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How unfortunately true, for no one went to Galilee on resurrection morning to meet with Jesus, and so no ears have heard what Jesus would have said to them as He greeted them on the way.  We know the first words He spoke to His disciples were, “What are you discussing together as you walk along?” [Luke 24.17] as He caught up with Cleopas and Simon (not Peter) who were on their way to Emmaus at the end of the day.  As it was, He appeared to them in a form they could not recognise.  And when He appeared to them later that evening in that locked room in Jerusalem, the first thing He said was, “Peace be with you,” [Luke 24.36] because they were startled, and He had to show them His wounds because they were too frightened to recognise Him.

They all failed to recognise Him because they had not gone where they were told to go, and this was not the first time.  About a year earlier, they had done exactly the same thing as they were caught in the middle of the lake because they chose to go to Capernaum instead of Bethsaida.  Back then they were also startled, thinking they were seeing a ghost as Jesus walked out to them on the water.

This then is the first lesson, elect:  When disciples are not where they have been told to go, they will not recognise Jesus when He appears, but rather, they will be frightened, startled or just kept ignorant of who it is who is speaking to them, like Simon and Cleopas.  And how can any believer or disciple be where Jesus has told him to be if he does not know how to “Listen to Him”?[Matthew 17.5; Mark 9.7; Luke 9.35]  So as Jesus draws near in these final minutes (for John wrote it was the last hour in his letter), you will find that those who say they are believers and disciples will not recognise His approach.  And He is approaching, as He said, “When you hear of wars and revolutions, do not be frightened. [Luke 21.9] All these are the beginning of birth pains.” [Matthew 24.8]

It has been 200 years since the French and American revolutions, and then the Russian and Chinese revolutions.  Each pair about a century apart… but like both pairs, which increased in frequency, this year already we have had three revolutions in one month worldwide.  Surely if these are birth pains, then birth is imminent.

But will you and can you recognise these as the herald of His approach… no, not His arrival, but of His approach… if you are not where you are supposed to be?  No, the twelve did not recognise His approach because they did not listen to Him.  Then neither will you if you have not been listening to Him.  No, the two did not recognise Him even when He walked beside them.  No, the ten did not recognise Him even when He stood in the middle of them (ten because Thomas was not there).

So understand, elect, the state of ignorance you will be surrounded with as you are released to mingle with believers and disciples who have not listened to Jesus.  They will not be able to see what you see and they will be fearful, and for some of them, they will be kept from recognising Him until the end… like Simon and Cleopas.  Warn them.  If they will repent and listen, they will have saved themselves, but unless they cry out as the twelve cried out, be of the attitude of the Lord.  For as the Lord was walking out on the lake, He was not walking towards them, as Mark wrote:  He was about to pass by them… [Mark 6.48] It was only when they cried out that He spoke to them.  As such, likewise, be about your work of preparation as if you are about to pass by the others who are where they are because they did not listen.  Again with Cleopas and Simon… Jesus acted as if He were going farther, [Luke 24.28] that is, even though He was walking with them, He displayed an attitude that He was not going where they were going – an attitude of disinterest.

So likewise, as you have been told to “…not call conspiracy everything that these people call conspiracy; do not fear what they fear…” [Isaiah 8.12] So likewise, show a disinterest to the fears, the concerns and the topical subjects of the day of those who are where they are because they have not listened to Jesus.  For, if they have been listening, they would know that these disasters must increase and so they must be prepared for them.  If they have been listening, they would know global financial crises must happen and continue, creating a need for a new way of buying and selling.  If they have been listening, they would know the beast and the false prophet must appear before Jesus can arrive so that they should do everything possible to assist their ascension to world dominion… even if it is only a prayer.

But no, you will find them startled… as if how could there be an ‘inland’ tsunami?  How could there be three revolutions in one month?  And after they are startled, you will find them frightened, calling upon the Lord to rescue them.  And so those who ply their wares, selling their stories of the coming ‘rapture,’ will profit from them.  In their fear, they will want to be removed before the Lord arrives.  Whereas, if they had listened they would know they are to remain until He arrives.

If they are not startled or frightened, you will find them confused, discussing the events of the day even as they are going to where they have not been told to go, like the two on the road to Emmaus.  The events of recent days and months will be what are on their lips so that the Lord would have to ask them, “What are you discussing together as you walk along?” that is, a discussion that does not interest Him… a discussion on a subject that is irrelevant.  For if they were on the road to Galilee and not on the road to Emmaus, you will find the Lord would not have asked them, “What are you discussing together as you walk along?” but may have asked them, “Where are you hurrying to?” For had they gone on that road to Galilee, they would have seen Him and He would have greeted them with such triumphant joy that they would have instantly recognised Him, even from a distance.

No, elect, no eyes have seen what Jesus would have looked like on the road to Galilee.  We do know that He was unrecognisable on the road to Emmaus.  And no, elect, no ears have heard what Jesus would have said to them as He greeted them on the road to Galilee.  We only know what He said to them on the road to Emmaus… “What are you discussing together as you walk along?”

Indeed, what are you discussing about as you walk along, disciples?  What do you bring before the Lord in prayer?  What are the topics?  Are they the things that have happened there in these days? [Luke 24.18] Or are they the subject of how to fulfil all scriptures required to bring Jesus back?  Do you pray that the beast and the false prophet do not appear in your lifetime… however short it is?  Or are you discussing with each other how to bring the beast and the false prophet out so that Jesus can meet with them on the plains of Armageddon?

Do you pray that you are spared of wars and revolutions, and that there are no earthquakes, famines or disasters in your short little lifetime until you have completed your ministerial duties and are safely seconded in Heaven?  Or are you discussing with your fellow disciples how you may become ones who can be trusted by the Lord with full power to overcome these days of distress and remain alive to greet Him on His arrival?

What you discuss, what startles you and frightens you reveals where you are and where you are going, disciples.  If you have not listened and obeyed, you will be very frightened, startled and speaking of irrelevant topics… even if the Lord were to walk with you.  If you have listened and obeyed and you are going to where He has told you to go… then you will see what no eyes have seen and hear what no ears have heard so that your mind will conceive what no mind ever conceived… on the road to Galilee!

He has called… so let us go to Galilee!  And from there to the Mount of Olives.


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