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Jesus said, “When the Counsellor comes, whom I will send to you from the Father, the Spirit of Truth who goes out from the Father, He will testify about Me.” [John 15.26]

The Holy Spirit began to testify about Jesus from the moment He raised Him from the dead, as Paul puts it, declaring Him to be the Son of God by His power.  Jesus also said to the eleven, “And you also must testify, for you have been with Me from the beginning.” [John 15.27]

Testifying is not preaching the good news or teaching a revelation or a doctrine.  A news report is not admissible as evidence in a court of law, nor is a lecture on a subject matter, but rather, a testimony is admissible as evidence in a court of law.  As such, there is a difference between preaching the gospel and teaching about the gospel compared to testifying to that which we have seen, heard and know about Jesus.

It is to disciples that Jesus gave the command to testify, and then later to preach the gospel as well.  Many times, He told those who could testify about Him not to tell anyone, like the parents of the little girl who was raised from the dead, yet they went out and told people what Jesus had done to them.  Other times, He would tell them to go home or to the priests to testify.

Those who have had an encounter with Jesus, to whom Jesus has spoken to, healed or delivered, have a testimony.  It is the report of what Jesus said or did to them.  Those who have heard the news about Jesus, like the crowds that used to come from all over the countryside, are the believers of the news that they have heard.  And if they were to tell that news to others, it is still just the news and not a testimony, unless they were witnesses to the miracles that Jesus did to others.  E.g. all who were at the house when the cripple who was lowered from the roof got up and walked out were witnesses to the miracle.  Others who heard about it and then told others were the preachers of the news.  The words of the former are admissible in a court, but the words of the latter are not.

The resurrection of the Lord Jesus is the first testimony of the Lord about Him, that He is the Son of God, as Jesus said He was.  Since this is the way the Lord testified for Jesus to confirm that He is the Son, then we can expect that when the Holy Spirit testifies, the power is displayed.

Until now, there has only been the four gospels available… four good news articles that document respectively different aspects of Jesus’ life, so that people may believe and be saved.  However, testimonies are not spoken or given so that people might believe, but rather, a testimony has one purpose only and that is to allow a person to make a decision, that is, a judgement.  So whereas the news brings about belief, rejoicing and salvation, the testimony brings about judgement.  So then, The Testimony of the Holy Spirit about Jesus Christ is not news, and it is not gospel, but it is for judgement.

Many who have read some parts of The Testimony have been offended that the word of God has been changed as it were to produce The Testimony.  Others have been delighted with it, but even those who are delighted with it have not really appreciated what it is, hence this article to spell it out clearly, and so that you may know and understand the difference between a testimony and a gospel.  Jesus did not have a gospel of His own, but rather, as He said, He had a testimony.

When Jesus came out of the desert, He did not have a news item about the devil, but rather, He had a testimony that verified Eve’s testimony about Satan.  His testimony, which added to Eve’s that Satan is a deceiver and a murderer, was enough for judgement to be handed down on Satan and to have him thrown out of Heaven, which is why Jesus said, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from Heaven.” [Luke 10.18]

The failure by most to understand and know the difference between news and testimony is why there is so little power accompanying most sermons.  Most sermons are just news and teachings, but it is those with testimony who have the power.  That is why those whose ministries have been built on the testimonies of people being healed, saved and delivered have such power, compared to your average pastor, vicar and priest whose Sunday sermons are composed mainly of news items and homilies that are borne out of theory.

If you have not yet read The Testimony of the Holy Spirit, here are a few of its highlights:

  1. It clearly proves that the wise men did not visit Jesus in Bethlehem, for if they did, Joseph and Mary would have sacrificed a lamb rather than the two doves, for the gifts of the wise men would have made them rich.  And since the family went back to Nazareth straight after the dedication at the temple, then the wise men visited them in Nazareth, which explains why the slaughter of the children by Herod went all the way up to Ramah.
  2. It clearly shows that Jesus went to Gerasenes twice.  The first time in Matthew when two demon-possessed men greeted Him, and the second time in Luke when one demon-possessed man greeted Him.  Thus resolving the ‘conflict’ of the two accounts in Matthew and Luke.
  3. It clearly shows that although Jesus made them get into the boat straight after the feeding of the five thousand, the twelve tarried until dark and decided to go to Capernaum instead, which is why they were in the middle of the lake at the fourth watch of the night.  It shows that Jesus did not send them there, but they were there because of disobedience, which made their worship of Him when He got into the boat superfluous, for there was no repentance.
  4. It shows that even though Matthew said they did go to the mountain in Galilee, they did not go as soon as they were told, but were brought there by Jesus after He went down to Galilee to collect the seven who went fishing and disobeyed His command for them on the first night to stay in Jerusalem until clothed with power.

However, all these are mere words, and though they may be persuasive, they are nothing without the power.  If the testimony as produced by the workshop is indeed The Testimony of the Holy Spirit, then it will have power that is not present in the gospels.  Indeed, we are witnesses already that sick people reading The Testimony are healed even as they read.  For if indeed we have been given The Testimony of the Holy Spirit, He will confirm it with His power.  And if indeed this is The Testimony, then judgement will follow, and that from the Judge, the Father.

Hr. Ed Kwan, manager of the Holy Spirit’s Workshop

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