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What would inspire a group of men who have been with Jesus for two years, who have seen His miracles, who have heard Him teach, who have done the same miracles as they repeated His teachings, and who have seen Him risen from the dead and placed their hands in His wounds, to keep quiet about His resurrection as they made their way from Jerusalem back to their homes in Galilee?

That is the most profound of mysteries… a mystery that is alive and well to this day.

About ten days ago, a man with renal failure who had been on dialysis and as such had not passed any urine at all for years, passed some urine the morning after hands had been laid on him for healing and words spoken to command new kidneys created.  He was told to call the ministry if he passed urine the next morning, but he did not.  What inspires such a man?

What inspires those of us who are ministers of the word and who have read the words of Jesus to continue to practise things that are contrary to His teachings?  Even the most ‘scripture’ based teachers and preachers are focussed on building their ministries to reach people to save souls, and to live out their years, die and go to Heaven to be welcomed as ‘good and faithful’ servants.  What inspires us to ignore His final words, “Yes, I am coming soon”? [Revelation 22.20]  If we did believe that, we would be living out our ministries preparing for His arrival and not for our departure.  What inspires us?  It is a mystery.

And that is the mystery which is the capstone of the great prostitute, which John saw in Revelation 17.  It is that which inspires men to ignore the will and plans of Jesus, and carry out their own plans and desires… at times even using His Name to justify and achieve them.  And in the case of the council of Jerusalem, using the Name of the Holy Spirit.  If indeed it seems good to the Holy Spirit that we are to abstain from eating blood, the flesh of strangled animals and food sacrificed to idols, then God is no longer One, for the Spirit has gone against the word of the Word.

The grace of God is such that He has called those who are in the great prostitute to, “Come out of her, My people…” [Revelation 18.4]

As such, one of our duties is also to echo these words of the Lord and to facilitate the departure of God’s people from the prostitute, like Moses and Aaron were used to set Israel free from Egypt.  That being the case, the first work is to remove the mystery of the prostitute… remove the mystery about her.  If you look at the titles of the prostitute in Revelation, you will find that it is arranged in a pyramid.  To destroy a pyramid, one has to start from the top, for the foundation is too strong and solid.  The weight of the pyramid locks the bottom stones in.  However, we can climb onto it and remove the top stones and throw them down one at a time.

So how does one deal with mystery?  The knowledge of the truth.  The mystery that the prostitute promotes is that God’s ways are mysterious when they are not.  For Jesus has come and made it known to us plainly in deeds and in words… even the extent of His love is shown by the sacrifice on the cross.  There is no mystery about how God wants to relate to a sinner.  Witnesses with the evidence can remove the mystery.  However, we can do nothing until we repent… repent of our own neglect of the will and plans of the Lord.  And then we are able to deal with the prostitute and her daughters.  Our inspiration must be the hope of being alive when He arrives, and not the hope of glory in Heaven, and soon, as He has said soon.

The only positive thing that can come out of the ‘fishing trip’ is that it can be used as an example of what happens when disciples do not wait for the Holy Spirit.  They left for Galilee before the Holy Spirit arrived, and perhaps that is why they were silent and not able to preach.  Whereas in Acts 2, when the Holy Spirit did come upon them, they were able to preach and bear some sort of witness.  Now that can explain the silence of those churches that believe that the Holy Spirit has departed, compared to those that believe that the Holy Spirit is still here.  However, the man who was driving out demons and who was not a disciple, did not need the Holy Spirit to testify to the demons and those oppressed by demons that the Name of Jesus would set them free.  As such, this is not an excuse for them, but rather, reinforces the need for us to have the Holy Spirit and be in fellowship with Him.

It is when each of us repents and be inspired by the testimony of His presence in our lives to have Him back on Earth within our lifetime, that the mystery is removed.  And the fellowship of the Holy Spirit making known to us what belongs to Jesus removes all mystery.

Hr. Ed Kwan, manager of the Holy Spirit’s Workshop

Copyright Information:  NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION [NIV]  All scripture quotations, unless otherwise indicated, are taken from the Holy Bible, New International Version®,
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