and only then, are you the man or woman of truth the Holy Spirit is looking so that these words of Jesus may be fulfilled… “Let he who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches” …for the Holy Spirit is looking for a man or woman who can say… “I tell you the truth” like Jesus, but He first must find a man or woman of truth… one who can see the T/truth, know the T/truth and yet not ashamed of the T/truth.

For then from this man of truth, does come the greater things.

For the man of truth works for the honour of the one who sent him – he works for the honour of the one who says… “go”!

But when Jesus first called the disciples He did not say, “go,” but “come.”

“Come,” in the same way the rich ruler sent the word and asked Jesus to “come.”

“Come,” in the same way Mary and Martha asked Jesus to “come,” and so one of the greater things we can do is to work for the honour of the one who called us, for Jesus was never called …He was sent… so Jesus can only honour the One who sent Him by His work, but we have been called before we were sent.

And so a man of honour is the one who works for the glory and honour of the one who called him, not the one who sent him.

And from that man of honour comes the man of wisdom, yet even though they do the same things the man of wisdom goes onto a higher level – for by wisdom… kings reign.

A man of wisdom is the one who works for the honour and the glory of the one who called him.

And so the difference between a man of honour and man of wisdom… is a man of honour will receive honour unto himself… and man of wisdom, establishes the foundation of all things… for “I wisdom, was the Craftsman at His side” when the whole world was established and formed.

But now, before Jesus arrives, it is the man of truth who is the weapon God is going to use to finish the preparation of the Earth for our King’s arrival.

But from those who have been called before they were sent, it is those disciples who have the insight to work for the one who called them, who show the true potential to be the ones to honour as they are sent.

For by honour a king is raised… by wisdom a king can reign.

And because Jesus was never called, but was sent, He is always a MAN OF TRUTH –

But we are called before we are sent, so in truth a man of honour was in Jesus before the Man of truth could come …for Jesus revealed the Man of honour as He worked to serve those He will reign over.

For when He was called to the ruler’s house to heal his daughter, He went to work for the honour of the one who sent for Him.

Like Mary and Martha… they sent for Him, called for Him… yet Jesus waited for the glory… He waited to work for the honour and glory of the one who called Him.

For Jesus also worked for honour and glory for the one who called Him not only for the One who sent Him.


From the man of honour, as he honours so he will be honoured, and so will emerge the man of wisdom… for he who honours the one who calls him, is then one who shows wisdom.

And the one who honours the one who sent him, is the one who shows prudence, for it is prudence that you honour your Master who sent you, and wisdom to honour the one who is about to become your Master.

So from those who honour the one who calls them, comes ones who show the true potential of kingship, for it takes wisdom to honour the one who calls you.

For the man of wisdom is meant to be king – for by wisdom kings are established, and by wisdom kings reign.

For the man of wisdom …honours the one he sends AND calls.

The man of wisdom… honours the one he calls, and glorifies the one he sends.

For when a king shows honour to those he calls he engenders loyalty, and when he glorifies the one he sends he solidifies, makes complete, and perfects that same loyalty.

And a throne which is established in wisdom, surrounded by loyal subjects can never fall.

But it takes justice to establish The Man of Truth as King forever in a Kingdom that can never be lost.

For many may go and work for honour, and be a person of truth and be lords, but Jesus is the Lord of lords and King of kings and even as many may be lords, not all will be kings.

For it is those who are called, when called, seek to work for the honour of the one who called them… they are the ones who have the potential to be a king and not a Lord… but the Lord will still judge between them, separating them – separating the lords from the kings.

For those who are kings, are those who from the moment the Lord called them, they want to honour the One who called them, and not only the One who sent them… for they have wisdom to honour the One who calls them and that wisdom allows them to be kings to reign.

Yet not all are kings and lords – for a lord will reign over a tribe, a king will reign over a nation.

Jesus was sent before He was called, we are called before we are sent.

So those who have the wisdom to honour the one who calls them, are the ones who show the potential to be kings, for by wisdom kings reign.

For a wise king prepares honour to receive the one he calls, and glory for those he sends, and in this way he establishes his throne forever.

And the honouring of one another is how kings love one another…

Yet honour, the most illusive substance that is the most precious of gifts that can be seen in the myrrh, frankincense and gold of the three wise men… for they were honouring the One who called them… and so truly men of wisdom.

The man of truth is the ultimate weapon…

The man of honour the ultimate servant, for from him comes the king… the man of wisdom…

The man of wisdom the ultimate king, for he is a king who is a servant to all…

But right now Jesus sits on His Throne at the Father’s right hand still without justice – still waiting for justice… For with justice His Kingdom will be established forever, because the four legs of His glorious Throne are built on justice, praise, glory and honour, upon which His immeasurable power will sit.

And so now we must fulfil every scripture that only can be fulfilled by disciples, servants, friends and family and give ourselves no rest until we make Jerusalem the PRAISE of our Lord!

For we are preparing for the best, preparing for the arrival of Jesus… the King of all kings and the Lord of all lords.

For God always keeps His W/word, and always keeps the best for last, for the Last was the First and the First will again be the Last.

So embrace the joy of the privilege, for only in rejoicing at all times will no ingratitude be found in you.

Rejoicing even when the fig tree does not bud, and there are no grapes on the vines, and the olive crop fails and the fields produce no food, and there are no sheep in the pen or cattle in the stalls.

REJOICE! …in the Lord, for our King has declared… “YES! I AM… COMING SOON”…

So lay up your nard, drop by drop… each drop a cascade, each drop the fullness of the waterfall of the word of God… each drop in remembrance of the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world… each drop an acknowledgement that the Lion of the tribe of Judah, is the only One worthy to open the scroll He takes from the right hand of He who sits on the Throne.

YES, HE IS COMING SOON! …for we who have taken Him at His word will live and never die, and so as we cannot go to Jesus He must now come to us, for we cannot, and do not, want to live in eternity without Him… without our Lord, without our King.

For again He desires to give the command – “Be silent all the Earth” – and for men to realise that it is not a command of Lordship, but a command to enjoy. A command to be silent and enjoy. for the greatest of all thanksgiving is the silence that comes when His people are so enjoying what He has given them, that they cannot express their thoughts with words, because words fail them.

For so good are the things God gives His creation to enjoy, that words will fail us – that is why when perfection comes all tongues will cease.

Speechless we will be, but thoughtless we will not be, for the greatest pleasure God is looking forward to is when all creation is enjoying what He has given in silence… but our thoughts, the inclination of the thoughts of our hearts and the plans of our mind set on the highest of praise for God… truly thinking well of Him.

And so not with our mouth and tongue, but with our thoughts we say to He who is the Lord God Almighty “HOW GREAT THOU ART” …and rejoice in the privilege of praising He who lives forever.

For too many praise with their lips, and yet their hearts are far from Him, but He forgives them for they do not know, see or hear… but one day, He will show them from the beginning to the end …show them what it would have been like if Adam never sinned, if they had never sinned… and when they repent, then He will restore and resurrect to them that which it should have been as if it always was.

For His plan is not an improvisation that has came into existence because of sin, His plan is not a patch up of sad lives that should have been because of sin… because the Lord is Word, and His thoughts and plans are W/word… and Heaven and Earth may pass away but the thoughts of the Word will never disappear for before sin there was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.

So one day, on judgement day, every eye shall see and every ear shall hear what would have been and what will be, if Adam never sinned and because sin has been removed from man even before he sinned… and man will wake up from this life of sin as one who wakes from a dream vaguely remembering something that is losing its reality – as you wake from a dream remembering a shadow that has no reality in your life …and man is set free!!!

For the Son of God did come and He did give us understanding, so we may know Him who is true.

And we are in Him who is true – even in His Son Jesus Christ for He is the true God and eternal life.

For God so gave His Word to us, that we may come to know that the plans He has to prosper us are so much more then we would have dared imagined… and the plans He has to give us a hope and a future can only be what dreams are made of –

So enjoy the privilege… for the joy of the privilege is yet to come:

For you honour Jesus when you finish doing what He told you to do …BUT you glorify Him when YOU serve HIM at the feast in the Kingdom of God…

So come Lord Jesus, and let us serve You of the fruit of the vine… serve You from the feast set before You…

For we are where we are Lord, because of TRUTH…

Thankyou for the Truth, Lord Jesus… the T/truth that set us free.




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